Keima and chihiro relationship questions

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keima and chihiro relationship questions

Chihiro Kosaka (小阪ちひろ, Kosaka Chihiro) is Keima's classmate at Maijima Private Overall, she is seen as a pretty nice girl through her relationship with her .. switches with Ayumi but questions Ayumi what she was talking with Keima . I had no question in my mind but to put Keima Katsuragi and Chihiro Kosaka mastering the art of gal gaming or most commonly known as dating sims. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. to break out of his shell so he can establish real relationships with real people. She is shown at various points worrying about Keima's future, and that As such it's consistent for her to jump at any chance to get Keima Browse other questions tagged the-world-god-only-knows or ask your own question.

Unknown to Keima though was that Chihiro was not flustered because she remembered Keima and his flirting but it was because Chihiro was genuinely in love with Keima. She had feelings for Keima even before her conquest. This somewhat breaks Keima a little bit inside and forces him to shove her away for her own safety. He rejects her when he realizes this and resulting into Chihiro breaking into tears.

All throughout this anime series, Keima had this attitude to complete these conquests and treated every woman as another dating sim to finish. But this was a special case — someone was in love with him and for reasons he thought were impossible.

Chihiro loved Keima just because she did. Seeing Keima cry out of this revelation was something to noteworthy since this was a rare event. You were the most unimaginably real girl I ever saw. You had no flags, no parameters, nothing.

I had no idea how to proceed. Acted like you hated me. No one has ever affected me like that. I think she was beginning to remember me and didn't want her best friend arguing with a guy she liked.

Anyway, I tried to conquer you. As expected, nothing worked. You had no usable parameters. Then, you fixated on someone new.

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I had an inspiration. I decided to turn you into the hero. I tried to help you conquer your latest crush.

keima and chihiro relationship questions

You stalled confessing to Yuta. You ran to the Akanemaru. I thought you were going to kill yourself. I said you were. I said you were as special as you wanted to be. I kissed you, and I said I would always be there for you. I knew you were about to forget everything. I still thought you were average, and I knew I would never need to keep that promise. You were the only girl I could never figure out. I said what I thought you wanted to hear.

keima and chihiro relationship questions

Shouldn't that work in your favor? I don't know whether Yui made it herself or just had someone prepare it for her, but the food looked I'm not saying Yui's a pushover, buy at this point there's not really much she can do. Katsuragi's mother for starters" Chihiro started counting with her fingers.

And the devils, if you need heavy cavalry. Then he would have a love-o-meter! It was now the time to follow the route of the third heroine. Thankfully, the previous two runs have already supplied him with a lot of information on his next target, so he would be able to finish this one much faster.

A quick glance showed him that the battery was low, so he reached with his hand to grab a replacement from his backpack. This was his most extensive motion in an hour or so and only while doing it he was reminded that his movements were restrained. Keima turned his head, his gaze falling on what was — literally — weighing him down. He was currently in Ayumi's room and the girl in question was leaning on him, her head placed in the crook of his neck and snoring quietly.

Ayumi was lately trying to accomplish too much. She continued to run, meet with her friends, play on her guitar, meet with him and then attempted to slowly work on her academic backlog. She had somehow managed to cope with all of this for the past week.

keima and chihiro relationship questions

However, her stamina wasn't limitless, so she fell asleep fifteen minutes after their 'study session' started. Well, a real study session would have Ayumi study by herself with no distractions, possibly using the notes he had prepared beforehand. What was happening here was more like her using the excuse to invite him over, so she could ask him questions from time to time, while getting distracted the rest of the time.

He was pretty certain she meant it like a date. Keima sighed when he became aware that the position he was in was kind of awkward. He obviously wasn't a hefty male even though he had gained a few centimeters in the last yearwhile Ayumi wasn't exactly a petite and light girl, so the force she exerted by just leaning on him wasn't negligible. That wasn't a problem, though. The problem was that this position immobilized him and severely restricted his movements, affecting his gaming.

Another issue was that their 'close time' usually served to satisfy at least some of Ayumi's girly needs. Now, Keima didn't mind talking or eye contact. Hugging and kissing were a little more difficult, as the former proved to be But still, it wasn't a problem as long as it didn't get out of hand. But right now Ayumi was sleeping, so her daily 'get close to Keima' quota wasn't being filled at the moment, even though she was practically hugging him, making the current situation a pretty unproductive one.

Thus, keeping Ayumi that close while she wasn't even aware she was this close was quite far from the ideal route for events like this.

Not that it was unsurprising. Now, what actually was surprising was the alternative. As incredulous as it was Keima found out that keeping Ayumi away from him for an extended period of time didn't really increase his comfort. He had noticed it before and he had since then turned that single observation into a steady pattern. After some considerations he could envision the ideal route.

This route had both of them in the same room and him playing his games, while there was no direct physical contact between them As a bare logical conclusion it wasn't anything special. But as soon as he thought about what it really meant it gave him a frown. Because it meant that, to certain extent, he was better off with Ayumi in near proximity than he was alone. That did not compute. The first time Ayumi's advances proved anything near effective was because she got too close and Keima was unable to completely ignore her Ever since that time he had been vigilant, ready to keep their interactions from escalating too far.

But this now was different, as it had little to do with hugging or kissing. He had tried to reason that they had simply reached an equilibrium — Ayumi being that close to him was acceptable to him and it kept her happy — but he somehow knew that it wasn't that simple.

Keima had already changed the batteries in his PFP and started a new game, but a minute or so into it he paused it and put his game on his lap, before turning his gaze to Ayumi once more. The girl was usually chatting, eating, running and being generally energetic, almost never staying still. And Keima usually tried keep at least some space between the two of them. This combination made it difficult to actually observe the girl, so Keima decided to use this opportunity, to study her.

When the looks alone were considered Ayumi was quite an eye candy. And he didn't mean her just being curvaceous and generally attractive. Her complexion might not be as unblemished as his game heroines, but her face was pleasing to the eye.

Even her angry face could be considered cute, as long as her anger was directed at someone or something other than him. And now, while asleep, she was looking pretty serene.

Almost defenseless, reminding him of Mercury on that fateful night on Akanemaru. In short, she was beautiful. Keima continued to observe her, his eyes were moving slowly, mostly fixed on her face. His thoughts, on the other hand, were running in all directions, as he surveyed their history. Before he first conquered her, Ayumi was just another real girl to him.

Then Elsie fell from the sky and Ayumi became his first real heroine ever. After that it returned to normal for both of them, but not completely. And then the Mai-High festival came. Keima had to reunite the goddesses and prevent a disaster, so he paid little attention to Ayumi's situation.

Chihiro Kosaka

The mess with Chihiro didn't help any. By the time the festival came around he was already caring for the victims of the weiss, so he was pained over what he had to do to Ayumi as well. After the festival was over he holed himself in his house, afraid to face the girls, especially Chihiro because of his guilt and Ayumi because you can't almost marry a girl and hope to go away with it unharmed.

Back then he concluded that getting involved with the real was as painful and unproductive as he had presumed. But he still needed to catch runaway spirits in Maijima possibly tens of themso he had to suck it up and decided to just ignore his own wounds and go on — not pretending he didn't know the goddess hosts, but not encouraging them either.

And then the travel in time happened and he almost ended up torn and broken in the process. In the end result he had decided to merge with the world more — not with the entire world, but a part of it. Of course, his new found resolution was put to test when his past conquests started to remember about him and flounder around him.

However, after some time had passed he noticed that the situation became, more or less, stable — the girls stopped any romantic pursuits of him or, in case of girls like Yui, became much less passionate about it. That included all the girls, even Chihiro. The feelings the runner had for him didn't fade out. That was somewhat understandable, but the fact that she became much more direct and determined was puzzling him even now.

All of this was relevant, but it wasn't that much important right now. What was important right now was the final result. And the final result was that he and Ayumi somehow seemed to merge with each other's lives. Well, Keima pretty rarely interfered with the runner's daily affairs, but Ayumi sure did interfere with his. Keima often had been clueless when it came to the real and real girls, but even his ignorance had its limits.

For a long time now he had been aware that Ayumi was no longer just any real girl to him. She had become his equivalent of a friend not that he needed those.

She had become as close to him as Chihiro or Haqua. His family relations have never looked like the real people thought they should. His father was rarely home and this might be actually the reason why Keima got along with him so well. His mother was a caring and worried housewife with plenty of berserk buttons. And Eri was a happy-go-lucky fire truck-loving idiot with the attention span of a sparrow that was responsible for a good deal of bad things that had happened to him for the last year.

And the truth was that the way Keima viewed Ayumi wasn't that much different from how he viewed his family. Sure, she wasn't living with him and hadn't known him for that long, but the same could said about Eri. He tried to think, but he couldn't really find what could be so wrong with the two of them sharing a house.

And that in itself was a dangerous thought. But then again, what was dangerous about it? Keima briefly considered going back to his game and pretending he hasn't been looking at him, but decided against it. He was actually curious to see her reaction. Ayumi was apparently refusing to wake up, as she fidgeted in place, trying to get comfortable.

Then she concluded that sleeping in a vertical position was wrong, so leaned more into him. Keima decided that it was getting out of hand when Ayumi shifted, almost straddling him. He poked her forehead with his console and it proved effective, as Ayumi opened her eyes, raised her face and look at him. It was lucky her parents weren't home. Then you started doing embarrassing stuff. What made you think I dreamed of you?

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He had been in one position for almost three hours, after all. The girl certainly had a great supply of energy, enthusiasm and, obviously, power.

That potential, however, was limited by her inability to stop or even look before she leapt. She clearly required a safety valve. A guide that could help her slow down and see the big picture. And it seemed that was his job. His thoughts were interrupted when he walked into Ayumi's room and saw that the girl in question was sitting on her bed, legs close to her chest and a her head in her knees.

Before he could say anything Ayumi motioned for him to sit next to her and he obeyed. Ayumi was silent for a moment. For her to be awake now out of all times. As a matter of fact, she didn't respond, continuing to look at him, as if she was expecting to see something new.

keima and chihiro relationship questions

Normally, she would at least narrowed her eyes. But this time she didn't. And I can't really go on like this without knowing. Next, Eri is learning new roles And Yui is not giving up: Then Ayumi is using Keima as a pillow, while he contemplates her. And the final event is, quoting after the manga, "an unexpected straight shot in his direction"! I wonder what Keima's answer's going to be.

If yes, then stay tuned for the next chapter. And keep your fingers crossed for our hero and our heroine. And don't forget to review!