Mugabe and tsvangirai relationship

Morgan Tsvangirai: a fighter for democracy

mugabe and tsvangirai relationship

Feb 15, He went on to form a unity government with Mugabe after disputed Tsvangirai and Mnangagwa enjoyed a cordial relationship with the. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai was a Zimbabwean politician who was Prime Minister of Zimbabwe As the Zimbabwean coup d'état occurred, Tsvangirai asked Mugabe to step down. He hoped that an the ruling ZANU-PF. As his power and that of the movement grew, his relationship with the government deteriorated. Jul 1, Morgan Tsvangirai & Robert Mugabe. It was surprising, however, that the relationship between the two men was cordial and some even.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai: A love-hate affair

Yet one of Tsvangirai's main concerns right now is keeping his love life from the headlines amid accusations of serial dating, illegitimate children and bigamy. Three weeks ago Tsvangirai, 60, was forced to cancel his high-profile wedding because a judge ruled he was customarily married to another woman. Tsvangirai, 60, and Elizabeth Macheka, 35, went ahead with a lavish ceremony but did not sign the legal marriage register after a judge warned that it could lead to bigamy charges from his day marriage last year to Locardia Karimatsenga, Speaking to the Guardian in his Harare residence, Tsvangirai said he had been the victim of a smear campaign.

I didn't go and rape somebody. I didn't go and take somebody's wife. Some of these people who are writing about my so-called sexual scandals have a string of girlfriends, a string of wives and children.

mugabe and tsvangirai relationship

We fell apart, as human beings fall apart in relationships. But to call it a scandal is a bit exaggerated. Despite the bitter rivalry between the two, Tsvangirai said Mugabe was still needed to help Zimbabwe transform into a functioning democracy.

mugabe and tsvangirai relationship

Indeed, Tsvangirai seemed to settle into a more comfortable relationship with him, built on the privileges of office. Inafter Tsvangirai celebrated his second marriage with a glitzy party attended by guests arriving in Bentleys, Mercedes and BMWs, some of his followers were aghast at the ostentatiousness of the display and questioned who had paid for it.

mugabe and tsvangirai relationship

By the time elections were held the following year, Tsvangirai was greatly weakened. He accused Mugabe of rigging the election and challenged him in the courts. But Mugabe claimed victory with 61 per cent of the vote, compared with 34 per cent for Tsvangirai, and it seemed that Tsvangirai's brush with high office was over. That was certainly Mugabe's view.

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You are never going to rise again. Inhe was part of a united front with other opposition groups, including the Zimbabwe People First movement, which is led by Joice Mujuru, a former vice president and onetime guerrilla fighter who was ousted by Mugabe in But this time, we will refuse to be defeated.

After Mugabe was overthrown, there was fevered speculation that Mnangagwa would seek a more inclusive form of rule than that of the leader he had just ousted. Instead, Mnangagwa lauded Mugabe and announced a government of his own supporters, including the military. Even as he fell ill with cancer, however, Tsvangirai failed to groom a successor, and he left behind a fractured party with no obvious leader to challenge Mnangagwa in the elections expected this year.

mugabe and tsvangirai relationship

The eldest in a family of nine, Tsvangirai was born on March 10,in the Gutu district of Masvingo province, in central Zimbabwe. The family was poor, and Tsvangirai abandoned formal schooling early to start work, first as a textile weaver and then as a plant foreman in a nickel mine.

mugabe and tsvangirai relationship

Like Mugabe and Mnangagwa, Tsvangirai was a member of the dominant Shona ethnic group. But while they chose armed resistance from exile in the front-line states bordering what was then Rhodesia, Tsvangirai became a labour union leader, defending workers' rights and rising through the ranks.

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He was elected secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions in