Itachi and sasuke meet again someday

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itachi and sasuke meet again someday

Sakura is sent back in time and meets Sasuke and Itachi. from the story SasuSaku Prompts by merelyadreamer (Khimberly Flores) with reads. ssmprom. Chunin Exam Arc; Invasion and Tsunade Arcs; Sasuke Retrieval Arc We are even for the moment, but shall we meet again we will neither run ' nor hide. .. [To Itachi and Kisame] You two don't know me at all, do you? I believe that someday the day will come when people truly understand one another!. After his older brother, Itachi, slaughtered their clan, Sasuke made it his they named him after Sasuke Sarutobi in the hopes that he would someday be just as But when he meets Itachi again in Part I and is summarily defeated, Sasuke.

Curtains Match the Window: Black hair and eyes, as opposed to Naruto's blond and blue-eyed appearance. His Sharingan eyes grant him great power, but the more he evolves them the crazier he gets.

itachi and sasuke meet again someday

According to Tobirama, the Sharingan is a product of the Curse of Hatred. He was absent for most of his daughter's childhood because he wanted to protect her and the others kids of the new generation against a potentially stronger foe than Kaguya. Kakashi claims relying on the curse seal will end his development and he'd be forced under Orochimaru's control. Initially, Sasuke's Chidori is only supposed to be used twice.

The third time he used it, he would have died if he didn't have the cursed seal which nearly took him over. He also increased his own chakra capacity to the point that he can spam Chidori without any ill effects.

Dark and Troubled Past: His entire family was slaughtered by his older brother, who later forced Sasuke to witnessed the massacre twice. Needless to say, that took away all of his innocence. He was going to become one. After a long period of wildly changing goals, he, concludes that there's only one thing to do to stop the endless wars: By which he mean kill all the Kage, kill the Tailed Beasts, and kill Naruto. It grants numerous cool powers but slowly degrades the user's eyesight with each use.

His Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan fixes this and restores his eyesight. He is prone to glaring towards everyone since very early, but nothing to write home about. The glaring with killing intent is used sparingly in Part I, such as when he's fighting the Sound Trio and when he's fighting Naruto at the hospital rooftop or at the Valley of the End, though they rise in both quality and quantity in part II where it is enough to scare Kabuto, SaiSuigetsu or Juugo.

Throughout the first several arcs thanks to his friendly rivalry with Naruto. And again post to the point where Sasuke even jokes about how he 'used to be. Sasuke only has a minor role in The Last.

He's spent a big part of his life on the verge one, but completely crossed it after Itachi died and Tobi reveals to him that Itachi had actually killed their clan because said clan was planning a coup, which would've led to a civil war and likely a world war, and since Itachi couldn't bring himself to kill his little brother he became a Stealth Mentor in the hopes that Sasuke would kill him, which would avenge their clan and make Sasuke a hero to the village.

As a part of his role as Naruto's Foil. While it's not as overstated as his rival's, Sasuke takes an insane amount of punishment in many of his battles and just keeps going. Making it even more impressive is that he doesn't have a bijuu sealed inside of him to augment his stamina. The best example of this is probably when he fights through four kages, kills Danzo, and then, while near-blind due to Mangekyo overuse, fights Kakashi to a standstill, and then still has enough energy left to clash with Naruto one last time before he leaves the battlefield.

Later, during the battle against Madara, even after he is run through on his own sword, he keeps trying to get up, despite the fact that he's dying. Sasuke pulls off a No-one Could Survive That! Said technique is difficult because of the huge amount of chakra required. He pulled this all off in the time it took for an explosion that would completely level a city to reach him.

After the explosion had already started. When it started just a few feet from him. Great Snake Escape, indeed. During his assault on the Kage Summit, Sasuke nearly died from chakra exhaustion, having been spamming the crap out of high level jutsu with his new Mangekyo Sharingan.

And then, out of nowhere, Zetsu, who had previously shown up to alert the Kages to Sasuke's presence and gotten killed for his efforts, reveals that he managed to use a time release jutsu in the split second before the Raikage snapped his neck that sucks all the chakra out of everyone in the room and gives it to Sasuke.

He is the most important character in the story bar Naruto himself. To Sakura, as he's missing his arm and they get married. It is revealed in the sequel, Naruto Gaidenthat Sasuke has not been present in Sarada's life at all, leaving when she was a baby. For the former, Sasuke knew he had a daughter and was always thinking of her and after their reunion, he is now even more involved; for the latter, he was given an important, top-secret mission that would take a long time to do.

After fighting Itachi, he loses his cursed seal, his regenerative powers, and certain other abilities from Orochimaru's remains, but acquires the Mangekyou Sharingan. Wants to kill everybody living in Konoha, even those completely unaware of what happened or not even born then, for the village elders' role in the Uchiha Massacre.

Sasuke wanted to become Itachi's version of a Hokage, where he dutifully supported and shouldered everything from the shadows, but Itachi admitted that his Fatal Flaw was trying to do everything himself.

Then again, Sasuke actually had reached a power level where he might have been able to pull it off. Eventually though, Sasuke does end up becoming Hokage from the Shadows Co-Hokage, as Naruto puts itwith the key adjustments of him not doing everything alone and turning his back on the Curse of Hatred. He admits this ultimately factored into his actions.

Naruto and Itachi fighting and persevering as true shinobi despite the overwhelming adversity in their lives was something Sasuke admired. But likewise he was envious because he himself never could find the strength to do the same and instead used things like hatred and revenge for motivation.

E — F Easily Forgiven: Played straight by Orochimaru, Jugo, Suigetsu and Karin. Averted by the Shinobi Army, who rationally call him out on being ridiculous in thinking he can just come back like nothing happened. Finally, on a personal level, Sakura and Naruto are willing to forgive him and Naruto's continuing efforts to redeem him, by hook or by crook.

While it was ambiguous at first, his role in the war was ultimately this. Once they're defeated, he promptly announces his plans to kill the Kages and seals away the Tailed Beasts against their will. He can absorb chakra using his Rinnegan's Petra Path.

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Like Madara, he can use his Susanoo's perfect form as a suit of armor for Tailed Beasts. Even Evil Has Standards: Constantly told Suigetsu not to kill innocent people and was against Orochimaru's methods, even describing them as stupid and selfish. Subverted after he goes off the deep end, and Suigetsu ends up calling him on doing the same. Even the Guys Want Him: Udon was shown making googly eyes at Sasuke after he saved them from Kankuro.

Even before he and Naruto actually become friends, in Chapter 3, he gets mad at Sakura when she confides in him that she believes Naruto is such an undisciplined prankster because he had no parents to teach him how to act and promptly chews her out for it. After all, he knows from personal experience that not having parents bites.

He is one to Naruto for most of the series. Both them lost their parents and grew up alone, the differences balance the similarities: Naruto was a noisy outcast and was disliked and mocked by the village mainly due to having the Demon Fox inside him. Sasuke was adored and given sympathy from the village for losing his clan, but he was an arrogant loner. Ultimately, Naruto saved the village and won their respect and care.

itachi and sasuke meet again someday

Sasuke on the other hand, did his best to destroy the village to try to avenge his brother and clan despite Itachi wanting the opposite. Naruto started off as an embarrassing trouble maker and then became the greatest Hokage in ages, while Sasuke was a prodigy adored by almost everybody around him and then became one of the greatest threats and disappointments for the Village.

His motivation in the final arc. It's not that he saw the light about how vile and selfish his decisions had been-he hadn't-but he concluded he needed to take over the world rather than kill everyone indiscriminately and make himself a target for the world's anger, and he can't do that if everyone will be trapped in Infinite Tsukuyomi.

His Sharingan, with turns his iris red and adds three tomoe which kinda look like commas ; his Mangekyo Sharingan, which turns his iris black on the outside and red on the inside, with three overlapping ellipses; his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan which adds three spikes onto his base Mangekyo design; and Rinnegan, which turns his entire eye purplish-gray and adds a series of concentric rings, with six tomoe.

Sasuke takes on a Peek-a-Bangs hairstyle in his adult years, covering his Rinnegan with his hair. Sasuke's Take Over the World and establishing himself as the ultimate evil in the Ninja World, so that people fight HIM than fighting each otheris resemblant of Lelouch's ultimate plan of establishing true peace.

Likely inspired from Togashi's character Kurapikaas well. Sole survivor of his powerful clan? Intelligent, vengeful youth clinging to hatred?

itachi and sasuke meet again someday

Supernatural red eyes granting them unnatural, coveted abilities? Defects from Konoha to join Orochimaru after Itachi Mind Rapes him a second time, going so far as to try to kill Naruto to gain his Mangekyo Sharingan.

He remained an antagonistic character up to the point where he learned the true truth behind the Curse of the Uchiha and Madara Uchiha's vendetta.

Whenever he releases the Curse Seal. In its first stage black flame-like markings spread across his face, and in its second stage a black four-pointed star forms over his nose.

One of the most infamous examples ever in manga. He started off as a given definition of hero, then turned evil in the pursuit of Itachi because it's easier to gain power if you're evil. Sasuke's need for vengeance has caused him abandon his friends, home, and be called a missing-nin. He spends a lot of time seeking them out, but they come to him just as often.

Case in point, Deidara jumping him because by defeating Orochimaru, he basically stole his kill. The latter was forced to join the organization. He swore to kill Orochimaru himself as a revenge. Plus, Uchihas piss Deidara off in general. The Final Battle of the manga is a duel between him and Naruto. Subverted when Kaguya Otsutsuki becomes the Final Boss in the very canon last film. Much like Kaguya, Sasuke became this for Naruto. Naruto needed his newfound Asura abilities, Kurama's full strength, Sage Mode, his Uzumaki Barrage, Shadow Clones, and even his basic Version 1 Chakra shroud to take Sasuke on, and it ultimately breaks down to a simple fist fight when their arsenals are exhausted.

Thanks to his new Rinnegan, he can teleport. It doesn't use seals, but it needs line of sight, limiting its effective range. Considering that he is slated to appear in The Last Movie, his survival to the end of the story is functionally guaranteed. First after the slaughtering of his clan and he gets Mind Raped by Itachi: Second after he meets again Itachi, is beaten to a pulp and Mind Raped again: Third one is delayed: The result is not pretty.

Lucklily, he's backpedaled after a run-in with Itachi as an Impure Resurrection, but he's still on the fence about his desire for vengeance. After a talk with Hashirama he makes up his mind and decides to help end the war and become Hokage, although his definition of the term is not the same as Naruto's.

Sasuke's descent into villany and insanity is due to a whole lot of crap thrown his way. At the age of eight, he saw his beloved older brother, his hero, slaughter their own clan for what he was told, "because he could.

This turned him from a happy and stable child into the broody anti-hero we see at the beginning. Despite this, he slowly starts to recover thanks to his teamwork and friendships. However, the curse mark given by Orochimaru began serving as a sinister symbol of temptation, especially since recent events had him try to accelerate his growth.

Then, Itachi reappears and proceeds to utterly trash him and make him through the nightmarish experience again. Beyond undoing all the healing he's done, it also destroyed his sense of self-worth and heavily damaged his sanity, especially with the fears of not being strong enough.

This along with the Curse Seal led him down the dark path to becoming Orochimaru's student.

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When he returns in Shippudden, he's colder and more stoic and has put everything to beat Itachi. When he finally does, he's left hallow It was almost easy to cut down those who would so casually accuse him of murdering his closest friend, for all that they were right about that, but those who only wanted the best for him and were really trying to help?

If encouraging your son when he hesitated over killing you and it had to be done wasn't good parenting then Itachi didn't know what was. But his tears had long since dried and Sasuke was nowhere to be found. Standing there amidst all the corpses, Itachi was really getting worried. Danzo knew better than to touch Sasuke. He knew that Itachi would never allow it and if he did do anything then Itachi was going to kill him slowly and painfully and then he'd expose exactly what Konoha had done and tried to cover up.

Danzo knew that as much as he wanted to avoid a war and as much as he was willing to sacrifice to ensure that they could stay at peace, Sasuke was one line he was not prepared to cross. The Sandaime would never be so ruthless as to have an innocent child assassinated just to make sure all the Uchiha were dead. He had never wanted the Uchiha to have to be destroyed in the first place. And Koharu and Homura wouldn't act on their own. The madman Uchiha who might be Madara?

He had promised not to touch Sasuke but who knew what promises were worth to that man? They could kill the clan together and Tobi could flee long before Itachi discovered Sasuke's corpse. But why would he want that? He hadn't touched the village and if he would keep to the first condition why not the second?

He hadn't tried to attack the village or even just the Uchiha clan before Itachi offered him the opportunity. It was a school night. Sasuke was always running late these days, trying to get just one more shuriken throw in. Sasuke was trying to be him. It would be adorable if it weren't so depressing. Even their father had tried to discourage it towards the end. He was probably fine. But Itachi could not wait around forever. Sooner or later this devastation would be discovered and he needed to be long gone before then.

If he were around to answer the questions of the ignorant then it could be embarrassing for the village and he did not know that he would be able to resist all of Konoha's best interrogation techniques. If he were executed or assassinated before having time to talk it would be suspicious. It he died then who would keep an eye on Konoha's enemies and what would Sasuke have to live for?

He tried to justify sticking around by destroying the eyes of every corpse he had created. The Sharingan was nearly extinct now and it wouldn't do to have someone desecrate these corpses trying to obtain one of their own. Tobi helped but he was a lot more brutal about it. Vaguely Itachi wondered what it was he had against the Uchiha clan but it honestly didn't matter. They were dead now and Tobi had gotten his revenge. Eventually, he decided that he would have to go looking for Sasuke himself.

He couldn't just leave without seeing him. Who knew what conclusions Sasuke would draw then? Even if, selfishly, he wanted his last memory of Sasuke to be a happy one and one where he would destroy the boy's entire world. Tobi glanced over at him. You need to leave. I need to tie up some loose ends," Itachi said. Tobi left and Itachi had little choice but to trust that he would actually leave as he had promised.

Even if Itachi escorted him out of Konoha, which would place a far greater risk on himself when he returned for Sasuke, there was nothing guaranteeing he wouldn't simply double back once Itachi's back was turned. Theoretically Sasuke could be anywhere but the probabilities of where he was were far smaller and so he decided he would simply follow the route Sasuke took to school and hope to find him there.

Itachi was relieved to hear Sasuke's voice as he neared the Academy. But who could he be talking with? It was a child and a male. Sasuke crossed his arms and pouted. I'm not a miracle worker! And I don't think you're even bad at aiming anyway. You can never throw it where you want to go but you always send it right at somebody else. That means I'm good at this after all!

I can't hit boring targets but when am I ever going to need to be able to hit something that's just standing still? Besides, if it's so easy to dodge then how would you hit an enemy?

He'd need them in the years to come. But as much as he might want to stay and watch Sasuke have fun with his friend, he knew that he couldn't. Naruto wasn't an Uchiha.

He wasn't ordered to kill anybody else and he didn't know that he would have killed someone just to keep them quiet anyway. Naruto especially couldn't be killed because he bore the Kyuubi and his death would just put Konoha at risk for another attack by the demon.

And this time there would be no Yondaime Hokage to save them. Sasuke's face lit up when he saw him. That was the last time. Itachi stored the sight of it away for another day.

Naruto, you probably made me miss dinner and now my brother had to come all the way out here to get me! I just said he was my brother. He'd made those claims before but somehow it had never been like this. And anyway, doesn't the Hokage being the best ninja ever mean that the actual Hokage is the best ninja ever? I'm sure he'll die long before I'm ready to be Hokage!

It would have been so much easier if Sasuke had been alone and had just come home like he was supposed to. Then Sasuke could see the bodies for himself and all Itachi would have to do is announce that he did it so he could see how powerful he was and it would be easy. But now there was Naruto to contend with and what kind of callous murderer would take Sasuke home to see the bodies then explain and then leave?

I didn't mean to be so late! It's all Naruto's fault anyway. Naruto, can you find your own way home? But you haven't even seen it! He could insist that Naruto leave alone but that would only be suspicious as normally he would have no problem walking Naruto home. But he had also already killed everyone and was attempting to tell Sasuke about that so did being suspicious really matter?

But how exactly was he supposed to take this bright and happy child and spring something like the massacre on him? Itachi inclined his head slightly.

He didn't need for anybody to think it was anything other than a hidden instability in the boy who became an ANBU far too soon. Naruto and Sasuke argued the entire way but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

It was difficult to pay attention to what they — Sasuke — were saying and not just let the sound of Sasuke's happy chatter wash over him. It was important that he hear this, however, for all Sasuke was just talking about whether ramen was an acceptable breakfast food he was of the sensible opinion that it was not.

It was selfish but he wished to remember it to sustain him in the dark days ahead. In either of their lives. Take care of Sasuke, they had said. He would do that. Naruto fell silent after that. Sasuke slipped his small hand into Itachi's.

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There wasn't any good way to do this. But letting him see the bodies was wrong. All Sasuke had to do was not know the truth. That was the only condition. He trusted him so much. Even lately when the jealousy had risen up and Sasuke sometimes looked like he resented him, Itachi knew that he loved still more deeply than that. And now he would have to take all of that away. But then, Itachi realized guiltily, when was the last time Itachi had asked him about his day?

Sasuke burst out with a rambling monologue about all the things he had learned and who had been annoying and anything else that popped into his head and Itachi was grateful that Sasuke was content to do all the speaking for him. Sasuke blinked a couple of times when they reached their destination. Nii-san, I'm not sick. Itachi shook his head. He found an empty room and led Sasuke inside. Itachi didn't answer right away. Sasuke moved closer to him and poked him in the side. Why are we here? He needed to not be caring here or Sasuke would never believe him.

He might have ruined it already. Instead he retreated to the door and kept his face as blank as possible. It's just the two of us. His mouth moved but if he was making a sound then Itachi couldn't hear it. Even if you don't see the bodies, you'll believe me soon enough when you never see any of them ever again. His face was frozen in a look of disbelieving horror. If they had been home and he had seen he'd probably be crying. And I know you didn't ask but an endeavor like this shouldn't be undertaken without explaining the reasons why," Itachi said calmly.

Or at least I said it while you were there. We have the blood of Madara, the greatest Uchiha who ever lived! He could control the tailed beasts and go toe-to-toe with the shodaime himself! And now look at us? Bowing and scraping and arresting civilians like good little puppets. We had so much potential once but we've become soft and we've become weak. Not a one of us could hope to lay claim to have of the strength of the giants who founded Konoha!

His eyes were glassy and he was swaying back and forth. Even if Sasuke didn't really believe him, not yet, he knew that he had to be terrifying him. Well he needed to be scared. It lets them off the hook for the fact that I managed to kill everyone at thirteen. I'm far from my best now but in a few years this world will see what I can really do. The Uchiha aren't the only ones who have become pathetic but they're the only ones I'm tied to.

I will not share the Sharingan with weaklings.