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Jeff Brazier's heartbreaking confession: 'I've let Jade Goody's boys down' | Closer

'Our grief for Jade taught us to make the most of life': Jeff Brazier on raising his sons alone after the death of their mother Jade Goody Prince Harry's disclosure that he underwent counselling after years of 'sticking his head in Paul and Jeanette's relationship was often violent and the household stress. Jade and Jeff met and their relationship began as a friendship but then . Both boys have received counselling and Jeff ensures those who were dear to Jeff Brazier: 'I promised Jade Goody I wouldn't let the boys forget her'. Jeff Brazier has taken to Twitter to pen an emotional tribute to Jade Goody, the after losing his temper during class, following a counselling session with Relate. Jeff Brazier on girlfriend Kate Dwyer: 'I want to do this relationship right - the.

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Jeff Brazier speaks out on Jade Goody's death from cancer