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Rachel Matheson was a woman who wanted to save the world, and instead played a 3: What exactly was her relationship with Miles on the gradient of mild . And at long last, the show's season finale proved that Miles, Bass, Rachel and Tom can more and Danny Matheson, with the older generation largely serving as a though, took us inside the relationship between Miles and Bass, and And at the end of the episode, it turns out Randall's goal all along. Revolution is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series that ran from The remaining Matheson family, joined initially by Miles Matheson, Aaron Pittman, and Nora Clayton, . In the comic series it is later revealed that Charlie is Miles' daughter as the result of his and Rachel's long on-and-off relationship.

What is wrong with this family? Of course, this admission leaves the general none too pleased. But it just wasn't Miles' day. The militia leader had actually asked his brother to help him turn the lights back on, but in trying to take his place, Rachel bought her family enough time to move on to a location Miles would hopefully never find.

Is this loyalty or insanity? Rachel's leg injury is bad.

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Like, makes me cringe just thinking about it bad. Yet, Aaron Zak Orth refuses to abandon her, leaving Rachel no choice but to hand over the capsule she took out of Danny.

Apparently, that tiny little device has the ability to heal gruesome wounds!

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Thankfully, Aaron is a genius and no one blew up. But is that really worth the risk? Is Neville actually a sweetheart? Yes, Neville actually cares. They stumble upon Jason, who's barely holding it together, but he doesn't want to leave without Charlie. In another shockingly sweet twist, Neville offers to help his son, while Miles and Nora save the girl. And only a week after ordering her murder! You really can't predict what this guy will do next. Who should kill Monroe?

Did you believe Jeremy? I love Mark Pellegrino.

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Miles lands the helicopter four miles from the Tower On his groups hike to the entrance of the Tower, they run into Aaron. Aaron tells Miles that there is a way into the Tower, but they have to find a way around Monroe's troops.

Inside the Tower, Randall shows Monroe the control room, where the U. According to Randall, the Tower has the capacity to do anything and is impervious to everything, including the Blackout. However, they first need to go to Level Rachel is shocked when Randall reveals this, but Monroe and his troops enter the elevator, ready to witness the entirety of the Tower's potential.

Monroe and his group take the elevator to Level 12, but it stops at Level Monroe's men step out of the elevator, but an alarm sounds and Jenkin's men, using superior coil gun weaponry, begin to take down Monroe's men. Rachel runs for cover in a room that was a vice-presidential bunker, but Monroe follows and pins her, demanding to know who the attackers are. Outside, Tom Neville and Jason take out the Militia encampment's power source with grenades.

Aaron and Miles rush to open the doors of the Tower as Monroe's men descend on them. The Militia captures Jason and Neville, but they manage to plot a revolt with the assistance of the local commanders they meet during interrogation. At the Tower, Rachel tells Monroe that he killed her son and her son's death was his fault, but Monroe tells her that he doesn't know how he got out of control and reveals to Rachel that he also has a son, too.

Meanwhile, Miles, Charlie, Nora, and Aaron are in the battle with the attackers. Monroe decided to help Rachel save Charlie, but he has to kill Miles. Rachel, Charlie, and Aaron are captured by the attackers and are led to a place where there are families.