Liesel and max relationship questions

The Book Thief Part 6 Questions

liesel and max relationship questions

I think that Max and Liesel are kindred spirits. They are both in a similar situation. Both have left their respective families and have been. The friendship that develops between Liesel and Max is touching, But I believe that this is why they were able to develop such a special relationship. of all of their problems, and therefore they both abhorred the Fuhrer. To answer questions about The Book Thief, please sign up. Sam Liesel did not marry Max, simply because a), Max was too old for her, and b) they had form a strong bond of friendship rather than romantic relationship she had fallen in love.

What was his plan? Can you compare it to anything? But it was awful, too. What are the commonalities between Liesel and Max? What might Hans be feeling when Liesel says she is old enough to deal with her own nightmares. What themes and symbols can you identify in The Standover Man. What secret about Rudy is reveal in the first chapter of this part? What are some of the things that only Max and Liesel are capable of fully understanding and sharing with each other?

Why is this so? Explain the scene when Liesel is looking for a Watschen in the kitchen? What sorts of things are happening at Hitler Youth? Compare and contrast Arthur Berg and Viktor Chemmel.

What are some of the underlying motivations for Rudy and Liesel behind their acts of stealing. We know the end of the floating book incident already. What is it still interesting to read Part II? Why were we told the end first? What is the irony of a snowball fight in the basement?

Open Response Questions Book Thief

Explain the paradox on page How does Liesel leave Max intangible presents? What sorts of emotions are mixed in wanting Max to live? Explain the scene with the girls in Cologne. How does Hans come about more painting work? Name some positive and negative aspects of these jobs. Discuss the non-Jewish basement; thoughts, motivations, actions.

How could a false alarm for the air raids be as bad as a real one? Describe the change in Frau Holtzapfel. What concerns Hans about his feeding the marching Jew more than his whipping? What is the significance of the dominos in the scene where the 2 Nazis come for Rudy? Even though they are in the midst of war, Liesel and Rudy still exhibit some conventional adolescent behaviors.

liesel and max relationship questions

What are some of them? Discuss the things the Hubermanns and Steiners say they are and are not supposed to do? In what ways to they believe them? Compare it to the other event. We know that Hans survives his tour of duty before he begins it, so why is it still difficult to read?

Identify symbols and meanings in The Word Shaker. Why is the scene in the tailor shop more important than it appears on the surface? Why might Rudy and Hans be asking the same bitter question? Highlight lines from the text that support one the primary themes from the novel: Death makes an allusion to famous event in world history that was discussed in your power point notes. Re-read your response to question 2. Why does Ilsa Hermann always wear her bathrobe?

Why is Liesel drawn to Ilsa Hermann? What happened to his business was a result? What is ironic about this? What motivates Rudy and Liesel to steal?

liesel and max relationship questions

What does this suggest about the nature of crime? Why did the writer include this brief chapter?

Discussion Points and Guiding Questions for The Book Thief

Highlight examples of irony from the chapter. What book does Max carry with him on the train? What is taped inside of it? Re-read your response to question 1.

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Explain the two ways in which the situation is ironic. Or more to the point, he had been. Highlight evidence from the text that suggests that books mean more to Liesel than money.

liesel and max relationship questions

Highlight lines from the text that help define the complexity and often contradictory nature of human beings. Highlight examples of foreshadowing from the text. After Liesel and Rudy acquire their feast from Otto Strum, what do they do with it? What does this suggest about their characters?