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Kyohei x Sunako. Relationship goals~! Oh my gosh I love these two together. It needs to hurry up and be canon, though. It's so close, but I don't think there's. All Quizzes Fresh Lists Trending Topics The episode ends with Sunako screaming possession over Kyohei. 3, "Ah, the Kyohei goes shopping with Sunako, only to have the entire marketplace misunderstand their relationship. To add As the match ends, it is shown that Kyohei and Sunako share a kiss by accident. This page is about Kyohei and Sunako's Relationship. This page is dedicated to their relationship since their relationship is the main relationship most of the.

But he remembers that it was the first time Sunako had ever said his name to his face. He was in the kitchen, looking for something to eat one night when suddenly she walked in. She was wearing a bathrobe obviously Ranmaru's since he was the only one who wore a bathrobe and her hair was tousled. His chest felt incredibly tight but he remained calm. Sunako looked at him surprised when she finally noticed him there and smiled. Do you want me to cook something for you?

Could you cook up a snack or something? It caught Kyohei off guard. Kyohei stood, watching her from the doorframe — a small smile tugging his lips. She had blossomed into a very beautiful woman. Not that she wasn't appealing before, he thought to himself; it was just that — she had grown even more attractive now that she was smiling more. And what pained him the most is that it wasn't him that caused this change. This was the first time she had ever called him by his name before… at least, not as openly and sweetly as she had just said.

Only I ca—' Kyohei froze when he realized where his thoughts were going.

kyohei and sunako relationship quizzes

I don't care what happens to her. So what if that guy is holding her? I'm only worried about her cause she's my meal ticket for free rent. She's my meal ticket for free rent. So that means I have to keep her alive long enough so I can turn her into a lady.

Then she can do anything she wants. Way the go Kyohei, you're the man. That is a brilliant plan. No problem…' Kyohei got lost in his own little world trying to deceive himself to believe his own lies, which was actually kind of working.

Noi on the other hand, wasn't at all worried about Sunako. She was too busy admiring the man's wardrobe. If Takenaga-kun dresses like him…' Um, let's not dwell on her thoughts for much longer or this might go over a T rating.

The other three boys were looking at her worriedly, and then turned to Anri to see if she was going to do anything to help save her little sister from this psychopath. What they saw made them fall down, anime style.

Anri was actually on the ground, holding her stomach and rocking back and forth in laughter. When they composed themselves, Takenaga pushed Yuki towards Anri. Yuki looked at Takenaga, appalled.

Why don't you do it? But she gave Takenaga less chores," Yuki accused. Besides Yuki, you're the cutest one out of the four of us, so she won't be able to help but be nice to you and listen to you.

Yuki glared at the other two boys and walked cautiously towards the laughing Anri. He knelt next to her, muscles all tensed up, as if ready to do the long jump, and warily poked Anri on the shoulder.

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Anri stopped laughing and wiped away the tears in her eyes before giving Yuki her full attention, though several giggles still would occasionally escape from her lips. Yuki gulped before responding to her question. It is shown in both the anime and the manga that he is a very good fighter, and is considered to be very dangerous.

It is later shown in the manga that he was initially very standoffish to the rest of the boys. Kyohei later warms up to his housemates, accepting them as his friends.

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It should be noted that, unlike his housemates, Kyohei despises the attention that he receives due to his looks. It should also be recognized that, while Kyohei is attractive, he often suffers from poor self image. The character frequently drops hints that he despises his appearance, with some hints suggesting that he wishes to become more normal.

Kyohei and Sunako

This is very similar to Sunako, who also sees her appearance as a problem. However, while Sunako withdrew from society entirely, Kyohei chose not to go to such extremes.

kyohei and sunako relationship quizzes

To the surprise of Sunako, his parents are common-looking.