King and queen relationship tumblr pictures

Edward I and Eleanor of Castile | Westminster Abbey

king and queen relationship tumblr pictures

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The ability for a girl to cook, sew, and manage a household was seen as important at the time even for royalty. Louise was a second cousin of Ingrid's. Only a stillborn daughter resulted from her father's second marriage. Ingrid felt betrayed by her father when he thus remarried, and she was unkind to Crown Princess Louise, not becoming reconciled to that marriage until she acquired a more adult understanding, many years later. Ingrid was well educated and taught history, art history, political science, and learned several languages.

Her knowledge of art and culture was extended by long stays in Paris and Rome.

king and queen relationship tumblr pictures

Along with her father, stepmother and brother Prince BertilIngrid took a five-month journey through the Middle East in - She also got her driver's licence early. Ingrid often played matches against her tennis enthusiast grandfather Gustav V. During her young adulthood, Ingrid was often seen about Stockholm, driving her own two-seat car. She was tall, had light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a warm smile. She was matched with various foreign royalties and was seen by some as a possible wife for the heir-apparent to the British throne, the Prince of Waleswho was her second cousin.

InIngrid met the Prince of Wales in London. Their lessons initially seemed somewhat relaxed. Within two months, Victoria had ceased sending Karim instructions through her staff and begun writing him directly. Within a few more, she had bestowed upon him the title of Munshi Hafiz Abdul Karim, making him her official Indian clerk and relieving him of his menial duties.

This developing relationship alarmed members of the court, because it felt all too familiar. Brown, also starred Dench as Victoria. Karim, however, was increasingly stepping into that role.

The two turned heads when they spent the night at Glassat Shiel, a remote cottage in Scotland that the queen had previously shared with John Brown.

After his death, she had vowed never to return. The queen not only allowed the Munshi to bring his wife over to England, but hosted his father and other family members. Karim enjoyed his own personal carriage and the best seats at the opera. In their letters to one another, Victorian courtiers wished awful fates upon the Munshi. Basu shares several nasty excerpts in her book.

He frequently asked the queen for favors, such as securing his father a pension or his former boss a promotion. Historians have plainly pinned the hatred on 19th-century racism.

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Felipe quickly embraced his roles as husband and father and looks happiest in informal photos with his family. But from the beginning, all eyes have been fixed on Letizia. Now the Spanish monarchy is on shaky ground, a fate few would have predicted in the heyday of King Juan Carlos I.

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People know that and recognize themselves in the king and queen. He married a Greek princess and had three children.

He loves women, wine and the finer things of life. That proved to be a problem inwhen the year-old monarch went on an unannounced elephant hunt in Botswana with a German socialite whom tabloids identified as his longtime mistress. The royal family was already struggling with a scandal closer to home: The case is ongoing, and the princess, the first member of the Spanish royal family to be indicted, faces more than a decade in prison if convicted of tax fraud and money laundering.

The hunting trip was the last straw. It was open season on the royal family, and everyone was fair game. Juan Carlos was urged to abdicate to save the throne.

king and queen relationship tumblr pictures

The 18th-century Spanish crown was displayed but not placed on his head, no foreign royals were invited, and there was an afternoon reception for 2, guests with tapas instead of a lavish banquet. Juan Carlos and Cristina did not attend.

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In his first address as king, Felipe tried to reassure the politicians and public that things had changed: And I undertake my task with energy, with enthusiasm and with the open and innovative spirit that has inspired the men and women of my generation.

Kings have to earn their salary and their roles. Felipe also banned members of the royal family from working for private companies or accepting expensive gifts, stripped his sister of her title of duchess and her duties, and has promised that no one is above the law.