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you could never win!! “Meruem, King of Ants, you understand nothing of humanity's Can we have both? Meruem Komugi Relationship. Some pieces of bread and a couple hours of sleep later, she's back in the throne room, . "You should listen to others advice when given to you. . There's the throne room where Komugi and Meruem play their games mostly. I will explain their relationship and its development using few scenes in HxH: 1. When Meruem meets Komugi: At this stage, Meruem considered himself as the.

Meruem told her that Killua and Alluka are government experiments, just like himself. He also told her the humans built this 'room' to keep them sealed because of their threat to humanity. Meruem had chuckled darkly and told her that he can break the seal. He's just been sitting and waiting for the perfect moment. The humans made him too powerful, he had said.

This 'room' is nothing to sneer at. There's the throne room where Komugi and Meruem play their games mostly. There's the kitchen, Komugi's guest room, and Meruem's room where they've been playing games in private for awhile now. There's many other rooms for the other creatures here.

It's like a castle it's so big. Komugi has gotten lost a few times and one of Meruem's servants had to find her. Meruem is strong and Komugi can hear the servants' voices quake in fear when they speak to him but Komugi thinks he's kind.

Well, he's kind to her. He's provided food for her to eat, a place to stay, and he spends all day with her playing Gungi. No one has spent this much time with her before, no one has been this interested, even if it is just to beat her in Gungi. Maybe it's just because Komugi doesn't have many people that are kind to her that she considers Meruem her friend.

It's probably improper of her too, since he's a king and all. She's just been having so much fun here. Sometimes she forgets that she has other things she has to do. The whole day can just go by when she plays Gungi with Meruem. She holds the conversations they have dearly and anything she learns new about the king she holds close. But lately something has changed with Meruem.

Komugi's eyebrows furrow as she moves her spy up a space, taking out his cannon. He placed the cannon carelessly. It was a mistake he usually wouldn't make. Meruem is very quiet as well. He's been like this since this morning but this strange behavior has been going on for a couple of days now. She can feel his eyes on her. We'll continue this later. She frowns, gathering up the pieces of the game to put it away.

That was the first time he walked away from a game without finishing. Is he getting bored with it? Maybe he's frustrated with not being able to beat her. Komugi gets herself up before she walks, feeling against the wall to find the way out. If she remembers correctly, if she keeps going straight, her room should be on the left. She opens the door and walks in, leaving the door open. She's been here too long. Komugi calmed down when she heard that Alluka and Killua were really strong but what if they still need help?

Alluka was very kind to her Komugi feels for the bed before she sits down, sinking into the soft mattress. The young girl frowns to herself She wants to keep getting better.

She wants to talk with Meruem and have him in the same room. When she speaks, she feels like Meruem is really listening. He's taking in everything she says, just as Komugi takes in everything he speaks. He's protective of her as well. Komugi remembers this one time when she had gotten lost in the castle and ended up being attacked by a hungry creature.

She remembers feeling pain in her arm and crying out and then There was no pain, just the sound of dripping. You should be in your room. Look at your arm, you're injured! Were you trying to escape? I just didn't want to bother anyone. I couldn't remember where my room was so I You are our guest! Komugi just remembers crying.

Meruem was holding her hand with so much care. He wasn't angry at her that she caused trouble. He had asked her why she was crying, and he seemed unsure and almost flustered. Komugi just told him Meruem made sure she got her wounds taken care of by Pitou. She always gets her something to eat and she talks to her sometimes.

Pouf doesn't seem to like her much but she understands she's over stayed her welcome. They've been taking care of her for some time now. Maybe Komugi should be afraid or upset that he eats humans. Maybe she should fear for her life but she's never been afraid of death. She figured that her death would be helpful to her family. A mouth less to feed. She doesn't feel like a burden here. She feels like Meruem really enjoys playing with her.

Komugi lays down in bed, looking up at the ceiling. She wonders how Gon is doing? He was probably really confused when they were all gone She frowns thinking about it. Gon would probably search everywhere for them when he saw how the door was broken.

He would look out in the cold and when he didn't find them Komugi's stomach twists and she turns on her side, closing her eyes. She's been so busy that she hasn't been thinking about Gon. She was worrying about Alluka and Killua She's overlooked something great.

What happened with Gon? Killua and Alluka must have meant something to him and he's so kind She grips her blanket, trembling. She needs to find Alluka and Killua some how and bring them back to Gon. She hears him walk closer, and then his rough fingers are touching her cheek. I'm worried about Gon. I don't know what happened to him I think Pouf said he was a human the scientists captured.

I will have Pouf check right away and gather us information. He usually doesn't come to her room. This behavior has been going on for a couple of days now. Komugi's eyes widen and she shakes her head. I don't remember upsetting you That's not what's been bothering me the most I don't want to kill you. I don't want you leaving. I've done some research of my own and I've found what I want to do with you But I've come to terms with it. Her eyes widen, the shock paralyzing her.

The king is kissing her. His lips feel human just cold Her heart feels like it could come out of her chest.

You know what I'm saying? That was her first kiss. Her heart beats all the more faster and she feels like she could die from a heart attack. Tears well up in her eyes and she feels them pour down her face.

You've made me really happy. Komugi feels something wrap around her waist and pull her closer She knows it's not his arms. She feels Meruem kiss her again, softly, cautiously. He treats her very gently. This time she's able to move her lips. This is her first and she's not too sure if what's she's doing is good. It's nice that Meruem is just as clumsy as her in this. The kiss stays soft and sweet. Komugi reaches out, grabbing his hand, wanting to hold it.

His hands are much bigger than hers, much stronger. It seems he only has four fingers She can feel Meruem stare at her before looking at their hands. I g-guess it's a way to show affection. She pulls her hand out. Komugi almost wants to cry again. He pulls her out of the room, never letting go of her hand, his tail wrapping gently around her hips.

Komugi never thought she would have this. She never thought anyone would be interested in her this way but It doesn't matter what he is. What is appearance to her anyway? From what she felt Meruem can be cruel but Komugi has seen his heart. There's something human about him, and that human part of him is holding her hand right now.

It feels wrong, being so happy when she has no idea where Gon is, if he's here, if he's okay. She hopes she finds out soon so she can fully enjoy this Komugi's heart beats slowly as Meruem lets go of her hand and they sit on opposite sides to play. It feels like all her training in Gungi, all her life experiences, were leading her up to this. To the day she would meet Meruem.

Was Meruem’s criticism of humanity valid?

She feels like she's found another purpose other than playing Gungi and trying to make amends with her family. They are the light at the end of the tunnel that she was sure was a train but it turned out to be her salvation. Komugi giggles, her happiness coming out and she'll never know how her white eyes sparkle. She'll never see how Meruem stares at her with his eyes slightly wide before he smiles himself. It's so small but it's there. Amber eyes flutter open, specks of black surrounding the pupil, making the eyes look much darker.

The pupil constricts as it takes in his surroundings, noting that he's in some sort of container and unable to move. Not wanting to be in this anymore, Gon feels his muscles tense and with little effort he's able to rip out of his restrictions and shatter the thick glass that was holding him. Gon stares at the broken glass, his breathing uneven as he looks at his hands. They tremble with excitement and he has to clench his fists to stop such shaking. Gon feels his lips turn up into a smile and he laughs.

Not at all concerned that his hands are more claws than hands. The soft flesh has been replaced with sharp nails and rough skin.

Gon glances around the room, taking in all the chemicals in bottles and the smell of alcohol reeks in this place. He wrinkles his nose and walks to the door, knowing that he wants to get out. He pulls his fist back and punches the door with all his might. The metal door made of titanium flies off the hinges and cracks the glass wall of this place. Gon laughs, clenching his fists and smiling.

He's gotten the power he's wanted. Gon glances around the hallway and for some reason he knows that no one is around. At least, they're here but far away. He can smell them. Gon becomes puzzled, and he stands there for a good while pondering what he should do next. He feels like there was something that needed to be done.

He knows he doesn't like it here. He knows he wants to leave but there's something else When he leaves, where does he want to go? Gon starts walking down the hallway, following the smell, but he still wonders. He had a goal All he can remember is wanting power.

Gon becomes puzzled again and his lips go in a tight line His lips curl up into a smile. He's gotten the power to have the ability to destroy. He can destroy this place and everyone in it. That sounds right but there's still a part of Gon that is puzzled.

If his goal isn't to destroy this place Look at you little one. As soon as he sees the man with the smirk and that red hair, a name comes to his mind.

You've been pushing me around like I'm nothing, well That's one menacing smile little one. It's all wrong now. You're no longer the human Gon. All he can think about is how good it will feel to dig his hands into his guts and rip them from his body. His blood is going to smell so good. Gon wants to hear him scream. Hisoka will be his first testament to his power.

He'll carry his head around as a trophy. He remembers Hisoka was at his old home. He remembers everything but there's no emotion attached to it.

Just the desire to destroy and to show the power he has The man is already injured, Gon can smell his blood and see his snitches Gon will rip those open. Gon feels something in his chest but it's not worry. He's going to be the one to kill him. Hisoka jumps away from him.

Those yellow eyes regard him before he takes off running down the hallway. Gon runs after him, getting on all fours just because he knows he'll be faster. He causes Hisoka to do the same. Gon keeps chasing him watching with his pupils getting bigger. He smells others around and he could go after them but This power is to destroy everything and everyone. Hisoka runs to this door before he uses his strength to knock it off the wall. He runs inside and Gon follows after him.

He stops when he hears a voice. The boy stands there with his eyes so wide, filled with sudden sorrow and dread. Gon decides he doesn't like that look much. But how can he get rid of it? The boy must be in pain He'll put him out of his misery. That will get rid of the look. What have they done? He knows he's really important. This power was meant for him wasn't it?

Then he must make sure he gives him this power. He wants Killua to be with him always and to get rid of that look, he'll have to kill him. Then he can carry Killua anywhere he wants. Killua's eyes widen at the attack but he's quick on his feet and he moves away.

What are you doing? He punches Killua in the gut, the boy blocking it with his arm Gon hears the crack before Killua is sent flying across the room, hitting his back hard against the wall. Gon chuckles when Killua looks up at him, his arm hanging limply by his side. Gon is going to destroy him completely. All those scars caused by others, Gon will make his own so it'll be like all those old wounds are gone.

Nothing will be left but Gon. Gon's eyes widen when Hisoka gets on him, he hits him hard in the back, Gon feeling a chunk of him getting ripped out from those claws. He lunges towards Killua, forgetting about Hisoka and just focusing on those blue eyes that already look in pain.

Gon wants to take that pain away. It won't take long. That's what this power was for isn't it? To take away his pain. He'll take it all away. Killua hops away just in time, Gon punching the wall instead, leaving a large hole. I'm sorry they've done this to you. I'm sorry I've failed you but please I can't take that. He thinks, and he feels like he's missing something.

He feels as if this power was to take away his pain But there's some confusion in his mind. Killua gets so close, those blue eyes looking firmly into his own. They've made you like me Where is that smile I know? Why are those eyes I don't care Gon. I will follow you anywhere so don't look at me like that.

He lifts Killua off the ground, watching as Killua grabs his hands but doesn't do much to pull them away. He stares at Gon through one eye, the other one closed, his mouth open as he fights for air.

It looks like he's given up. Those blue eyes are slowly losing light. Is this the purpose of his power? Gon can't help to remember those blue eyes when they had been bright, and those lips in a smile Gon lets go of him, Killua falling on his butt.

He coughs and rubs at his throat. Gon frowns, that didn't seem right. He looks down at his hands that are trembling. Why did he get this power? Gon looks at Killua's bruised neck and broken arm. But I need to see those amber eyes again. I need you to come back.

They couldn't have taken everything. I won't believe that. Gon is every much aware of Killua's breath on his bare flesh. He feels a soft tongue dart out of Killua's mouth and lick his hip. The gentleness makes his heat pool and he has the greatest urge to just take Killua. Right here and now. Gon surely has the power to do so. Gon grabs Killua by the hair and yanks him back, pushing him down so he hits his back hard and Gon can hover over him. Killua's pupils hone in on the look he's giving him.

He pulls away and licks his lips. That look on Killua's face doesn't look right either. Is this not the reason for his power? Gon thinks over his feelings but before he can say anything, he's knocked off of Killua by Hisoka, hitting the wall hard enough that the steel dents.

Gon hisses in pain, glaring darkly over at Hisoka only to stop when he sees that Hisoka is choking Killua. Killua's ears are back and he's hissing, thrashing in his hold but since Hisoka is stepping on his only good arm, he can't do anything to help himself. Gon's eyes hone into the distress that's coming over Killua, how those pupils constrict, how his face is getting blue. That's not what he wants. This power wasn't to make Killua have that face Something clicks into place and Gon roars, charging towards Hisoka.

He punches Hisoka in the face, knocking him away from Killua. The young boy gasps for air, breathing heavily to catch his breath. Gon gets in front of Killua, the black specks in his eyes separating and showing the amber color that he had lost. This power is to protect. To protect his family, to protect Killua. Not to take away his pain by destroying him, but by protecting him.

Gon turns around to face him, being filled with dismay from seeing his broken arm and bruises he had caused. Gon gets down on his hands and knees and starts to lick at Killua's neck apologetic. Killua tenses only to completely melt, sighing softly and wrapping his arms around him tightly. Don't scare me like that. His vocal cords seem different. I know you didn't mean to do this. Those bastards did this to you.

That's all I care about. These wounds will heal Gon closes his eyes when he feels that soft tongue against his Gon pulls away, frowning when he gets really warm quickly. He screams it hurts so much, the agony too much to hold in.

It feels like his muscles are ripping from off his bones only to reattach and to do so again. Killua just hugs him tightly, saying something but Gon can't understand what he's saying in his panic. Consciousness is ripped from him abruptly. I've found some disturbing news. She is my queen.

Komugi feels herself flush, the young girl fiddling with her fingers, her heat beating faster. The air gets a bit tense. It's been like that since he's told his servants the news. She can really feel Pouf"s dislike of her through his looks, even though she can't see them.

He's in the lab, in room You will treat her with respect. I won't tell you again. Ah no my queen. I'm sorry to say that Gon has been chosen to be project X. Meruem stiffens, he exchanges a look with Pouf that Komugi can't see. What ever it is, it doesn't sound good.

Just that the humans made it and that it's power may be equal to my own. Surely who ever becomes project X is no longer human. The last I heard it was unstable. I guess the humans were hiding more information from us than we anticipated. I-Is Gon going to be o-okay? Why would they d-do this to him? He's alive but wild is what one of their reports had said. They're planning on seeing if he can kill other experiments by setting him loose and seeing what happens.

Currently he's in Killua's chambers-" "G-Gon wouldn't kill Killua G-Gon wouldn't kill anyone! Meruem's lips tug down in a displeased frown at seeing that expression on the young girl. Komugi feels the king get up and he moves closer towards her.

His touch is so cold but she doesn't shy away from it. She hugs his arm and he tenses. He stays stiff for a moment before relaxing. If he is a threat, then we'll handle it.

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Right now, we are going to save him. If Gon has just turned into project X, as of right now he's weak. The more the humans tweak him, the stronger he'll get. The tense gaze softens and Komugi can feel his tail curled around her waist. He rocks them back and forth, something he would do with Alluka when they were younger when he got to see her to calm her down. But really Gon doesn't need to be calmed down right now, It's Killua.

His heart is beating so fast, and there's a pressure in his chest that won't go away. His pupils are constricted and shaking, his breath ragged. He doesn't' know what to do with himself now that Gon can't see him. Gon doesn't need to be worrying about him when Killua is the one about the flip the fuck out because of what has happened to Gon.

Killua couldn't give a shit about his broken arm or the bruises. Killua was terrified when Gon attacked him but not because he was scared Gon would kill him Killua could feel his instinct kicking in. The more Gon growled and hurt him, Killua could feel his body getting ready to fight back.

He didn't want to hurt Gon. He was scared he would attack Gon. He didn't want to hurt his mate. He didn't want to fight him. It was like Gon wanted that. Gon was trying to provoke him to fight. Killua blames it on whatever those bastards have done to the older male. He should have known. He just didn't want to believe it. He kept telling himself that Gon was safe as long as he behaved but he knew it was a lie deep down.

It was all he could do to keep himself sane. They have damaged Gon. In the short amount of time, they've changed his life. Killua can't give him back the life he had, even if he were to get Gon out of here. Even if he wasn't turned into an experiment like Killua was, Killua still couldn't have given Gon his regular life back. The self hate hits him in a wave and his shoulders shake as he holds Gon closer, wishing that Gon had caused him more damage. Gon had talked with such bright eyes about his school and his dream to become a doctor to help others.

He was always working so hard in his schooling. Killua has taken his dream, he won't be able to be a doctor. He won't be able to fit in with the humans he cares so much about.

He crouches down, licking his lips as he takes in Gon's new form. He takes in the ears on Gon's head that look like a cats, the claws for hands, the large puffy tail that looks more like a dogs, His teeth that are sharp and ragged not like a dogs or a cats. Those eyes have to be the most interesting though. Amber eyes tainted by specks of black and gold, they changed with Gon's different emotions.

When black, he would attack. Those amber eyes show what's left of the human. The most interesting thing is that he didn't have those cat ears till just now.

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They're the same color as yours too. It's amazing he's still alive. He impresses me every day. Killua can feel Gon's heart rate and his breathing pattern. To his relief, Gon is just passed out. His muscles are contracting and it must have been painful, it's like he's having a small seizure and he very well might be. Killua doesn't know what to do to help his mate. Killua just holds onto him tighter. He doesn't know what to do. He can't do anything for him. Only when he cuts into his lower back does Killua snap out of his trance.

Hisoka moves out of the way just when Killua pounces. He bares his teeth, covering Gon's body with his own in a protective manor. He points at Gon. Are you going to waste it crying? Despite the anger Killua feels, and how his hair bristles Now is his chance. Killua mutters an apology as he digs into Gon's back, being mindful of his spine as he digs and feels. When he finds the device he pulls it out, frowning when the wound starts to steam, the wound burning and healing itself.

Killua digs into the back of his thigh, remembering Gon told him one was here too. He lets out a long breath of air before he digs into his flesh, closing his eyes when Gon whimpers. He finds it and rips it out. Killua digs into his own stomach and takes out the tracking device he's been feeling under his skin for too long.

Killua's ears twitch when he hears Gon's breathing become more even. Hisoka watches as Killua runs out of the room and is about to turn towards the hallway that will lead him to Alluka. This girl has come into his life by mere chance and has thrown his life into a spin, he begins to question what exactly he even wants to do with her, unsure of his own feelings.

What exactly does he feel for her? Following their final game together before the Palace Invasion strike, Komugi asks the King a fateful question. It is this very question that puts everything he knows about himself, his life and his feelings into question.

Without a name what identity do you have? Why does he make this decision? Is it because he has yet to defeat her in a game? No it is something more than that, he has begun to feel something, a feeling he is yet to fully grasp, he is in love. This girl has challenged him intellectually and emotionally and altered his entire perspective on life as he knew it, she may be fragile, she may be only good at playing Gungi, but whether he understands it or not, he is in love with her.

With the devotion of his Royal Guard, sacrificing a portion of their own lives in exchange for his, the King lives on, yet he no longer remembers Komugi or anything that has taken place at the Palace.

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Her name evokes the feeling of a paradise where just she and him alone reside. He returns to his senses and the inner struggle mentioned earlier between the Ant side and the Human side is concluded.

Both sides are one in the same. There is a bit of a monster in all of us, but conversely we are also capable of genuine humanity. This idea is captured perfectly through the Chimera Ant King, a character constantly in a struggle within himself between his own personal light and dark. Revealing that he has in fact been fatally poisoned during his fight with the Chairman, the King decides that he wants to spend his final moments with Komugi.

He desperately seeks her out and comes head to head with Palm Siberia who allows him after some persuasion to see Komugi, under her watchful eye at the very least.