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including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. I'm so glad that they managed to hit it off well, and the fact that Kazuma and Bishamon both wanted their relationship modeled after the. Read A Test from the story Raped (Noragami) by TheWangz (Wangz) with reads. fanfic, bishamon, yato. Kazuma took out a bottle and gave her a liquid substance for her to drink. + place but a huge snow storm comes and are snowed in and now there alone and decide to discover more abaot there relationship.

May I take my leave now? Kazuma clutched at a folded, unused sheet at the corner of the bed and began to unravel it. He placed it around his shoulders and stood up, turning towards the door. Kazuma stopped in his tracks. Where are your clothes? Bishamon held each garment up to inspect it.

His trousers were in half, split down the seam. Even his satin pink boxers were torn. Kazuma flinched as she looked at it. As Bishamon eyed the clothes, the flashbacks returned at lightning speed. She said her body was aching after the scuffle with Yato, so Kazuma offered to fetch Aiha. She told him it wouldn't be necessary and asked him to give her a massage. He proved to be a brilliant, though nervous, masseuse.

When she offered to return the favour, he looked as though he was about to faint. The next memories were hazy due to the effects of the alcohol.

He thrashed about on her bed, protesting that it was time she stopped drinking and sobered up. The sheet slipped from his shoulders, leaving his entire body momentarily exposed. With his spare hand, he tugged at the nearest blanket and pulled it over his lower half. The other side of the blanket slipped away from Bishamon, with nothing left covering her naked body. Kazuma hurriedly tried to throw the blanket back over her.

His hot face felt like it might burst into flames. His fateful blush, and her belief that he was sick and needed to lie down straight away, was what had led to this mess.

He had to save her from herself. Kazuma cleared his throat. He stopped himself before he stung her. And I let you sully yourself with a lowly shinki like me.

He gasped as she shoved him down into the mattress.

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Placing her thighs over his hips, she straddled him on both sides. Show me how you could have stopped me. She was a god and his Master and she held all the power over him. She hated herself for it. I believe that I have wronged you. He had to clear up this misunderstanding quickly, before she started believing the worst of herself and punishing herself as a result. See if I can get away. She slipped her hands around his wrists and held them down above his head, and then hooked her long legs around his own.

She was face to face with him, her breath on his face, and Kazuma momentarily panicked about the idea that those luscious lips might crash into his own. Kazuma pushed and kicked and tried to heave her off, but Bishamon held him tightly in place. He stayed sane by keeping his mind on the fact that this challenge was nothing more than a test of strength.

Even so, the warmth of her naked skin against him as they wrestled made his loins warm. Bishamon was serene in contrast. She was easily winning, so Kazuma panicked. He had to win this fight. Otherwise she might wear the misplaced guilt for centuries. He was never going to defeat her with brute force; she was much stronger than him. Shifting his weight around his body, he moved like a snake, wriggling in unexpected places, throwing her off balance.

She was a god of war, and she hated to lose, no matter what. Any minute now, Kazuma would find a way to free himself. Bishamon had to act decisively to prevent it. She pulled him down until his crotch was square with hers, and rubbed her hips against his. Her pubic hairs tickled his balls and he stifled a cry.

She dropped her head against the crook of his neck and blew seductively against it, planting a wet kiss for good measure. Pressing her nose against the back of his ear, she breathed him in. Her soft breasts pressed against his chest. He would drive around in a limousine, with countless worshippers and a harem of shinki. He's at least over years old, but Yato is often very playful to the point of annoyance, and isn't above doing silly and childish things such as throwing a tantrum on the floor when Yukine says he doesn't want to go with him to Capypa Land.

Zig-Zagged because on the flipside he has his moments of acting as a more mature, guiding figure with good insights. In the beginning he's arrogant, and acts like he's high and mighty.

But hides guilt over a horrid past. He grows out of the superiority part when Ebisu is killed. Yato maintains close relationships with many characters on equal ground despite physical and chronologic age differences.

For example, he's older than Daikoku, physically looks younger, and yet they both speak to each other about Yukine from parental perspectives. He also has a play on this with Ebisu, where Ebisu is noted to reincarnate frequently and thus is technically 'younger' than Yato but his disposition is more mature and he serves as a healthier father figure to Yato than Yato's actual dad.

And Yato quickly takes to befriending Ebisu again when Ebisu dies and is reincarnated as a child. With my advent, I, the God Yato, shall lay waste with the Sekki and expel thy vast defilement! He continues to address Mayu as Tomone even after releasing her. It's All About Me: Yato has something of a god-complex and is very self-centered. He expects Yukine to obey his every command and does not pay his opinions any mind.

This trait eventually tones down considerably, though Yato still remains rather self-important. Yato later becomes worried that Hiyori will always be in danger so long as she remains tied to him, and repeatedly considers cutting their ties and wiping her memory so that she can live a normal life.

When it becomes clear that isn't something that would make her happy, he settles for self-exiling himself from seeing her. Played With in that it's Yato rather than Hiyori who gets most distressed by their time apart despite his decision. Jack of All Trades: He advertises himself as a "delivery god," but he's basically this.

Other than his more standard supernatural duties of slaying malignant spirits, he's also willing and able to do mundane jobs, such as finding a lost pet, fixing plumbing, and manning a cash register. He's also proven to be a pretty good artist and has in the past authored some raunchy doujinshi about Bishamon — which Kazuma has secretly bought and collected.

It doesn't stop there either, as Yato proves to have a ridiculous amount of obscure skills in his arsenal, including how to make clothes from scratch, down to the cloth it's made from. At his base, Yato is a serious and noble god, but he seems most happy when acting like an arrogant, fame-hungry buffoon.

Yato used to be a god of calamity, granted any wish made to him, especially the violent ones, but never really enjoyed it, only going along with it because he didn't see any other path than what his father chose for him. During the series Yato frequently states outright that anything a god does, no matter how destructive, is automatically correct, but his actions rarely coincide with his words. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's quite rude, full of himself, and can come off as greedy, but Yato really does want what's best for the people he helps, and cares for his friends.

Yato could have easily ignored her, forcing her to either be a Nora or stay with him. Instead he willing freed her despite being defenseless without her, and her being quite rude to him.

God's Theories, Chapter 69 Thoughts

Kick the Son of a Bitch: He lives his life in a cycle. At times, he'll be in public taking any job he can.

kazuma and bishamon relationship test

But other times, he takes jobs from his Father with Nora. Those jobs usually entail this. Yato cutting off Kugaha's hand was very brutal. But Kugaha did spend an entire arc being an unbearable monster.

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Kill the Ones You Love: He was forced to kill his first own shinki and older sister figure Sakura after she turned into an ayakashi because he revealed her true name.

So far, if his shinki don't form a sword, they seem to form knives. Tomone Mayu took a form of a dagger as Hanki. It was also Sakura's form as Ouki. Like an Old Married Couple: He and Hiyori tend to act like a married couple with Yukine as their surrogate child. Like Brother and Sister: His relationship with Nora; they were raised together and she was basically his sister as much as she was his shinki.

kazuma and bishamon relationship test

While Yato has shown he has some good memories of being with her, her manipulative personality has made him uncomfortable with her presence and so he actively tries to keep his distance.

He had a more genuine version of this with Sakura. She acted as a loving older sister who taught him good things about the world that his "father" wouldn't let him know. Sakura is the first person Yato truly had fun with, and made him start to care for others. In chapter 79, Yato tells a wasted, passed out Kazuma that he's in love with someone who is flat out shown to be Hiyori. Master of the Mixed Message: Afraid that Nora may target her if he doesn't, Yato tells Hiyori to stay away from him and blocks all of her calls Does he want me to bother him or not!?

He is a several hundred years old god, while she is a human teenager. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: To horrific levels, and combined with Arrested for Heroism.

How does Heaven respond to his warning about "Father," which he's threatening his very existence to convey? Summarily convict him of treason, and lock Yukine in a bell forced to expreience his worst fears The only form of appeal requires three other gods coming forward and risking their sign-post Shinki in a deadly bet where either that signpost or one of Ameratsu's "sacred shinki" gets beheaded.

For people who give up on life and commit suicide. Yato sees them as weak, and wasting a life a shinki would have loved to live. They're way too pale and bright. The show draws attention to them when it wants to underline just how ancient and inhuman he is. Exhibits this more than a few times towards Yukine, refusing to replace him and generally trying to keep him out of harm's way when he isn't in sword mode.

Yato, in many ways, grows into being a father figure towards Yukine and often talks of Yukine as being 'his kid' to Yukine's embarrassment. He flip flops between this and being more like a brother. When you make only 5 yen per job, no matter how big, you're not getting rich anytime soon. Especially not if you keep splurging whenever you do get a decent amount of cash saved up. Yato coldly states that people who want to quit and die should do just that, but chooses to save a man from committing suicide so that Yukine wouldn't have to see it.

Another example is Yukine. When Yukine was still a major jerkass, everyone suggested that Yato disown him. Yato refused out of sympathy from Yukine's memories and the fact if Yukine didn't mature, he would become an ayakashi. Something he has to constantly remind people. Yato from early on values communicating with Yukine to ensure a good master-shinki relationship and serves as a positive foil compared to Bishamon and the well-intentioned but flawed system she has with her shinki.

However, Yato completely clams up when it comes to anything regarding his past, and his inability to be forthcoming about information regarding his dangerous father eventually starts to have major consequences. It's Bishamon of all people who ends up calling him out on how much grief would have been avoided if he had explained things clearly from the start.

Yato is aware of the problem and is slowly beginning to open up more to his friends, but its clear his past is still a major trauma for him and he admits that he's not quite ready to completely spill all the facts. He's is the supernatural version of this, or used to be as a God Of Calamity.

Nora and his Father acted as his controllers who gave him the jobs, and had the habit of occasionally forcing him back into this job now and then, despite his attempts at retirement. He is capable of unleashing this while wielding Yukine.

Really Years Old: As a god, he has a long lifespan and has been around for centuries despite appearing to be in his late teens to early twenties. Naturally, his wardrobe has changed a lot to match the times, going from a yukata pre-meiji erato a hakama meiji erato denim with roller skates! He is known as the Magatsuhinogami, the god of evil, calamity and disasters.

He had this in his past, although it was on the short side. After several arcs his hair seems to have grown and he's started occasionally wearing it like this again. He wears a white, slightly ratty one. He sports a longer and neater one as Rekki Kazumaenough to cover some parts of his face.

He'll do anything to get clients. His desperation for clients is a result of an innate fear of disappearing. He has few believers and thus has a very unstable existence; due to the way gods' existences workthere's a very low chance he'd reincarnate if he were to die. Advertising himself as a "delivery god" is Yato's way of breaking away from his Father as well as his own past of killing others. Sometimes with Bishamon in a Played for Laughs sort of way, to the in-universe frustrations of Yukine, Hiyori, and Kazuma.

Even Bishamon and Yato lampshade it with their own gripes in chapter This is one ship that will never sail!! He is sometimes forced to slay innocent spirits after they are possessed by the ayakashi. He reasons that once a spirit is overcome, destruction is their only salvation.

Yato's killing of Bishamon's shinki was also a mercy killing. All of her shinki except for Kazuma were corrupted beyond saving, so his only option was to kill them or let Bishamon die. Yato's killing of Sakura, his first shinki was this as well. With Nora when they were children.

They would go "play" by brutally slaying tons of people to keep their "Father" happy. That was until Yato met Sakura and stopped enjoying his "playtime" with Nora. Earns Bishamon's wrath and lust for revenge for previously slaughtering majority of her shinki.

It's later revealed that Yato did this at Kazuma's request due to Bishamon's shinki becoming corrupted and giving her the blight. Small Name, Big Ego: He's quite arrogant for a poor, mooching god with next to no worshipers. Hiyori finds Yato's scent very alluring, to her embarrassment. Out of battle, he enjoys boasting about his god-like abilities and is extremely full of himself. He has No Sympathy for those who give up on life and are Driven to Suicide. He sees them as wasting their lives, a Shinki dead person soul turned into a weapon of god could only have wished to live.

Stalker with a Crush: Played for laughs, but he becomes this for Hiyori. He sends her text messages about every ten minutes and pesters her on twitter, and if she doesn't respond to those he'll also call her repeatedly. Hiyori has to have him blocked to make it stop. Aside from that he's also developed some creepier habits like learning every obscure fact about her that he can, breaking into her phone, and sneaking into her room while she's asleep.

Turns out Yato does this out of fear that Hiyori will forget about him if they lose contact for a long time. Which is later proven to be possible. His happy-go-lucky, goofy demeanor hides a lot of pain and insecurities. He used to be one when Kazuma asked for his help killing all the shinki of the "ma" clan.

Has a horrible tendency to get swindled out of his meager savings by overpriced fad items and worthless "good luck" charms. Yato is hundreds of years old and frequently portrayed as being a father figure to Yukine, but physically compared to Yukine, Yato only looks a handful of years older.

Pointed out once when Yato tells one of his employers that he 'has a kid to take care of' and the response he gets is 'at your age!? He becomes overwhelmed when Hiyori gives him a tiny shrine she made for him in chapter The given names of his shinki all end with 'ne'.

This is most likely in the memory of Sakura, whose real name was Tamanone. He becomes enraged during his fight with Rabou, but he does not lose his composure.