Implications of australia and china relationship with africa

China-Australia relations: how Beijing is buying up Pacific states

implications of australia and china relationship with africa

To be sure, China's security relations with Africa have elicited concerns and criticisms Both the Chinese government and the African Union (AU) have also . Australia–China relations, often known as the Sino–Australian relations, refers to the relations .. Exports to China helped Australia escape the worst effects of the global economic meltdown over the past two years. .. Foreign relations of Australia. Africa. Algeria · Egypt · Kenya · Morocco · Senegal · South Africa · Zimbabwe. Discusses China's engagement with African countries, including what each side wants from these relationships, how Africans view China's involvement and how .

Incomplete statistics show more than major Chinese enterprises and thousands of Chinese small and medium enterprises have established business in South Africa, creating thousands of jobs for South Africans. Thousands of Chinese investors, big or small, made their due contributions, be it millions of US dollars of taxes or billions of US dollars of foreign reserve earnings.

There are plenty of examples. The Hisense appliances manufacturing base in South Africa produces refrigerators and televisions a year, accounting for the largest and second largest market share in South Africa. Hisense has created direct and indirect jobs for local people.

The Chinese investors are about to invest in a cluster of all vehicle production lines in South Africa in the near future. Ina Chinese company purchased the Palabora Mining Company PMC in Limpopo, extending the mining operation for another 20 years and as a result, helped keep jobs for locals. China is the strongest partner for building South Africa into the tourism hub of the world. South Africa hosts the largest number of Chinese tourists in Africa.

Last year, only about Chinese tourists visited but the potential is huge. In the next five years, over million Chinese tourists will travel abroad - we hope that, through joint efforts, we will attract more Chinese tourists to South Africa. China and South Africa face a historic opportunity to synergise development strategies.

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As a major economic power in Africa, South Africa boasts rich natural and human resources, social inclusiveness, well-regulated markets, and a sound legal system. China has a huge domestic market - a 1. While South Africa is actively pursuing economic and social transformation, China is promoting the supply-side structural reforms.

Details of any future jointly-operated, upgraded facility there will not be revealed before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Port Moresby in November. The Maldives and Manus are just the most recent in a rapid-pace series of international powerplays in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Africa–China relations

Inhe detailed his grand scheme to revitalise the ancient Silk Road and sea spice routes. The Belt and Road Initiative — as it has become known — demands a networks of ports, airfields, roads and railways spanning the globe.

Chinese companies now control about 76 ports in 35 countries — including Darwin. While nominally many of these are private including the one controlling Darwin Porteach is required to have close Chinese Communist Party ties and approval in order to operate. And while Beijing openly insists it only wants to use these ports for commercial purposes, its warships and submarines have already been seen docked in several.

This sparked alarm in Australia, the US and Europe. China has won a year-lease on the facility, and a 70pc controlling stake in its management. But China does not openly declare its international aid projects in the same way other nations such as Australia does. This has raised a degree of anxiety about exactly how much it is spending, where — and why.

United States, Indian and Japanese warships exercise together. Existing military facilities would be reinforced and strengthened. Forces would be based in Darwin. Fresh efforts would be made on the diplomatic and economic fronts. Or would he pull the US out?

Australia–China relations

In recent decades, that influence has weakened. Supplied The Pacific Islands have repeatedly expressed dismay at the deep state of denial Australian and US politicians are in over the looming global warming crisis. After all, their low-lying islands are already falling victim to rising sea levels.

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu went further: So, with this issue at least, it has stolen the moral upper ground.

implications of australia and china relationship with africa

And then there are the promises of President Xi. China is clearly emerging as a hegemonic power, exploiting both soft-power inducements and hard-power threats to reassert itself as a new Middle Kingdom, and overturning what it sees to be a century of humiliation. Beijing has been proudly boasting of its position as a new world power. Beijing has been doing all it can to expand its status as a maritime power.

But it will be powerful enough to project significant power wherever it desires. At its heart is the island of Guam. It is a US territory and major defence facility. The free compact states of Palau, the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia all operate under a post-war agreement with the US, allowing a base on the Marshall Islands and the veto over any military access by any other nation.

But Beijing is determined — and persistent. While isolated, Australia is highly dependent on its shipping lanes to the northeast and northwest. The two largest are in the Indian Ocean. In the west, our trade funnels past Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Indonesia. If there is trouble in the Indian Ocean, exports from Western Australia — such as gas and iron ore — would have to take a long detour through the Tasman Sea.

The Solomon Islands has recently signed a security treaty with Australia. Security partnership understandings have been negotiated with Tuvalu and Nauru. Kiribati is in talks.

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Australia has also been showing the flag. One of our new helicopter-carrying assault ships, HMS Adelaide, joined three other warships on a 13 week Indo-Pacific Endeavour exercise. Just in case our Pacific partners had forgotten.

implications of australia and china relationship with africa

This would mitigate the risk of China gaining access to dual-use facilities in these nations in return for debt reduction, while safeguarding the sovereignty of these independent nations. Beijing is looking for similar island bases in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. After a military coup, Australia — among others — imposed sanctions on Fiji until it returned to democratic rule. China places no value in such systems of government.

So it stepped in, offering loans for infrastructure projects built by Chinese labourers. Its military officers have also been invited to China to attend training courses.