Lucifer and god relationship book

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lucifer and god relationship book

On first hearing, the doctrine that Lucifer and our Lord, Jesus Christ, are brothers (Answers to Gospel Questions, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., , ). Where did the devil come from? Was he an angel in heaven? How did he fall and become the devil? Did God create Lucifer and if so, why?. Lucifer is so good at lying that many of God's glorious angels did not detect his deceit The results of his research have been shared all over the world in books .

From Gabriel to Lucifer: A Cultural History of Angels by Valery Rees

And why do the angels have physcial needs in a spiritual world? I mean, footman to care for the horses the angels ride? Lucifer is supposed to be this ancient being but comes off as a whiny teenager having a hissy fit. For the light bearing angel he sure comes off as a dimwit.

The Fall of Lucifer (Chronicles of Brothers, #1) by Wendy Alec

Redundant prose, redundant de The description of heaven sounds like a shallow Paris Hilton acid trip. Redundant prose, redundant descriptive paragraphs that repeat for no reason other than filler. I get it, heaven is diamond encrusted! A good premise but just doesn't deliver. And whatever other precious material comes to your mind.

What does the Bible say about Satan?

There are so many diamonds and sapphires and precious stones that the author needs a third of the book to enlist them. Over and over again. There are kings, princes, ambassadors, advisers, servants yes, also in Heaven there are servants As a result of linking this motif with the cited passage of the Book of Revelation, the casting of Satan down from heaven, which other versions of the motif present as an action of God himself, has become attributed to the archangel Michael at the conclusion of a war between two groups of angels, of whom because of the mention of the dragon's tail casting a third of the stars of heaven to the earth one third are supposed to have been on the side of Satan, in spite of the fact that the casting down of the stars Revelation Commentators have attributed Satan's rebellion to a number of motives, all of which stem from his great pride.

lucifer and god relationship book

Iblis refuses to bow down to Adam. And when God, by his almighty power, overcame the strength of Satan, and sent him like lightning from heaven to hell with all his army; Satan still hoped to get the victory by subtlety".

lucifer and god relationship book

Michael the Archangel", Frederick Holweck wrote: John speaks of the great conflict at the end of time, which reflects also the battle in heaven at the beginning of time. Evidence for this interpretation comes from the phrase "the dragon and his angels" [10] ; this specific phrasing became paramount to the reinforcement of the notion that people associated angels with the devil preceding the writing of Revelation. Several modern Bible-commentators view the "war in heaven" in Revelation Cherub in Eden Parallels are drawn to the passage in Isaiah In verse 12 of this passage, the Hebrew word that referred to the morning star was translated into Latin as Lucifer.

With the application to the Devil of the morning star story, "Lucifer" was then applied to him as a proper name. The name Lucifer, the Latin name literally "Light-Bearer" or "Light-Bringer" for the morning star the planet Venus in its morning appearancesis often given to the Devil in these stories.

lucifer and god relationship book

The brilliancy of the morning star—which eclipses all other stars, but is not seen during the night—may be what gave rise to myths such as the Babylonian story of Ethana and Zu, who was led by his pride to strive for the highest seat among the star-gods on the northern mountain of the gods an image present also in Ezekiel Because he contrived "to make his throne higher than the clouds over the earth and resemble 'My power' on high", Satan-Sataniel was hurled down, with his angels, and since then he has been flying in the air continually above the abyss.

According to Jewish thought, the passage in Isaiah was used to prophesy the fate of the King of Babylonwho is described as aiming to rival God.