Instant star jude and tommy relationship advice

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instant star jude and tommy relationship advice

Jude first found fame by winning the Instant Star competition. She later discovers that Tommy and her sister, Sadie, have begun dating, so she then falls . Jude becomes upset and asks her father for advice and tries to talk to Tommy about it. Jude had an angsty on-off relationship with Tommy, a former boy band She's mostly focused on her music career post-Instant Star. . the show halfway through the series, Stuart stuck around to give advice to his daughters. Instant Star - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2, - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 12 Jude's back from tour, Tommy has a revelation, and new relationships are developed. Friendly Advice by OhSoSheWrites reviews.

Jude's moved on with a new boyfriend, a great career and a happy family life. But what happens when Tommy comes back? K - English - Romance - Chapters: He came back and Jude forgave him.

When everything seemed to be going right, something had to go wrong. Now Jude has to deal with a backstabber and worse: Will Tommy be able to protect her? Besides Tommy has all the time in the world to hook up with Jude or vice versa right?

Written from Tommy's POV. T - English - Humor - Chapters: JudeTommy friendship or romance. With Shay, Jude felt obligated. With Shay, Jude felt awkward. But, with Tommy, Jude felt alive.

instant star jude and tommy relationship advice

With Tommy, Jude felt passion. With Tommy, Jude felt Season 4 Edit In the beginning of season four Jude and Tommy are in love, and it is revealed she has picked him. Jude is having issues with sex and is unsure of whether Tommy truly wants her or not, then they take care of that. This relationship goes well until Tommy's mother gets sick and he has to go home to take care of her.

He doesn't want Jude to go with him because his past his very troubled and " his home is not like her home". After 5 weeks and three days of Tommy being gone she realizes she needs him and goes to his hometown to be with him.

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Tommy is upset that she came without asking but lets her stay. Tommy goes to a bar with some friends and gets into a fight because they were making comments about Jude. He winds up in jail and tells Jude he's not good enough for her and they break up.

Jude posts a tell-all about Tommy and Tommy calling her poison and to stay away from him. At the end they make up and are back to being friends. This doesn't last long and by the second to last episode they're back together.

In the series finale Tommy and Jude are back together again and everything is right, until Jude gets a job offer in London. In the first episode, it is revealed that she picked Tommy and left Jamie heartbroken. She struggles to stay friends with Jamie and ends up losing him, but not for long.

Spiederman marries Karma and are now on a new reality show. Jamie and Paegan hit ground with their new record company. While working at NBR his new underground music label co-owned by JamiePaegan's daughter Zeppelin shows up and they are reunited.

At a pajama party that Jude throws, Jamie comes to find Jude and Tommy all over each other, and says he can't believe he thought he could do this stay friends with Jude. He walks outside, hurt and angry, followed by Jude.

Instant Star

She then says that they can fix it over and over, and he asks, "Why does it matter? Jude then proceeds to slap Jamie. He yells, "Don't you get it, Jude? We can't be friends. Many people make the remark that it's "over produced". Jude tells Sadie after collapsing into Jamie's arms in his basement, that her music is "all she has left," and begins to cry because Tommy broke up with her.

With no funds, Jamie's record label looks doomed even if Zeppelin stayed which she does after seeing Jamie, sad, from the car window. Milo wins the Instant Star competition, while Jude realizes that she did go way overboard on the album and does a commercial for a Japanese shampoo with Tommy to raise money to remix it. She is accused of selling out by her new-found friend, Megan. In the episode " Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment " Megan holds Jude hostage in Jude's basement, threatening her that if she doesn't write a new song before Sadie gets back from a G-Major's spa day, she'll do something bad to her and to Sadie, when she gets home.

She then agrees to write the song and they work together until it's finished. Jude proceeds to send Jamie a hidden message asking for "fretless bass. But then Jamie finds out that there was a song on the British charts by The Police called Message in a Bottle and they realize that Jude needs help.

Megan then comes back with the bass and tells Jude that that song didn't count. As Megan is talking, Jude starts to cry, but is interrupted by the front door slamming.

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Jude screams and Megan covers her mouth, telling her to shut up. She goes downstairs, prepared to smother Sadie, but Jamie, Spiederman, and Zeppelin burst through the door a moment or so too soon.

Jamie ran after and caught her and Megan was sent to jail. Jude destroyed the recording of the song, but still sang it.

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Jamie threatens Tommy- "if you hurt her again It then shows Jude singing and playing her guitar, when Tommy walks in with some news. He shows her the newspaper. She's on the front cover for being held hostage. They stare at each other for a second, and he crouches down in front of her. He is tempted to kiss her, but doesn't. Then she kisses him. The ordeal puts Jude back in the spotlight, causing Darius to give her the green light.

She goes back to the studio to remix saying there is no way she will re-sign with G Major.

instant star jude and tommy relationship advice

Jude's basement hostage ordeal is on newspapers worldwide. Because of this,Jude is offered a recording contract with a label, Bermondsey Records, in London.

Tommy simultaneously proposes to her and she accepts, but she soon starts thinking whether she should go to London with Tommy or move on without him. At her concert, she decides not to sing "2 AM" and announces that she is going to London without Tommy, tearfully.

She sings "The Music" instead. She has a last good-bye before leaving for London without her friends, family, fans, and Tommy. The series ends with her riding in a limousine surrounded by her fans, and Jude quoting "If I had to make a choice, there's no contest. Shortly after Because Instant Star was cancelled by the network, the producers and writers of the show decided to give the fans what they wanted: In the mini episode Sadie is pregnant, married to Kwest.

And Tommy and Jude are getting married.