Iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship marketing

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iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship marketing

Following his adventures for in print and on the big screen as well, Iron Man Like him or not, Tony Stark is one of Marvel's most iconic and celebrated characters. even though he never really had a real relationship with him, he depends on his . Pepper, Rhodes, The Avengers – these are just some of the people that. The comics version of Pepper ultimately divorces Happy, and she The problem was that Tony had just recently “come out” as Iron Man Kathy just kind of shows up in Iron Man # and presumes herself right into a relationship with Tony Stark, who is 1) already dating someone, and 2) a complete fool. Iron Man 2 is a American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man, Six months after the events of Iron Man, Tony Stark is resisting calls by the United States . Paltrow opined "When we start Iron Man 2 Pepper and Tony are very much in the "'Iron Man 2' Sparks $M Marketing Bonanza".

Iron Man 2 - Tony kisses Pepper

I'm of two minds about their relationship. One's convinced that these two deserve another chance. Marianne Rodgers I have a special affinity for psychics in genre.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship marketing

I share many qualities with them, including their tendency to constantly point out the obvious as well as their knack for falling over unconscious when they suddenly have too many feelings. Thus did I love Marianne Rodgers, a woman who showed up more or less to say ominous things about Tony Stark's death. They were even engaged at one point because, honestly, who hasn't been engaged to Tony Stark?

Tony broke up with her and had her committed, which probably didn't help their dynamic much because, you guessed it, Marianne returned as a supervillain. You do these things to yourself! Kathy just kind of shows up in Iron Man and presumes herself right into a relationship with Tony Stark, who is 1 already dating someone, and 2 a complete fool.

'Iron Man 2' Sparks $100M Marketing Bonanza

A certain James Rhodes fulfills his lasting destiny of always being much smarter than Tony Stark and gently chastises him for seeing too much of Kathy, at which time Kathy attempts to influence Tony into breaking up with his friend. That obviously doesn't work, but it does lead to both Tony and Rhodey making some pretty uncomfortable physical threats towards her in the following issues. Instead of calling it off or setting any kind of boundaries, Tony waits for Kathy to go too far and then yells at her, fulfilling her need for his attention.

Ultimately, Dare breaks into Tony's apartment and shoots him, causing him severe injuries that continued to plague him for years.

This story is really that dark!

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship marketing

There's no possible positive conclusion to draw. Indris Moomji There's really not much to say about Indries Moomji—other than the fact that she basically walked up out of the blue and crushed Tony Stark to oblivion without even breaking a sweat. Hired by Obadiah Stane to make Tony believe she was in love with him, Indries fed the affair as long as she knew she needed to, then coldly dropped Stark by sneering about how impossible it would be to love him.

Indries more or less vanished after her brief role in Tony Stark's demise and the loss of his fortune to Stane, but I still hold a strange level of respect for her because she was raised in a cult and apparently has zero remorse for anything she does. Madame Masque This is where even the strongest Tony Stark stan will have to take a step back and admit that this guy makes pretty consistently terrible choices in terms of trying to play the hero for women he has no business getting involved with.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship marketing

Hence, she becomes Madame Masque, a ruthless criminal mastermind. As Stark's affection for her grows in the ensuing issues, she becomes part of a love triangle between the two men, and eventually falls in love with and marries Hogan, eloping with him in Tales of Suspense Pepper and Happy eventually leave Stark Industriessettling in the Rocky Mountains and then finally in Cleveland, where they adopt children after being unable to conceive, and disappear from the main Iron Man storyline.

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Pepper and Happy soon divorce after she has an affair with a former college boyfriend. After some time, Happy and Pepper once again became involved and remarry, eventually considering conceiving a child to supplement their adopted children. Stark entrusts Pepper with a special remote that could shut him down. However, Pepper, tortured by the responsibility, is forced to return it, and the trauma causes her to miscarry. Stark is able to deal with the remote, but feels guilty that he has placed her in such danger.

After Happy sustains massive injuries in a fight with Spymaster during the " Civil War " storyline, Pepper requests that Tony turn off Happy's life support. Happy dies in Invincible Iron Man vol. She assumes the moniker of the Greek goddess Hera, and uses advanced computer-hardware and prosthetics to monitor and coordinate the team's missions.

Iron Man: The Relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

Upon the absorption of The Order into the Initiative, Tony Stark offers her a job on the special-projects team at Stark Enterprises, which she accepts. When Pepper is caught in a terrorist explosion caused by Ezekiel "Zeke" Staneshe sustains multiple internal injuries, including shrapnel wounds, and rendered unable to withstand a prolonged surgery.

In response, Tony embeds a strong magnet similar in appearance to the arc reactor of the movie in her chest, essentially turning Pepper into a cyborg dependent on keeping her chest magnet engaged to stay alive, as he was once. Tony realizes that Osborn is after the identities of superhumans that registered with the government following the passage of the Superhuman Registration Act that occurred during the "Civil War" storyline, which is stored in a database in his brain.

Stark decides to go underground with Hill, and to wipe the knowledge in his own brain. Pepper discovers a secret room in Stark's office which contains a suit of armor that he made especially for her, [1] which she uses under the name Rescue. Despite Osborn threatening her loved ones with prison if she interferes with his search for Tony or attempts any more heroic actions, after being freed she endeavors to find Tony herself. Stark admits that he had loved Masque in the past, [9] but when pressed to make a choice, with his own life on the line, Tony chooses Pepper.

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Pepper decides to engage Masque in a physical altercation in order to provide a distraction for Stark to escape. Pepper reveals herself when she rescues Black Widow and Maria Hill from Osborn's imprisonment, while the Rescue suit uploads a virus into H. Pepper survives the removal of her chest magnet, but demands that a new one similar to Tony's own chest repulsor be re-installed, which is done.

She then proclaims that any attempts he makes to create his 'perfect world' will have to be carried out with people fully aware that he is now nothing but a monster.

iron man 2 tony and pepper relationship marketing