Krishna and shivas relationship

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krishna and shivas relationship

Now, in all honesty, no one will deny the greatness Krishna ascribes to Siva. Note how nArAyaNa is described here as the supreme in relation to Rudra and. He is known as the greatest Vaishnava—devotee of Vishnu—and Shiva is . is intimately connected with, even dependent upon, his relationship to Vishnu. Banasur was the 10th descendant of Prahlad and eldest among sons of King Bali. He was fond of Lord Shiva from childhood. Banasur meditated and.

When Anirudda woke up Usha explained about her dream and how she fell in love with him. Anirudda looking at the beauty of Usha fell in love with her. They stay together in her compartment for several days. While Anirudda stayed with Usha, the flag on the gate of the kingdom broke and fell off.

Noticing this Banasur became suspicious that there was somebody outsider in his palace. Hindu dharma explains biology behind birth way before modern science Meanwhile, there was already huge havoc in Dwarka about the loss of Aniruddha.

Krishna received the message that Banasur held Aniruddha captive. Banasur confronted Krishna but he was powerless in front of Lord Krishna.

Then Banasur prays for Lord Shiva. Both Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna battled with each other. When Krishna found out that he was helpless to kill Banasur when Lord Shiva is protecting him, he prayed to Lord Shiva silently. Then Lord Shiva gives him a trick to follow. Krishna threw an arrow that made Lord Shiva fall asleep. After this, Krishna took out his Sudarshan Chakra and cut off all the arms of Banasur.

Shiva then pledges Krishna to forgive Banasur as he is one of his great devotees. He is the universal soul, and he is the one Purusha. Shiva then, takes these Indras to nArAyaNa and asks approval for his actions as follows: Narayana approved of everything. Those Indras then were born in the world of men.

The Epic Battle Between Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva – Story of Banasura

And Hari Narayana took up two hairs from his body, one of which hairs was black and the other white. And those two hairs entered the wombs of two of the Yadu race, by name Devaki and Rohini. The link for that incident is here. Readers can check the Sanskrit verses: Rather, the following two statements are found: HanumAn tells rAvana thus: Thus, these two 'fine-among-wise', Brahma and Rudra, are known to have been born out of grace and anger respectively. However, they, the givers of boons to all the creatures, are just the agents.

This phrase can mean: Therefore, I worship myself first, even when I worship Rudra.

krishna and shivas relationship

If I did not worship Rudra, the bestower of boons, in such a way i. Such pramanas have to be duly followed; therefore I follow them. Whoever follows him, follows Me. Though the world, in all its actions, worships two gods, Rudra and Narayana, it is actually one only who is worshiped.

Knowing that well, I worhip Myself, Who am the beginningless and universal power, known as Sarveshvara, for the sake of getting sons.

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Therefore, it is the truth that I worship myself even when I worship Rudra. Hence Rudra gained his Rudra-strength: O Asvins, ye sought the house that hath celestial viands. Bana began to attack Krishna. Krishna employed sudarshana chakra which cut off the multiple arms of Bana. Parvati the consort of Siva rushed with folded hands and started praying to Krishna as follows: Verses 46 to 49 Krishna, Narayana, Ocean of compassion, best of yadus, lord of gods, I parvati was your female servant previously and at that time you gave me a boon that I would be having the perpetual companionship of my husband living.

All sages declared that I was blessed by you by taking one principle name of your thousand names.

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Govinda, Lord who rides Garuda, therefore please make that boon come true. Please give life to my husband, Siva. Please refer to the link http: Lord Vishnu having been pleased by the prayers of Siva and Parvati grants them a boon that a valiant son will be born to them. Please read the original text for more information. There are many more such statements from scriptures where Siva and Parvati worshipped Lord Vishnu umpteen number of times.

So questions and statements like Shiva never worshipped Vishnu are invalid. Now, let us look at a few more verses from Padma Purana: Shiva prays to vishNu thus in the padma purAna: By incarnating on Earth, Oh Lord Kesava, worship me and get boons from me.

From this, I will become worship-worthy to all the beings. Lord Vishnu grants this boon to Siva and says that he will make Rudra be known as bestower of boons by worshipping Rudra in his avatArAs in succeeding verses in Padma Purana. Lord Vishnu grants this boon. So, it is very clear that siva and parvati both had prayed to vishnu, many times. Please don't watch some programs on TV or cartoons or movies and make your mind Please go through the actual scriptures also and do due diligence before making wild claims.

The following are the conclusions Shiva always worships Lord Vishnu. Vishnu alone is abode of Sattva guna and Siva is abode of Tamas. In the Bhanavad Gita, Arjuna himself calls Lord krishna as Vishnu in Vishwaroopa darshana chapter 11 and asks him to show his pleasant Chaturbhuja form.

krishna and shivas relationship

Here are the interpretations of the 3 acharyas from their respective Gita Bhasyas: So, all the acharyas have clearly indicated all deities are there inside Lord Krishna including Bramha and Siva. Please read carefully, Lord Vishnu is not there or not mentioned to be within the Vishwaroopam form because, Lord Vishnu is Krishna. Lets look at a few more verses this list is not exhaustive.