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Making a Murderer season 2 CONFIRMED: Filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos reveal gritty details on next project. The dramatic. When Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos first started working on Making a Murderer, Netflix wasn't a thing and any legal trouble Love & relationships Laura Ricciardi, left, and Moira Demos, right, on the set of 'Making A Murderer' () . Hit It: This s Cars Quiz Is Stumping Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, “Making a Murderer” exonerated for rape and attempted murder (later DNA tests proved his innocence).

If you didn't binge-watch all 10 episodes of the highly addictive Netflix series as soon as it dropped, you'd better get started.

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Because after nearly three years of waiting, a second season just arrived with 10 all-new episodes that dive into Avery's life post-conviction, and his ongoing efforts to clear his name and be released from prison once again. Here are 17 compelling facts about the making of the docuseries.

Of course, as it got deeper into the article, I realized that there was an apparent conflict of interest between the county and him. In this country, people being accused of heinous crimes is unfortunately not that rare an event, but the fact that Steven had been wronged by the system, and was in the process of trying to reform the system and hold people accountable just raised so many questions.

Could somebody who had those motivations possibly do something like this? Or did somebody trying to change the system see the system come back down on top of them? Either way, there was a story. Throughout the decade she and Demos worked on the first season of the series, Ricciardi helped pay the bills by continuing to work in the legal field. Netflix Within weeks of reading that original New York Times article, Demos and Ricciardi made their way to Wisconsin after learning that they were allowed to watch video from the courtroom and could dig further into the story.

The math is pretty easy on this one: Demos and Ricciardi began developing the project inand celebrated its debut on Netflix in December—meaning they invested a full 10 years of their lives in just the first season of the project. And they owe much of the access they were given to the Avery family to Steven directly.

They had no funds and no Netflix - but here's why Making a Murderer got made

We were really impressed with how open the Averys were to meeting us. They heard us out about who we were and what we were doing and why we were interested in their story. It's very much Steven's story, but it's also a family's story. It's clear that when someone is wrongfully imprisoned, not only that person but all their loved ones endure it as well. Inthe filmmakers were forced to hire a lawyer after the State of Wisconsin attempted to subpoena their footage.

The corporate media and daily news media has its place and documentarians, longer form storytelling, has its place. She pointed out how the community had some history with Steven Avery, who was already a very high-profile man. Were the family surprised at the response from across the world to their story?

Accusations of misinformation Source: The directors refute his claims. Much of what he says, simply his facts are not true. What he is talking about now are never pieces of evidence he hung his case on.

They had no funds and no Netflix - but here's why Making a Murderer got made

These were contested facts. We are pulled into the court, we get to hear the words as they were said, and get to see the reactions of those present.

As we watch, the whole case — troubling as it is in points — unfolds before us. For those who thought it might be difficult to get hold of such footage, it transpires that Ricciardi and Demos were very lucky that it was in Manitowoc where all of this occurred.

They wrote to Kratz ininviting him to participate in the documentary while being mindful of the process. They never received a response.

We actually had to hire an attorney and essentially get back into litigation. Future trials What about the future? Avery now has new lawyers, and there is a push to get him a re-trial. Eyes of the world are now on you.