Line and staff relationship conflict free

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line and staff relationship conflict free

Line and staff organisation is a combination of line organisation and Join for free . from line and staff conflict inflict upon organizational ability to operate changes in organization arising from complex working relationship in line and staff. Line and Staff Relationships - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF However, there are frequent instances of conflict between line and staff in the. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Staff and line are names given to different types of functions in organizations. A "line function" is public relations and the legal department are generally considered to be staff It is very common for line and staff workers to come into conflict.

line and staff relationship conflict free

Relationships between individuals, groups, and divisions are based on lines of authority that are predetermined. Typically, work is carried out in accordance with specialized functions, and authority is exercised in a hierarchical manner. In a highly centralized structure, decisions are made by a few executives or managers and flow downward through the enterprise. However, as organizations grow in scope and complexity, they need to be flexible in the extent to which coordination and control are centrally applied.

The principle of line-staff organization introduces flexibility into hierarchical lines of authority while trying to preserve a unified command structure.

Line groups are engaged in tasks that constitute the technical core of the firm or the subunit of a larger enterprise. They are directly involved in accomplishing the primary objective of the enterprise.

In manufacturing, line groups engage in work related to production. In the service sector, the line group is responsible for its customers. Line groups have final decision-making authority regarding technical organizational purposes.

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Staff groups are engaged in tasks that provide support for line groups. They consist of advisory legalservice human resourcesor control accounting groups.

line and staff relationship conflict free

Staff groups support those engaged in the central productive activity of the enterprise. Thus, staff groups create the infrastructure of the organization. Human resources, information technologies, and finance are infrastructural functions.

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Staff groups provide analysis, research, counselmonitoring, evaluation, and other activities that would otherwise reduce organizational efficiency if carried out by personnel in line groups. Such relationships act as a cohesive force and integrate the whole organization.

line and staff relationship conflict free

Different authority relationships basically revolve around line and staff relationships. However, in reality it is difficult for us to separate direct and supportive functions. In fact, functions are based on the nature of the organization. Line and staff distinctions are made on the basis of two viewpoints—functional viewpoint and authority relationships viewpoint. The principal distinctions between line and staff are given in Table 4. Line and staff managers are supposed to work harmoniously to achieve the organizational goals.

But their relationship is one of the major sources of conflict in most organizations. Since such conflicts lead to loss of time and organizational effectiveness, it is always desirable to identify the sources of such conflicts and initiate necessary action to overcome them. Theoretically, it is impossible to differentiate between line and staff functions and because of this, conflicts cannot be avoided.

Causes of Conflicts Between Line and Staff

Conflicts due to Line Viewpoint: Line managers generally perceive that staff managers are not accountable for their actions. But if anything goes wrong, they blame the line. Such perception among the line managers is one of the most important sources of line and staff conflict. Encroachment on line authority: Line managers often allege that staff managers encroach upon their authority by giving recommendations on matters that come within their purview.

Staff and line

Staff managers often dilute the authority and be- little the responsibilities of line managers. Line managers fear that their responsibilities may be reduced and they even suffer from a feeling of insecurity.

line and staff relationship conflict free

Staff being specialists, they generally think within the ambit of their specialization. They fail to relate their suggestions to the actual reality and are unable to understand the actual dimensions of the problems. This results in impractical suggestions, making it difficult to achieve organizational goals. Conflicts due to Staff Viewpoint: Lack of proper use of staff: Staff managers allege that line managers often take decisions without any input from them.

Line just informs staff after taking decisions.

line and staff relationship conflict free