Lucas a story of love and hate relationship

Love, Lucas (Love, Lucas, #1) by Chantele Sedgwick

lucas a story of love and hate relationship

K Reads Votes 12 Part Story. DoubleRainbow Lucas Yale, fallen for Delilah Johnson, as soon as he laid eyes on her. Will he stop So stay intune for a bumby ride, for the Love/Hate relationship, of Delilah and Lucas. brother. love. Lindsey was insecure but continuing to spend time with someone you wrote an epic love story about does little to alleviate those fears. Lucas: A Story of Love and Hate (Audible Audio Edition): Kevin Brooks, Stina Nielsen, Recorded Books: Books.

She tells the story a year after the events occurred because her father, a writer, told her to "cry herself a story", and understand what happened better.

lucas a story of love and hate relationship

The seventeen-year-old title character. Lucas tells Cait that his mother gave birth to him when she was young and Lucas had later left home for mysterious reasons, traveling from town to town. However, we never find out his full, true story and he remains a mysterious character which is part of his persona. He is a soft spoken character with the potential for danger. Bill is Cait's old best friend. Cait misses the 'old' Bill who used to enjoy trips to the library and looked at the world innocently.

Their friendship falls apart when they begin to discover the world in different ways; whilst Cait tries to live her life quietly Bill craves attention and sex, alcohol and everything she believes will make her more 'grown-up' and in fact makes her more childish. Dom is Cait's older brother who returns from university.

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At first he is involved in drugs and the island's party scene, but comes to his senses when he realizes how dangerous it is, via Cait. John is Cait's father. He is an author of Young Adult fiction, is Irish and an alcoholic, due to the death of Cait's mother years before. He is in his early forties and supports Cait unconditionally. Jamie Tait is the son of a powerful man in town.

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Although he is engaged to the daughter of the police captain, he is a sexual predator who threatens Cait on multiple occasions.

He is extremely prejudiced against Lucas and like all prejudices it stems from his fear of Lucas, the threat of Lucas being so attractive and such an unknown quantity. Angel is the teen friend and sort-of mistress of Jamie, and Bill's "idol".

She has a wild reputation for making bad choices and being promiscuous but underneath it all is just as lost, confused and lonely as Cait Simon: It almost seems as though the things that were going to happen to him were inevitable, because people were so hell bent on getting rid of him.

Even his good-doings are maliciously twisted and thrown against him. It is almost as though, he never really stood a chance.

lucas a story of love and hate relationship

Then in the middle of it all is this equally strong and determined young girl, who hardly knows this boy but is fighting for what she feels is right; placing herself in the firing line, she is taking a great risk. A risk which is more than worth it for Lucas in her opinion.

Lucas by Kevin Brooks

I often got the feeling that people like Lucas are to special to stick around, they have a mission of some kind, attempt it or finish it and then are gone. Perhaps we are not worthy of them, and that scares people, it makes them afraid; maybe that is why they all turned on him, because inside they recognised that to. At times I questioned if he was even human. I was so confused and troubled about him that it frustrated me at times.

lucas a story of love and hate relationship

I had come across something like this when I read Stargirl and felt a similar emotion when it came to his novel "Black Rabbit Summer" regarding the character Raymond who comes to mind frequently even now. I am no good at endings that leave to many unanswered questions, and both of his novels did exactly that. The saddest thing of all in my opinion, is perhaps the moment Cait and Lucas are just getting to know each other, and start to become much more aware of what they are feeling, and suddenly everything is cut short.

Leaving you angry, upset and unwilling to accept what just happened. You feel their pain, their helplessness and alongside them you ask "Did they even stand a chance"?

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So little is revealed about him, even little is explained. Near the end you have to take it with a pinch of salt otherwise this story will haunt you for a long time, it's hard to just accept and never know, but, that is why years after first discovering this author as a child, his work still lingers and stays relevant to me and rated very highly among authors who I also grew up with and still adore, such as; Melvin Burgess, David Almond, Anne Fine, Bali Rai and Christopher Pike.

Overall, LUCAS makes you appreciate the smaller things in life, but also makes you aware of society as a whole, and gives you the lesson; just as quick as they can build you up, they can turn on you.

LUCAS is a novel that will not leave you for a very long time. Definitely a highlight for me; book-wise ofand one that stood out and strongly held it's own.

She was older, brilliant and beautiful, and to my astonishment she was interested in me, of all people. You know this story already, or a version of it. You know how it goes. Over the phone, I read her the poems I was learning to love.

lucas a story of love and hate relationship

We drove to the February lakeshore and kissed among the shags of ice. Suddenly all the songs on the radio were about us. I was 19 that year, for just a year i: The poem offers us images of the headless, limbless sculpture of its title, but also of how the ruined figure of the god of light and poetry might have appeared in its former glory.

lucas a story of love and hate relationship

And, as George urged us to note, we are not only seeing the sculpture, but being seen: You must change your life. I did not know that countless poets, countless people, had read and felt that same challenge before: I knew only enough — at least enough — to listen. Change my life how? Change it to what? What does this strange, urgent demand have to do with a damaged sculpture of Apollo? What does it have to do with me?