Mjj and lmp relationship

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mjj and lmp relationship

The personal relationships of Michael Jackson have been the subject of public and media attention for several decades. He was introduced to the topic of sexual . I really can't speak on what her relationship is like with Michael's children now, I' ve really been MJ and LMP actually met through a mutual friend back in 88'. Just from a very close mutual friend of MJ and LMP. Lisa is to clear up a lot of bs that she knew was out there about her relationship with MJ.

Now it turns out that Michael was very uncomfortable about that situation and asked her why she was doing it. All Lisa-Marie can say now to explain it is that Danny was still a big part of her life. She was trying to cope with the thought that she had hurt Danny by leaving him for Michael, however it never occurred to her that she was hurting Michael that way too.

Well, all this is the usual pain men and women inflict on each other when they are immature, confused, have some unresolved problems with people lleft behind… and are very much in love with each other. Lisa Marie here is only trying to understand what she did right, and what she did wrong, and why. Hopefully one day she will understand it. What is especially notable about her interview with Oprah is that though Oprah claims that Lisa Marie is opening up to her, Lisa once again withholds information that she lost Michael to her rival Debbie while she was still married to him.

She was forced to do it due to the circumstances she created with her own hands by refusing to give Michael a child and mockingly suggesting that Debby should do it instead of her. As a result what Lisa-Marie was making fun of in October two months later turned into a reality she had to accept: Okay, so much for reasons of their divorce.

Quote 2 from the letter: The only explanation I can find is that Michael probably regretted the wreck of his marriage with Lisa-Marie and wanted her back as much as she wanted him, however his marriage to Debbie was now a stumbling block to a reunion with his first wife.

Well, mistake or no mistake, but it gave Michael what he always longed for — he became a father and this saved his life, as the author of the letter tells us and we know it ourselves.

This fact was revealed to us only recently, and it is one more great proof that this person really knew what he was writing about. Who else could know such details?

mjj and lmp relationship

Only an insider and a very knowledgeable one at that. No fan could ever know that Lisa-Marie and Michael were dating each other until the year and with so much certainty and precision too.

The media did note that Lisa Marie and Michael appeared together in various parts of the world, but no one knew anything for sure and everyone was making guesses only. In fact the media sounded incredulous of what they saw and presented it more like a curious urban myth rather than a fact.

And this fact makes the next quote from the letter all the more intriguing to us. Quote 3 from the letter: Cage had proposed just ten days earlier. He filed for divorce after days of marriage, on November 25, The divorce was finalized on May 16, The divorce proceeding lasted longer than the marriage. Presley wrote almost all the lyrics and co-wrote every melody. You take the sun. You have your fun but you better beware. It seems that Cage as her third husband simply fell a victim to her love and anger for Jackson.

Nicolas, like most people, thought it a bizarre and careless thing to have done — the clumsy way Jackson held the baby, Prince Michael II, so precariously over a ledge, with a cloth thrown over its head.

She speaks to him often and visits him at his Neverland home in California at least once a month. For Nicolas to even comment on the long-standing, albeit odd, relationship was not a good idea. Lisa Marie loathes it when others attempt to probe her psyche.

mjj and lmp relationship

I think, though, that he learned what many people already know: Well, this love story can take us forever, so let us tear ourselves away from it and get back to the letter where the author stated that in Michael fell in love with another woman.

Later on Michael somewhat checked himself probably recalling that his words were going counter to his own official version of the story, but initially the reaction was different. He talked about her at approximately 4: However the next comment from the insider immediately following this news is not that easy. Does it mean that the author made a mistake about that other woman and was wrong in what he was saying? Michael was in love with that woman, was happy to have a baby by her, and surely took care of all birth preparations, but since he or she was unable to go into an official marriage he preferred to turn it into a business arrangement and present her to the world as a surrogate mother.

At times he himself forgot about the arrangement they had agreed about and gave himself away by true comments about her like those he gave to Bashirthough generally he tried to adhere to the official version of the story. Quote 4 from the letter: This is a very rough way of putting it, but it does look like the truth. He spent all his time on his children, his music and a horde of lawyers who were to be paid in order to look into the incredible number of lawsuits he had to face.

All this was going on for months and years and was consuming lots of time and money which first had to be earned. However Michael still had his sexual needs and hence the situations like those witnessed by Frank Cascio: Sometimes Michael invited members of his fan clubs to Neverland, and he occasionally formed a special relationship with one of the women.

One time I was driving Michael into town. Someone was next to me in the passenger seat of the Bentley, and Michael was in the backseat, kissing one of his fans. They were in there for about an hour, and when he emerged, his pants were unbuttoned. I smirked at him. The woman, equally sheepish, said good-bye and left. She was a nice, cute girl, slender, with brown hair, in her early to midthirties. They just liked spending time together —talking, walking around, hanging out in his bedroom.

That was the longest relationship I saw Michael have: Emily was at the ranch frequently over the course of about a year.

He had nothing to hide there and was therefore completely open about it, and it probably even never entered his mind that someone could think dirty of it… Every so often, fans were allowed to visit Michael in his hotel room.

Howard Stern's interview with LMP about MJ

We called the girls fish—because there were lots of fish in the sea—and we called the most aggressive ones barracudas. First Michael fell all over a blond girl who later became his friend Jovanna, if I remember it right. The scene is an interesting insight into what men do and say when women are not looking, and is really much fun. Frank Cascio says that despite all those frivolities with girls when it came to his children Michael immediately assumed a serious role of a parent, so I can hardly imagine that any of them would have ever witnessed any of his flirting with women.

Frank Cascio was amazed by how easily Michael could change from a baffoon he someone was into a caring and attentive father: It never ceased to amaze me how easily he could change from a water balloon fighter to a pop music star to a caring, attentive father. It was a transition that, even now, I find hard to explain, but it was one that he did every day with ease.

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It was touching to see Prince and Paris walking on either side of him, their little hands in his. Michael would point out a bird or a duck while Prince occasionally scrambled ahead like a puppy and Paris stayed next to her dad, a demure little lady. Michael seized any opportunity that arose to teach the children life lessons. If they saw a deer, or another animal, he would tell them about its life and its habits while they stood watching it.

The sky, the grass, a tree: Michael saw the value of every detail of his surroundings and introduced each to his children. He wanted them to love what was around them and not take the wonders of creation for granted. Maybe being with Lisa, loving her children, and wanting to have a child with her had made him see that he was now ready to raise his own children.

Much as Michael acted like a child at times, the truth was that he was a grown man, and he always cared for the children in his life the way a responsible father would do. His instincts were excellent: He wanted me to parade through the streets, rally here, the guy's insane! I sized him up in two seconds. Before you get married again, you let me meet the guy. So you meet this guy and he's charming? This was before all that garbage happened.

No, it was just more like a I forgot who he was after about 20 minutes, just 'cause he was so real with me. You thought he was hot? No, I didn't think of him like that at all. But then um, I dunno, we started talking on the phone. He starts calling you?

I started calling him, he started calling me, I sort of became his friend. That's what I would do with you. Now, when does Michael actually make a sexual move? But let's get back to this.

mjj and lmp relationship

When does Michael make a sexual move? I don't wanna get into anything sexual I'll get into it. I'm not answering sexual! Let me butter her up. Let me work on her. No, you can talk to me about MY sex, whatever, but not like Did he make you wear a strap on? In other words, she married him and had his kids. Then he talks about surrogate mothers and he says Blanket's mother was a surrogate.

He says he used his "sperm cells. My sperm cells are in all my children, but I chose that surrogate" talking about Blanket only. Not a word about artificial insemination or that anyone was a surrogate except Blanket's mother. He's saying that the children are all genetically his.

mjj and lmp relationship

Thanks for watching that and clarifying. I tried to pull it up on youtube the other day but every time I tried it had been taken down for copyright infringement! The very small clips I saw reminded me how horrific Martin Bashir was, made my skin crawl! The official one was pulled for copyright, but I found one that somebody had posted in full.

I didn't watch it-I just listened to it in the background, and yes, his voice makes my skin crawl. I'd probably watch that Diana special tonight, BUT he's narrating in the commercial and he really repulses me.

I blame his interview with Diana for her death as much as I blame his interview with Michael for leading to his. I had my own sperm cells for my other two children" does give some implication that they could have been artificially conceived.

Not many people speak that way about 'natural' conceived children. I'm not saying they were or were not, but that is enough to start speculation girl I mean cmon ppl unless you are like 5 we all know the details of ahem sex b stuff lol AliCat I'm sure something would have come out if there was a serious woman in Michael's life.

I know celebrities own homes just to have some privacy away from prying eyes or paps, in seclusion. John Mayer lives up in my neck of the woods and Justin Timberlake.