Les miserables enjolras and grantaire relationship

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les miserables enjolras and grantaire relationship

It was Enjolras's character that attracted him. Grantaire would have been horrified at the thought of a sexual relationship with Enjolras. It is not at. George Blagden on Enjolras and Grantaire's relationship - This doesn't Les Misérables, George Blagden, Jean Valjean, Musical Theatre, Choir, Sasuke. An Analysis of the Enjolras and Grantaire relationship in Les Misérables [An article written for Stage Door Dish on 21/03/] A brief.

les miserables enjolras and grantaire relationship

Classical allusions were a pretty common way to hint at the 'forbidden' topic of homosexuality in literature, especially when referring to a deeper bond and not just prison sex or buggering molly boys in the Tuileries. It was a literary convention. The hand clasp is the only union they get, whether you want to interpret that union as platonic, as romantic friendship, or as a 'that's what she said' metaphor for something that wouldn't have got past the censor.

Which isn't to say that Grantaire had a big ol' gay crush on Enjolras, because even the most homoerotic romantic friendship doesn't map clearly to today's notions of 'gay,' and Hugo is pretty clear that even Grantaire himself isn't sure of the nature of his attachment to Enjolras.

But it's in the same ballpark.

les miserables enjolras and grantaire relationship

And I can't see Enjolras and Grantaire as "tight friends. There are very few ways to give them any other kind of bonding in fanfiction without taking away from the power of that final moment.

They spend most of the plot being drawn to each other but never joined.

Do you permit it? - Enjolras and Grantaire’s - Les Mis is rly gay ya'll

Grantaire's attraction to Enjolras is obvious and explicit in the text; I like to think, though of course this is arguable, that Enjolras is also drawn to Grantaire, but refuses to act on it because he has no respect for Grantaire and can't justify accepting him. Slash fic often implicitly condemns him for this--for deciding that his personal standards and ideals override any attraction he might feel--but Enjolras is all about ideals, and the book itself backs him up on this: And yes, I do think Enjolras was drawn to Grantaire as well.

les miserables enjolras and grantaire relationship

What we lack attracts us. Nobody loves the light like the blind man…The toad is always looking up at the sky; why? To see the bird fly.

Les Misérables - Relationship between Grantaire and Enjolras Showing of

However, of the two characters, it seems Grantaire is the one with open romantic feelings towards a man, meaning Enjolras. And ok wow are those feelings written pretty clearly.

les miserables enjolras and grantaire relationship

This fanaticism was neither an idea, nor a dogma, nor an art, nor a science; it was a man: Grantaire admired, loved and venerated Enjolras. The worship of Enjolras by Grantaire is in no way what a healthy queer relationship looks like but the sheer intensity of feelings is definitely a quintessential romantic storyline.

These are famous corresponding men to beautiful and powerful heros and Grantaire is just playing the part.

  • Grantaire was gay for Enjolras..Correct?

So shit like this gets me heated for real. Grantaire wants so desperately not to believe in anything, to maintain his demeanor of being uncaring and cynical, aloof and unbelieving. So for him to so openly state his believe in Enjolras has such a deep meaning.

Enjolras/Grantaire-"Gay Or European?"