Keima and elsie relationship quizzes

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keima and elsie relationship quizzes

Without any facial expression, Keima firmly looked at Elsie. There were more young couples or friends gathered here in Dean Land, but what's It tests a variety of things, from general knowledge, to mathematical proving. Keima is expected to help Elsie capture any loose souls that come their way, meaning that he must take the Pop quiz! the only other characters of note are Elsie and a couple of her demon colleagues, Haqua and Nora. An archive of The World God Only Knows or Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai fanfics that involves a romantic relationship between Keima and Elsie plus Keima and.

Keima while looking at his P. P tells her to wait for a second and let him save his progress. This shows his very ignorant attitude as well as how much he loved his games.

keima and elsie relationship quizzes

One day, while checking his mails, he saw a mail which seemed to him as a challenge. The person who sent the mail wanted him to conquer a girl.

Keima didn't back down and accepted the challenge thinking that it was some game. Then however, as soon as he accepted the challenge, the clouds grew dark and from there came out Elsee.

keima and elsie relationship quizzes

Keima was flattered by seeing what had happened. He started to go away however, Elsee talked to him and said that he would die if he doesn't do things things according to hell.

She said that the challenge he accepted was a contract from hell and contracts of hell were very strict.

keima and elsie relationship quizzes

She explained that they needed to capture lose souls which hide in hearts of girls who live in reality. Keima resists for sometime but then he is like 'okay' with conquering them. Initially, he also resists Elsee. She says she wants be his sister.

keima and elsie relationship quizzes

In mid-way from school to home Elsee is introduced to Keima's mother. But at that point of time she Keima's mother doesn't know who Elsee is and misunderstands her as Keima's friend. Keima's mother takes Elsee to their cafe where Elsee says that she is the illegitimate child of her Keima's mother husband. Keima's mom is extremely angry and calls her husband and has a nice little chat with him: After the call, she speaks to Elsee that she will take good care of her.

But Keima still doesn't accept Elsee as his little sister. He tells her the three things that a little sister must fulfill; first, same blood must be running through her veins. What is a Denpakei? That sort of voice echoed across the Katsuragi house.

This happened at noon on a Saturday.

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The supervisor shook his head silently and pointed in a certain direction. Behind him, Elsie was looking rather bored. Just when the newcomer was about to say this, he realized that Keima was obviously different from the other customers, and was obviously of a different dimension from the rest. Looks like you still have some foresight. And several other customers in the shop, Some old-time gamers with foresight noticed it.

Were amazed, or, This guy again…who in the world is here?

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Showed an inexplicable look. To put it properly, it was said that highly skilled martial artists could use the motion of chopsticks to rate each other. A pianist could hear the quality of a keyboard through a performance. A top-rate sushi chef could tell the level of another through even the basics of fried egg.

Shows in these genres typically feature a large amount of fan service, but in The World God Only Knows I can count the number of instances where this is the case on one hand.

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At the end of each conquest you end up knowing the target girl better than the main characters. More of this The show revolves around the capture of loose souls, who take up residence in empty places in certain girls hearts.

Fortunately for Keima, Elsie, and the girls who are possessed by evil spirits, tactics used in dating sims are actually effective at least in this world for making a girl fall in love with you.

keima and elsie relationship quizzes

In the process of a conquest, you learn about a girl's past, what caused a hole to appear in their heart, and watch as that hole is filed by feelings of love.

The first episode wastes no time in showing you what you should expect from The World God Only Knows, as during this episode he completes his conquest of the first girl.