Libra and cancer relationship 2015 1040

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libra and cancer relationship 2015 1040

(1) Tumblr 4 Elements, Paganism, Fire Element, Compatibility Chart, Pisces . Horoscope Memes & Quotes Sagittarius And Capricorn, Virgo Traits, Scorpio Quotes, . Instagram post by @horoscopemeanings • Aug 11, at pm UTC. Since these two signs both seek stability and balance, you might think that Libra and Cancer compatibility is a sure thing. However, the two partners in this. They are most compatible with those born on the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, to the other earth signs: Virgo and Capricorn as they tend to share the.

With powerful Pluto in your 9th house of the higher mind, you are transforming former beliefs through some crisis that invalidates something you thought was etched in stone--something that you have been holding against yourself without forgiveness for a long time.

This came to a critical juncture in November Aim the power of your mind toward the bullseye of forgiveness and let your mis-takes burn themselves out, leaving you room to love yourself. This is the source of your kaleidoscope mind and your focus on communications.

libra and cancer relationship 2015 1040

This year the focus is on your 10th house of career which is loaded with spiritual teachings. You may not have a linear change in time, but you can definitely experience an other worldly liftoff when it comes to your ambitions. Your words are absolutely poetic and communicated with such compassion that people are drawn to be around you--to fall in love with what you say.

Saturn in adventurous Sagittarius will align beautifully with freedom loving Uranus in fiery Aries three times: First on Christmas Eve, December 24th, ; a second time will come with the spring, exact on May 18th, ; then the grand finale is 6 months later yep, these big guys are slow! So in essence we have this for all of Deep concerns regarding matters of life and death, rebirth and remodeling, are the focus of your power drives this year.

Likewise, you need to be above board and open in your communications because secrets are all around you--you can see right through them if you focus.

Your good fortune this year comes through your 5th house of children, romance and creativity. If you do write that book, it will be in a playful spontaneous style. And what he judges false he does not see.

libra and cancer relationship 2015 1040

Your element is water, symbolic of sensitive emotions. Uranus, the god of lightning, is the source of flashes of inspiration, and for he is shooting his bolts out of the blue in your house of career.

You can and will have to change your career path this year. Think of it this way: Your symbol is the crab, a creature who keeps her soft stuff like feelings protected by a hard outer shell. This is a very effective defense. But perhaps a more important teaching from the crab is her migratory behavior.

You belong in a self-sufficient nomadic tribe, which is your true source of security. Your 9th house of travel is so loaded with spiritual inspiration for that you will embody the teachings of the great philosopher king.

Real estate, working from home, and a great expansion of good fortune from home and family are your lucky areas. There may also be an inheritance or influx of corporate money. If the world appears harsh and unforgiving, it is because you have misjudged yourself. Remember you are the light of the world. Darkness is nothing to you. Putting concrete form to a creative idea, so that it is successful in the marketplace, is the source of great success this year--but in a completely different way than what you might have expected.

Sudden opportunities, perhaps from a foreigner or from a foreign country, will seem to fall into your lap from out of the blue. Unexpected career shifts that free you somehow are ahead for Know that they are meant to be. Your 8th house of death and rebirth, transformation and reform, will be a source of deepening compassion and spiritual awakenings in Look behind the curtain, look for what is hidden from view. The work itself transforms you and those around you. Great good fortune comes through your house of communications this year.

You will benefit through written contracts. Your ideas will be much more expansive and easily communicated because of your optimism. Now is your time to go beyond old limitations, including taking risks that you would have thought were beyond your capabilities. Events open a portal for a tremendous shift in consciousness through your sixth house of health, healing and service to others. The wise pilgrim in you is now infused with warrior energy that is building to a crescendo.

Rouse that languid lionhearted beast in you to fight for what you want. The rich earth is your element and separating the wheat from the chaff is your mission.

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A happy harvest is ahead for you, vigorous Virgo! Now he has moved into your house of money and resources, and that means expansion of your back account! Whatever Jupiter gave you the confidence to start in has taken seed and will now grow into a helpful resource. Take that into as a secure footing for handling the restructuring of your home and family life that Saturn began for you in September and will continue until December It will be good for you, even if it seems like an overload of responsibilities at times.

This transit often brings a family member who needs your assistance. Labor Day is the Virgo holiday--how fitting for you!

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Take this as your motto: Happiness is not a sometimes thing. Did you know that when you feel happy you literally begin to sparkle? Like after the dishes are done and the bills are paid. You can only be happy now.

libra and cancer relationship 2015 1040

You will look back on and remember the exhaustion that came before letting go of those things you thought were expected of you. The Cosmic Customer Service Center is open.

libra and cancer relationship 2015 1040

You can exchange all your mistakes for radical acceptance of yourself as you are! Balance in giving and receiving is the key to cooperative relationships, and is the gift you bring. The Fall Solstice, the point at which there is a perfect balance between day and night, is you holiday. Well Saturn in your house of communications is about to bust up that party. You are seriously intent on getting to the bottom of things in Documents and contracts can be a source of trouble unless you pay close attention to the details.

You are definitely not having it with people who lie to you--even about small things. And this means you too. We conducted a systematic review of the available evidence to determine the availability of plausible mechanistic data linking red and processed meat consumption to colorectal cancer risk. Forty studies using animal models or cell cultures met specified inclusion criteria, most of which were designed to examine the role of heme iron or heterocyclic amines in relation to colon carcinogenesis.

Most studies used levels of meat or meat components well in excess of those found in human diets. Although many of the experiments used semi-purified diets designed to mimic the nutrient loads in current westernized diets, most did not include potential biologically active protective compounds present in whole foods.

Because of these limitations in the existing literature, there is currently insufficient evidence to confirm a mechanistic link between the intake of red meat as part of a healthy dietary pattern and colorectal cancer risk. Impact statement Current recommendations to reduce colon cancer include the reduction or elimination of red or processed meats.


These recommendations are based on data from epidemiological studies conducted among cultures where meat consumption is elevated and consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are reduced. Since both Cancer and Libra are cardinal signsthere will also be some power struggles in this partnership. Both signs want to be in charge, and both want things done their way or not at all.

Instead, the risk is that repressed anger will ruin the relationship slowly.

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Far better to both be temporarily but briefly upset than to both end up resenting the other, with far too many things left unsaid. For the Libra Idealist, this relationship ultimately fails to live up to its promise.

libra and cancer relationship 2015 1040

Always trying to improve everything, the Libra partner may try to improve Cancer…. Both partners will be happier elsewhere, unless there are other elements in their birth charts which help to balance out the problems outlined here. And lots and lots of true love.