Legolas and tauriel relationship quotes

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legolas and tauriel relationship quotes

I can see that this Kili-Tauriel relationship could have affected Legolas. He is more involved with the lives of men than any other elves (except Elladan and. Legolas and Tauriel's Ages Okay, first off, here's some direct quotes from But, the general idea that Legolas and Tauriel's relationship is. I am not sure Legolas really loved Tauriel the same way Kili did. on her behalf against him), then their relationship has NO chance at all unless quotes referencing characters loving one another from the books, even male.

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But from where they leave each other in the film, I can easily believe that by the time the events of Fellowship of the Ring occur, the two have a much better relationship than in The Desolation of Smaug. Moreover, the scene between Legolas and Thranduil at the end was meant to invoke Thranduil seeing greatness within Legolas by using Aragon and his own father, Arathorn as a parallel: His father, Arathorn was a good man.

His son might grow to be a great one. I can understand how much confusion one might feel when Thranduil sends his son to find "a ranger" when in reality, Aragon is only ten years old at the time of The Hobbit and not the older character we meet in the LOTR trilogy. On a side note,The Hobbit films follows a shorter and more condensed timeline which actually makes Aragon older than in the books. However, by Thranduil sending Legolas to find Aragon, Peter Jackson explains how the elf knew of Aragon's identity during the Council of Elrond when he defends him in front of Boromir: This is no mere ranger!

He is Aragon, son of Arathorn.

legolas and tauriel relationship quotes

You owe him your allegiance. Although in the books, there is already a good explanation for how Legolas previously met Aragon.

However, this was dropped or not mentioned during the whole run of the LOTR trilogy. In the books, Gandalf sent Aragon to track down Gollum and hand him over to the elves of Thranduil. Aragon eventually found him and Mirkwood was given the responsibility to watch over Gollum; however, he escaped and it is for that reason Legolas was sent to Rivendell by Thranduil himself.


This could perfectly explain how Aragon could have previously met Legolas, who was probably one of the elves who watched over Gollum. But this is not mentioned within Fellowship of the Ring, and thus, Jackson had to create a new reason for how Legolas knew of Aragon's identity as the rightful king of Gondor.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring by J. Tolkien Pages " All sat silent for a while, until at length, Boromir spoke. Small, but great in mischief. What became of him?

legolas and tauriel relationship quotes

To what doom did you put him? There is no doubt that he was tormented, and the fear of Sauron lies black on his heart. Still, I for one am glad that he is safely kept by the watchful Elves of Mirkwood. His malice is great and gives him strength hardly to be believed in one so lean and withered.

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He could work much mischief still, if he were free. And I do not doubt that he was allowed to leave Mordor on some evil errand. They are not good, but only here have I learned how evil they may seem to this company. Smeagol, who is now called Gollum, has escaped. We shall all rue it bitterly, I fear.

legolas and tauriel relationship quotes

How came the folk of Thranduil to fail in their trust? Not all Tolkien fans approve of this female addition to the story. But for me, Tauriel was the best part of a very good film—a film much better, in fact, than the first Hobbit film.

legolas and tauriel relationship quotes

Lilly, an admitted Tolkien fan, confesses that she worried about the inclusion of a new character in a beloved series. However, she noted that another belief trumped this worry: I love that they made Tauriel a hero.

Lilly had one condition before agreeing to the role: Alas, this condition was ultimately not met. Instead, she is featured as a fearless warrior who saves many a male character, and who has amazing life-saving healing powers to boot. Though elves and dwarves distrust one another, Tauriel does not buy into this attitude.

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Further, though her fighting skills match those of Legolas, she does not see killing as primary. Though it is unclear whether she has romantic feelings for Legolas, one thing is clear: She does not hesitate to disobey the king. They listen to the woes of the world, encourage resistance and shed tears of pity.

Tauriel, like other Tolkien females of which there are admittedly fewis kind and nurturing, but she is also clever and rebellious. Her first interactions with Kili show her quick-wittedness, as the two joke about a talisman he has with him. Far from being leering, I found it to be a rare moment of levity that satirizes not only the male ego but also the notion that what is housed down male trousers is some sort of prize or trophy all women seek or lack, as Freud would put it.

legolas and tauriel relationship quotes

That the female dwarfs the male pun intended is a nice touch, as is the fact that size does not seem of concern to Tauriel.

Seemingly willing to fall for a much shorter man who is, in the terms of her world, lower in social stature, Tauriel refuses to buy into the normative dictates of her world, be they about gender or race. While most of the male characters battle their egos and greed, Tauriel is empathetic and humane, a bright spot in a film with much darkness. Indeed, Tauriel is arguably the most heroic character in the second installment of the trilogy.

Sadly, she is not included in the final scenes at the lonely mountain, where Bilbo and the dwarves have a smackdown battle with the dragon Smaug.