Kyuhyun and sungmin relationship marketing

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kyuhyun and sungmin relationship marketing

Super Junior also known as SJ or SUJU, is a South Korean boy group formed on November 6, This concept was then newly introduced to the K-pop market. In February , Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Sungmin, Shindong and .. honoring the good relationship Korea has held with Thailand for the past fifty years. Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin, the two members of the "k-pop band "Super Sungmin is in a relationship with his controlling, abusive boyfriend Heechul. Donghae choses “Sungmin” when asked “The relationship that is awkward if the two of you are together all alone”. Donghae said “Being alone with Sungmin.

He listed all the members' names including Sungmin Anyone can see that the members coldest to him are Leeteuk and Heechul the leader and the oldest two of the group. Leeteuk the one everyone worships as the angel leader and Heechul who supposedly stands up for his friends.

Fandom loves to preach about how Leeteuk said he would drag back any member who tries to leave etc etc etc but he is the 1 member coldest to Sungmin from the very start.

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And he is the leader. From the beginning, Super Junior was created as a group that could be flexible with its members" Sungmin posted the message of not participating in the comeback yesterday, and not one of them did anything to imply they support him.

kyuhyun and sungmin relationship marketing

They don't have to make posts, even if they just like a a fan's support post it will get the message across. Instead, we had the beloved leader of the group posting photos and videos about his puppy instead as if his own member was not just bullied out of his job.

Good luck with trying to have freedom to date or marry or even be able to do what you want. They have decided to give in to this vile, poisonous fandom instead of standing up for a fellow member of 12 years and themselves.

kyuhyun and sungmin relationship marketing

It is not about Sungmin, it is about this fandom using him to show how vicious and powerful they can be in demanding to get what they want and they decided to give in. The members are not victims. Don't insist they're poor things stuck in the middle when so far they only pander to the side of the fandom who wants him out.

Their stance is clear. Even if choosing to back out this time is largely his decision, the members' lack of support towards him just encouraged the hate to continue snowballing. They are all responsible too. Them not hinting anything on "waiting for him" after that post he was left to do alone speaks volumes. They don't care about him. You can imagine all their private support but none of that matters because it is their public support that speaks to the fandom and influences their actions and none is seen.

They talk about how fans have to be loyal and respect the members' decisions??? Choosing to accept and respect all the shit they are doing to their own member does NOT make you better fans.

kyuhyun and sungmin relationship marketing

Don't put yourselves on a pedestal for choosing to do so. I-ELF are choosing to leave and stop supporting the group, like all consumers are free to stop consuming whichever brand they don't want to support anymore.

Super Junior members towards Sungmin since his marriage announcement

It is NOT the same as K-ELF who refuse to leave the fandom and instead harass, bully, threaten, blackmail the group to force them to listen to their demands to kick a member out of his job. And they put all their stuff in one section together, because Eunhyuk took the other section xD.

From episode 13 - Sungmin was depressed during the promotion of his musical in Sungmin was so touched after listening to Sung Sikyung. He said he thought of Kyuhyun, singing the same song on the bed next to his. But he complained cutely about how Kyuhyun just opens the lights and wakes him up. Video link - After Super Junior won an award inSungmin cried and Kyuhyun supported him, by wrapping his arm around him.

And Ryeowook has pointed out on the radio that they have lots of picture frames of them in their bedroom.

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He calls him Master Kyu. Sungmin ignored the rance and rushed to help him instead. Link - Kyuhyun rarely defends anyone else than himself. But with one interview with K. But Kyuhyun kissed Leeteuk instead and afterwards went to Sungmin and squeezed his hand. Kyu suggested her to use her lips instead. Kyuhyun revealed that he would loop a song for a hundred or two hundred times to learn the pronunciation. Ninja picture - Eunhyuk said that sometimes Kyumin play a game when they want to shower.