Merchant of venice portia and nerissa relationship problems

Review: The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare's comedy of cruelty

merchant of venice portia and nerissa relationship problems

Does marriage change their friendship?' and find homework help for other The Merchant of Venice questions at eNotes. Nerissa is Portia's servant, yet Portia seeks advice from Nerissa, treats her as her confidant, and sees her as her. and find homework help for other The Merchant of Venice questions at eNotes. The relationship between Nerissa and Gratiano mirrors Portia and Bassanio's are particularly independent or capable of resolving problems on their own. Relation between Portia and Nerissa. Portia. Nerissa. Nerissa is Portia's servant or Lady in Waiting, but they often act as friends. Nerissa.

This production is set in a vaguely s era.

This design is peopled by an elegant and sophisticated ensemble: He is mysteriously sad for reasons unbeknownst to us, but nonetheless is happy to risk his fortunes to enable his much loved friend Bassanio Chris Stalley to woo Portia because Bassanio needs her fortune. The Merchant of Venice onstage. Sport for Jove Antonio agrees to a bond with the Jew Shylock, which if forfeited will see him lose a pound of flesh.

Shylock, in the hands of John Turnbull, becomes irrepressibly enjoyable to watch, and his delight at the prospect of vengeance is contagious.

Lancelet Gobbo Michael Cullen adopts playful accents to convey the conflict between his inner devil and his conscience, while Jonathan Elsom also transitions from the lower class accents of Old Gobbo to the elderly, quavering voice of the Prince of Aragon, and to the elite Duke.

There is, though, a more ambiguous sense of isolation generated by the space of the play. The play relies on but feels distant from the merchant world of naval ventures where the Venetians hazard all their worth in precious goods and exotic locations. For a play peppered with nautical references, we are very far from any sense of this world.

merchant of venice portia and nerissa relationship problems

Visually, there is also no discernible difference between Venice and Belmont, making the entire production feel as if it is set in one small and inward-looking world. Entrenched prejudices In addition, this production also feels strangely distanced from — or deliberately refraining from comment on — its entrenched prejudices.

There is a cruelty to the comedy of The Merchant of Venice that the production neither shies away from to its credit nor overtly works with. There is callous racism: Dressed like an over-emphasised Lawrence of Arabia and with an exaggerated theatricality, the production embraces Morocco as the embodiment of an exotic othered stereotype.

Earlier, she unkindly imitates her other suitors: In contrast, the relationship retained by Portia and Nerissa, though similar in its homosocial orientation to that of Antonio and Bassanio, is predicated on a set of socially Marquez 4 determined factors. Although this hierarchical status division could have created an impediment in their relationship, the women seem to maintain a mutually reciprocated bond of closeness.

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In their exchanges in the second scene of Act I, the women complement each other, querying and responding as if from one mind. This too, can be likened to the relationship between Antonio and Bassanio in that the majority of the focus is given to Bassanio but their discussion and resulting actions are done without coercion or impetus.

In this trick, Marquez 5 it is unclear what the women hope to achieve for in the refusal of payment the men would have appeared to be thankless but in giving the rings, they appear wanton to their wives. From the perspective of the women, it seems that the trick was a mere amusement in which first one woman and then the other attempted to dispossess the men of their wedding rings.

The Merchant Of Venice: Relation between Portia and Nerissa

Neither woman appears to be particularly forlorn when they both succeed in retaining the rings but rather seem to take pleasure in holding the error over Bassanio and Gratiano. Though this interpretation is by no means certain, the ring trick thusly read presents itself as a game of mischief played between female friends to confirm their womanly wiles.

It is impossible to quantify the depth of the relationships shared by Portia and Nerissa and Antonio and Bassanio, both homosocial relationships do present an easy and free association with the other and an honest and natural idea of love and closeness.

In contrast to these free and loving bonds found in the friendships of The Merchant of Venice, the romantic unions Shakespeare creates are decidedly less open and arguably less loving.

merchant of venice portia and nerissa relationship problems

Although Bassanio and Portia, on separate occasions, express their love for one another, it is never as convincing as the ultimate and unconditional love expressed by Antonio. And so, where Antonio was willing to provide any possible service to aid Bassanio in an almost fervent and all-consuming display of love, Portia is calculating and reasoned in her apportionment of love for Bassanio.

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A further example of this is demonstrated in the ring trick. In this, both women do not seem to be possessed of love or hurt but it merely appears as though this is a continuation of the game begun earlier. It would be an extensive undertaking and one most likely fraught with Marquez 7 confusion and uncertainty to attempt to decipher all of the nuances and ambiguities in the play. Though none of these other avenues of study should be discounted, this paper suggests that the greatest issue rests in the reversal of expected emotions elicited in romantic and friend relationships.

As evidenced by the relationships between Antonio and Bassanio as well as Portia and Nerissa, the friendships in The Merchant of Venice seem to be both more natural and filled with a greater sense of love and closeness. When juxtaposed with these bonds, the romantic relationship between Bassanio and Portia seems to be flat and contractual in nature.