Lois lane and clark kent relationship in smallville

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lois lane and clark kent relationship in smallville

The relationship between Kara Kent and Jimmy Olsen was a confusing misstep for the . Clark Kent as The Blur and Lois Lane in Smallville. But above all, Clark Kent and Lois Lane were the best Smallville 'ship, While Lois and Clark's relationship didn't properly start until Season 9. Heading to Metropolis he finds that his relationship with Lois Lane over the years has During her stay in Smallville, Clark invites Lois to stay at the Kent farm.

Clark shows signs of jealousy that annoys her. Clark claims he's just looking out for her safety. Lois states that Clark's more protective of her than her own father. Clark continues to investigate into Arthur's true motives when he discovers his aquatic powers and mistakes him for a terrorist. After all the misunderstandings are cleared up Arthur ends up leaving breaking up with Lois. Clark consoles Lois after seeing that she's really heartbroken he reassures her someday, she'll meet someone even more special.

Lois is force to pose as a dancing stripper at The Windgate Club where Clark is also undercover posing as a new recruit to the gentleman's club. During her performance on stage Lois spots Clark whom she walks over to and gives a lap dance sharing an awkward yet flirtatious moment with Clark, who appears to be very embarrassed and uncomfortable yet at the same time attractively drawn to Lois's physical appearance.

Together Lois and Clark ended up uncovering and breaking up an illegal smuggling ring operation involving Mr. Lyon who would buy a dancer and sell them off on the black market. At the end of their adventure Lois tries to thank Clark for his help in rescuing her, describing him as "a really good friend. Lex insults Lois who is now determined to find any incriminating evidence on him.

Although her investigation into Lex came up empty.


Lois got to experience the thrills and chills of Journalism which Chloe could see was starting to have a profound effect on her cousin who seemed very intrigued in the idea of potentially becoming a reporter. Jonathan immediately fires him and hires Lois as his new campaign manager much to Clark's dismay. At the same time Samantha Drake an obsessed student devoted to Lex tries help him win the race for the senate by trying to assassinate Jonathan.

Samantha tries to force Lois into killing Jonathan during his first public rally. With aid of Clark catching the bullet and Lois defeating Samantha they were able to foil the assassination attempt. She even offers advice to Clark during his time of depression in regard to his current relationship with Lana.

Lana and Lois have a short discussion about their relationships with men. To which Lois confesses that "She'd be lucky to end up with someone as honorable as Clark one day. Later that night at the talon party Lois is present to announce Jonathan winning against Lex for Kansas State Senator.

lois lane and clark kent relationship in smallville

Unfortunately some events are altered by Clark using a time crystal. When Jonathan wins this time around at the election victory party, Clark notices Lois's absence from the party announcing the victory. Clark heads to the talon apartment and found her on the floor of unconscious. Because Lana wasn't there to keep her from falling.

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The ground is covered in water and just as Clark picks up Lois, there's an electrical short and Lois narrowly escapes death. She is sent to the hospital with minor injuries. Lois is present at the funeral of Jonathan Kent. The killer kidnaps Lois after she discovers his identity as the hospital orderly, Michael Westmore and hold both Lois and Chloe hostage intending to kill them both.

lois lane and clark kent relationship in smallville

Clark arrives attempting to help however he is weakened by kryptonite bracelet present on Chloe. However Gretchen Winters spirit leaves Chloe body and flies into Michael body. She then stabs Michael's body, killing him and freeing her spirit. At first she suspect that Clark is cheating on Lana until Chloe fills her in that Simone has managed to hypnotize with her gemstone. Lois attempt to snap him out off it. Just when it seems she might of gotten through to him Clark gently knocks Lois unconscious under the command of Simone who then asked a hypnotized Martha Kent to see to it that Lois doesn't interfere with her plans again by any means.

Lois wakes up to see Martha pointing a shotgun at her, saying she has to keep her there. Chloe arrives and knocks Martha unconscious saving Lois's life. Unfortunately Maddie was very wary of Lois. The Wedding Albumart by Dan Jurgens.

The series told the story of Superman's modern origin. Superman was now never Superboy in his youth, and Clark Kent became the real person and Superman the disguise. There was finally a setting in which Lois could logically fall in love with Clark Kent because he was the real person this time; although it would take years for Lois to have romantic feeling for Clark after he scooped her on the exclusive Superman story.

In Superman 50 Dec. Clark did not tell Lois his secret as the superhero Superman until weeks later in Action Comics Feb. After contemplating the revelation and its implications, Lois decides it all comes down to love.

She loves Clark and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. The New Adventures of Supermana chain of events were put into motion to prevent Clark and Lois in the comics from getting married until the TV couple was ready to walk down the aisle. Superman was killed off by Doomsday in Superman 75 Jan. After a year of mourning, searching and resurrecting in The Death and Return of Superman storyline, Superman returned to the land of the living and the arms of Lois Lane.

However, because Clark and Lois on the television series met as strangers when the show debuted in September DC Comics launched a series of stories designed to keep them apart in the comics, including a broken engagement arc. The Wedding Album Dec. Although Clark is quick to embrace parenthood, Lois is more reluctant, until she sees how vulnerable and sweet Chris is, and the three of them become a happy family.

When Zod invades Earth, during the battle, Chris along with his birth parents are sucked into the Phantom Zoneleaving Clark and Lois without their son and heartbroken. Chris later returned as a teenager under the guise of Nightwing. In the Superman: The paper has been in financial trouble since Lex Luthor controls nearly every media outlet in Metropolis and the Daily Planet is the only major newspaper that directly attacks him.

In Superman's first public appearance, he saves Lois when she falls off the LexCorp building. Eventually, Luthor becomes involved with General Sam LaneLois' father, so that they can defeat Superman, believing him to be an alien threat.

Superman defeats Metalloa U. In the aftermath, Clark and Lois become friendly rivals, while Superman and Lois begin to develop mutual romantic feelings. InDC Comics rebooted its continuity with the New 52 initiative. In the relaunch, Lois views Clark as a friend and respects him as a journalist, but regards him as a loner who has difficulty letting people get close to him and displays no existing knowledge of his dual identity. The couple is expecting the impending birth of their child, as Superman is called to protect the city after it is taken out of time by a powerful alternate version of Brainiac.

The series focuses on Clark and Lois' relationship and their son, Jonathan, living in the New 52 universe. Clark and Lois operating undercover- Superman discreetly helping out in a black variant of his suit and Lois writing exposes under the name 'Author X. Mxyzptlkthe creation of the New 52 caused Superman and Lois to be separated into two people: Mxyzptlk even provides a meta-reference to their relationship and says he couldn't keep Superman and Lois apart when DC Comics couldn't; obviously referencing the negative reactions from fans when DC dissolved their relationship at the beginning of the New Thanks to Jon, the New 52 and Post-Crisis counterparts of Superman and Lois merge into complete versions of themselves, rearranging their shared histories and accommodating them into the restored DC Universe.

Both actors returned in Columbia's second live-action Superman film, Atom Man vs. The film Superman was released by Warner Bros. It was directed by Richard Donner with music by John Williams. The Quest For Peace Kidder's role in Superman III was greatly reduced due to her conflict with the producers of the film. She returns as the female lead and Superman's love in the fourth film. InSuperman II: One of the most important aspects in the first and second films was the romantic relationship between the two main characters; Clark was hopelessly in love with Lois and even gave up his powers in order to be with her.

She is introduced to his Superman persona when he rescues her from a helicopter accident. Lois quickly becomes smitten with Superman and accepts his offer to be interviewed for the newspaper. During the interview, she learns about Superman's homeworld, his abilities, and is taken into the sky for a flight over Metropolis.

In the climax of the first film, Lois is killed in an earthquake caused by Lex Luthor.

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Superman is so distraught by her death that he flies around the globe at incredible speed, traveling backward in time and preventing the earthquake from occurring, saving Lois' life. Clark tells Lois more about himself, flying her to the Fortress of Solitude and revealing that he loves her. Soon after, Clark and Lois learn that three Kryptonian have arrived on Earth and is threatening humanity. Clark decides to restore his powers and defeats the Kryptonians. Later, Clark finds Lois upset about knowing his secret and not being able to be open about her true feelings.

Clark kisses Lois, using his abilities to wipe her mind of her knowledge of the past few days. On his return to Earth, not only did he find the world he left behind has changed in ways he didn't expect, but the woman he loves, Lois Lane, is a mother and is engaged to Richard White Perry White 's nephew.

Lois and Richard's son, Jason White, is later revealed to be Superman's son after the child begins to show superpowers. In Man of Steel, unlike in previous adaptations, Lois was made aware of Clark's identity as Superman very early on in the film. This was part of an effort to reinvent Superman in the modern world.

Goyer insisted that Lois should know Clark's secret as Superman; because they are trying to depict Superman in a more realistic, more relatable way. Goyer said sidestepped the alter ego problem is not an issue with Lois. Moving forward Lois will be Clark's secret keeper and they will be involved in a real relationship.

Goyer also revealed a deleted scene that was filmed but was cut from the film, where after Lois is captured by the FBI, they interrogate her and she refuses to reveal Superman's identity. Because Lois is not the obvious choice. She's difficult, she's sophisticated, she's from the city, she's all the things that he's not. They make a really interesting couple, but a complicated couple," Deborah explained.

Clark and Lois' destiny

Deborah also stated that although Superman saves Lois physically, she saves him emotionally. And then she's finally found this one guy who can literally sweep her off her feet," Cavill said. He opens her eyes to a world she didn't know existed and she opens his eyes to the idea of what he sees as a more normal existence.

There, Lois follows Clark to the buried Kryptonian scout ship and became aware of his abilities, when Clark saved and heals her after she was attacked by a Kryptonian drone.

Over the next several weeks Lois begins to search for Clark's identity, by tracking down his activities in the past few years. Lois eventually arrives in his hometown Smallville and speaks with his mother Martha Kent. Clark and Lois meet again in the Smallville cemetery. And after revealing to Lois about his father's death, Lois decides to keep Clark's identity a secret. Clark agrees to hand himself into the government in exchange for Lois' freedom. Clark manages to defeat Zod's forces with the help of both Lois and Jor-El.

At the battle of Metropolis Clark kissed Lois before Zod arrives and attacked him. Clark ultimately ended the fight by killing Zod, when Lois arrived she consoles him. Some time afterward, Clark decides to join the Daily Planet and is introduced to Lois as a new stringerand Lois plays along with his new secret identity.

Dawn of Justice Clark broke up with her when Simone hypnotized him. Later, in Season Six, she left Lex and told Clark that she had always loved him but then she died in an explosion shortly after.

She was hiding out in China to get away from Lex for some time, but is back in Smallville and together again with Clark. Lana looked to Lex for comfort at that time, but he had his own agenda, since he after all was the one who paid Simone to break Clark and Lana up. Lex and Lana start dating fast, and Lana is even loyal to him when he is possessed by Zod. Lana moved in with Lex shortly after he was healed and discovered she was pregnant on Thanksgiving. Lex proposed and Lana eventually accepted.

Lana while at Smallville Medical Center. Lois teased Clark by pretending. All right belongs to the creators. The New Adventures of Superman started. I think that Lois and Clark where. Lex and Lana start dating.

Season 9, Episode Redirected from Lana, Clark and Lois. When Lois Lane arrived in Smallville. Clark eventually suggest that he and Lois become a couple, Lois hesitate at first.

They were married in February 2. Shortly after, Lana learned she had seemingly miscarried and that in fact, that Lex had faked her pregnancy, which devastated her. She later left Lex, saying that Clark means more to me than you ever will.

She then faked her death. She is also known as. She is a journalist for the Metropolis newspaper, The Daily Planet. Depictions of her have varied since she was created in 1.

Lois is regarded as attractive, but not in the exaggerated. Her appearance has varied over the years, depending either on current fashion or contemporary media adaptations; for instance, in the mid- 1. Lois and Clark began airing, Lois received a haircut that made her look more like Teri Hatcher and her eyes were typically violet to match the Lois of the television Cartoon Superman after that show began airing.

Traditionally, Lois has black Hair, though, for a period from the late 1. Lois was depicted with brown hair in the comics.