Joel osteen and victoria relationship marketing

joel osteen and victoria relationship marketing

Joel Osteen had never delivered a sermon before. He recognized that corporate-style marketing could make Joel Osteen a national, even a global, brand The Osteens and their children lived in Humble in a ranch house on Mustang Trail. Joel Osteen and his father, John, had a close relationship. Every marriage has its ups and downs, and Victoria Osteen, wife of Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church, shares that the two of them have. Although he's not at a Joel Osteen level of success, he's doing very, very well. . "It's the quality of your close relationships that matters." of going to the farmer's market with your sister, consider making a different choice.

Really rich and successful. Osteen has taken his skills and used them to create a giant empire of TV shows, videos, books, and appearances that have earned him tens of millions of dollars. Oh, and he's also a good-looking guy with a beautiful wife. I admire him for all that. But many people don't. Some even hate him. The hate rose to the surface this week as Houston tries to copes with historic flooding.

He vehemently denies these claims, saying through a spokesperson that the facility was "never closed" and that the church was hesitant to house people because of a fear of rising waters and an unsafe environment. Since earlier this week, hundreds of volunteers have been working at Osteen's church to organize aid and shelter has been provided to hundreds of others.

But the damage was done. Outrage targeted at Osteen was all over the internet and the story of his avoiding his "obligation to Christ" continues to dominate the news. Unfortunately, whether or not there's credence to these claims, Osteen deserves this criticism.

Frankly, he asked for it. Regardless of all the great things that Osteen does as a man of God -- his inspirational messages, his contributions to charities and to the local economy -- his lifestyle raises eyebrows. He owns a yacht. He dresses in designer clothes and is chauffeured around in luxury cars. He is easily one of the highest-earning pastors in the country, if not the world.

joel osteen and victoria relationship marketing

Osteen makes no apologies for his wealth. I have a client who runs a person company in New Jersey. Although he's not at a Joel Osteen level of success, he's doing very, very well. But his lifestyle is different from the Houston pastor's. His house is nice, but not a mansion. But… you know, when I put that together I knew it wasn't a coincidence that I spoke the last Sunday of his life.

And then a couple of days after he died I felt that same feeling — that I was supposed to pastor the church. And so I just started.

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The next week, still grieving, he preached again. He hoped to maintain the 8,member megachurch his father had built. Instead Joel's uplifting preaching resonated and Lakewood quadrupled its membership.

The congregation moved into its new home in But it's not just the size of the crowd that's stunning; it's also its diversity. Eleven o'clock on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America, said Martin Luther King — and even today Christians frequently worship in predominantly black churches, white churches, Korean churches, Hispanic churches, Chinese churches. In Lakewood no single group dominates. I see Texas blondes, hair piled high atop their heads; men in dreadlocks; sloppy dudes in T-shirts; black women in their Sunday best; old coots in double-breasted suits.

All of them are dissolving together, lost in praise. Decades of government intervention in the name of equality have never come close to achieving the success of Lakewood. Sometimes I think this is what heaven is like.

joel osteen and victoria relationship marketing

For years, sociologists and visiting pastors have tried to understand the phenomenon, but according to Osteen there was never anything conscious about it: Was that just something unique to my father?

But I'm amazed even when we go in other cities, it'll be black, white, Hispanic…" Osteen pauses: It's not only very diverse racially but also socioeconomically. There's some very poor people and some very wealthy people, but I think… One thing about my parents and what we try to do as well… we try to… it's not about… We try to never even think about the race and… I don't know. This humility has landed him in trouble: It was classic Osteen: Cue outrage among fellow evangelicals.

The next time Osteen appeared on Larry King he was certain faith in Christ was essential. Even so, he is still open about his weaknesses: It's different being a pastor.

I'm trying to teach people — how do you live the abundant life?

joel osteen and victoria relationship marketing

Some people are good at taking the scripture line by line and talking about how it was written, but that's not my gift… I believe you've got to repent of your sins; you've got to have a relationship with Christ.

So I believe all the fundamental things, I just don't focus on that. Osteen takes centre stage. He invokes God's power, urging the congregation to release negative emotions: Let go of fear. Let go of revenge. Don't live angry, let go now! Now he explains the importance not only of thinking positive thoughts, but also speaking them aloud — for the Bible says that spoken words have power. We must dare to ask God to fulfil our dreams! For He loves us, and His dream for each of us is bigger than we can imagine.

joel osteen and victoria relationship marketing

Get ready for supernatural increase because… "You're going to be anointed, redeemed, blessed, prosperous, disciplined… You've got a great week coming! It is resolutely worldly, focused on receiving blessings and gifts from God now as well as in the afterlife. But many evangelicals despise the doctrine.

Rick Warren, the California megapastor who gave the invocation at Obama's inauguration, told Time magazine: There is a word for that: It's creating a false idol. You don't measure your self-worth by your net worth.

Victoria Osteen reveals secret to her happy marriage with Pastor Joel Osteen

I can show you millions of faithful followers of Christ who live in poverty. Why isn't everyone in the church a millionaire?

Michael Horton, a professor of theology, more or less called him a heretic on national TV.

Joel Osteen - Marriage And Lasting Relationships (2017 Sermon)

Others say he's not a preacher at all, but a secular self-help showman, selling platitudes and false hope. And then in a whole other league there's the distinguished journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, who included Osteen in her spirited evisceration of America's Oprahfied culture of positive thinking in her recent book Smile or Die.

Throwing him in with other prosperity preachers, assorted health gurus, faith healers and new age "philosophers", Ehrenreich accused Osteen and co not only of peddling falsehoods and pseudo-spiritual claptrap, but of contributing to a culture of mass self-delusion that left Americans unable to contemplate negative outcomes and thus led to the great banking collapse of According to Ehrenreich, the nation's CEOs just could not believe in a world where their desires did not translate into results, while Americans in general just can't believe in the terrible things that are obviously coming down the pipe: Osteen is sanguine about criticism, accepting it as a result of his high profile.

He doesn't talk about sin because "people have been beaten down enough" and "it's better to encourage than condemn". Nor does he get involved in moral or political controversies. He did not attend Bible college, but points out that he did spend 17 years editing his father's sermons for broadcast. And you don't have to be a Lakewood true believer to think that Ehrenreich is over-egging the pudding with her wilder claims; the banking crisis was a global phenomenon, not just restricted to readers of Osteen's Your Best Life Now.

The label of prosperity preacher does sting, however. We believed God is good and He wants to bless you and He wants you to be healthy — but when I think of a prosperity preacher, that to me is somebody who's on TV asking for money every second.

I don't talk about money. This was a decision Joel made at the inception of his father's television ministry in He wanted to give people as few reasons to turn off as possible, and nothing alienated an audience more than a begging preacher. Another principle was to keep the message broad, so non-believers would keep watching.

Osteen is personally wealthy: Osteen cites Abraham as an example of a wealthy man supported and loved by the Deity.

And then there's Malachi: God wants you to have good relationships, to have healthy children, to have peace in your mind; you know, have friends — that's prosperity. If people know you are sincere, then they will respond to you. Jones alleged that Victoria was so enraged by some liquid that had been spilt on her first-class seat that she grabbed her by the shoulders, rammed her against a toilet door and then elbowed her in the chest — as you do — and all this while passengers were still boarding.

As a result of the traumatic incident, Jones claimed that she not only lost her faith but also developed a terrible case of piles. For nearly three years the lawsuit hung over the Osteens, and when it finally went to trial in August the national media gleefully descended upon Houston, hoping for some fun with a classic TV evangelist scandal.

It was certainly dramatic. Words such as "devil" and "cult" and "racist" were thrown at the Osteens by their accuser. Alas for Jones, a key eyewitness retracted her support of Jones's story in court and with nobody else backing her version of events, the jury tossed the case out after three hours, declaring it "a waste of time". She stressed, however, that she was guilty of no wrongdoing and was only doing so to put the experience behind her.

Osteen is now alone on stage, the golden globe revolving behind him. He is so quiet, so gentle, so modest; his speech stripped down and lacking in rhetorical flourishes — and yet although he is addressing millions, it feels as if he is talking directly to you.

This is the miraculous moment. Osteen knows what's going on inside your soul, he sees your frustrations, your loneliness, your hopes, fears; and he knows what you must do. The tone is darker than in the books. Sometimes we don't seem to be fulfilling our dreams; sometimes we suffer for no apparent reason. But look at Joseph, who was tossed in a pit and enslaved.

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He didn't lose faith and God made him viceroy of Egypt. But victory can be a long time coming — and more often than not God wants to change us, not our situation. Even if you can't see any benefits to your situation, know that God is using you to work in someone else's life.

Do your best where you can, when you can. Be a flower among the weeds. God has a plan. Sixteen thousand souls are sitting in perfect silence.