Lightman and foster relationship

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lightman and foster relationship

Fanpop original article: Lightman And Foster Find out their true feelings for each other.P.S. Sorry if And I just know that I needed the fun, and even that kiss. I left out fics were Ria or Eli watch or discuss Lightman/Foster while nothing and Lightman and Foster neighter say or think too much about there relationship. This season will also see progression with Foster and Lightman's relationship as she continues to “call him on his crap.” Foster is more and.

She's answered the question "have you ever been pregnant? She always hesitates but always checks "no.

Lightman And Foster Kissing - Lie to Me - Fanpop

She is an alcoholic. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, and she knows this as well as anyone. She thinks of her father—"My name is Steven, and I'm an alcoholic"—and of Alec—"My name is Alec, and I'm an addict"—and she's stood in the bathroom and looked herself in the mirror and opened her mouth and then run out of the room again.

She knows how to have one glass of wine, pour out the rest of the bottle, and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's instead. Every time Cal teases her about the sugar, she celebrates a minor victory: She's a better liar than he realizes.

She plays games with herself, like never saying "I need a drink" but only "I want a drink," because "need" is the first step down a slippery slope.

lightman and foster relationship

If she can control her words, control her face and her smile and her unobtrusively casual glass of wine with dinner or two fingers of scotch with Cal after a long day, she's won. The fundamental difference between herself and Cal, Gillian has realized, is their relationship to control. Cal's game is roulette; his rush comes from throwing himself to the mercy of chance. Gillian's game, if she had one, would be poker; she gives nothing away, even to herself.

It took her a very long time to fall in love with Cal Lightman. Cal fell in love with Gillian approximately 30 seconds after he met her.

lightman and foster relationship

He wouldn't realize this until years later, but Gillian knew it, and Zoe knew it, and even Emily knew it. And of all the lies Cal could tell, the only one no one but Cal himself believed was that he and Gillian were just business partners. But it took Gillian the better part of a decade to feel the same way about him. She didn't even like Cal much at first. He was rude and arrogant; he drove her crazy when he read her and when he mocked her profession and suggested she'd do better to work with him instead.

Smile- Cal and Gill

But when she asked him not to read her he complied, and underneath his belittling of psychology she recognized his genuine admiration for her professional talents. She wasn't satisfied in her job, so she decided to give him a chance. Slowly, tolerance became respect, respect became friendship, and friendship became intimacy. She learned his shoe size and his menu preferences and his secrets, and in turn she trusted him with hers.

She learned how to read him and when not to. He spent a week in her spare room after Zoe left; she spent a weekend in his after she lost Sophie.

lightman and foster relationship

She fell in love with him on a Tuesday afternoon in April, for no particular reason. He walked into her office to tell her something she already knew about the case they were working on.

lightman and foster relationship

She looked at him and thought, "I'm in love with you" and almost gave herself away, she knew, because there was a flash of a response in his face that no one else would have caught, and then it was gone.

She embraced Vegas once, and that experience has far more to do with her attitude toward it than anything Cal has ever done.

lightman and foster relationship

The summer after she finished her B. She thought, for once in her life, she'd let herself lose control. She drank like a fish, went into debt at the blackjack table, and flirted shamelessly.

Reality came crashing around her in a hotel room full of people she didn't know. She hadn't been sober for two days, but suddenly she had a moment of stone-cold clarity: Gillian had never been more appalled or terrified in her life. Sometimes she thinks she could keep Cal permanently away from Vegas and all it represents to him if she told him that story, but she also knows she never will.

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