Hyesung and eric relationship tips

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hyesung and eric relationship tips

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Eric Charles released a shockingly honest guide on how to seduce a man dating tips and relationship advice for women all over the world. and it what ways it hasn't. Curious to know their secret to maintaining their original line. Shinhwa Eric Hye Sung. Eric explained that he.

hyesung and eric relationship tips

It has been a long while since I released an album in Korea, and Eric was also absent from the scene due to his military obligations. It so happened that he was discharged from his duties at about the same time I was planning to release the song, and I thought of giving a good present to the fans so I suggested to work together. I know the two of you seek different styles of music, so what have you been listening to lately? They have an inseparable presence to me. Even when I listen to them again now I still enjoy it.

Did Eric oppa and Hyesung oppa do their recording together? What did you talk about during the recording session? Did anything interesting happen during the recording session?

Our thoughts are very focused during recording and we tend to want to quickly finish up with the recording. All of us like to crack jokes so on TV shows we would kid around and talk with the other members. Actually we used to be like that but now by just looking at each other we know what each other is thinking so it looks like you can call us a perfect team.

My health is also better. I think the idol groups these days are all very talented. If there is any disagreement within the team you have to work hard at talking things out and become a source of strength and motivation for one another.

Among the groups that have only made their debuts in recent years, there are some that have progressed very well, but on the other hand there are also some that have come and gone.

I hope all of them will work hard and continue to receive love and support from the fans.

hyesung and eric relationship tips

I think I want to focus on work for now. But more often than not, I think that we need to work harder ourselves.

hyesung and eric relationship tips

I want to say that to be like Shinhwa is to be a group that remains well-loved for a long time because of the close-knit teamwork of the members. What did you think when you heard the title?

hyesung and eric relationship tips

When I first heard the title I thought that the song was about a sad separation. While my dream at that point was to become a world-class programmer, I really wanted to figure out how to make girls like me. The humiliation, shame and pain I felt from feeling undesirable to women was eating me alive… and getting rid of that pain became an obsession. So, at the age of 14, I bought my first books on psychology and communication. From that point on, I was reading every book on human psychology, relationships and communication that I could get my hands on.

I read everything from the most typical relationship advice books to books that covered the paranormal and weird — things like hypnosis, Reiki, lucid dreaming, spiritual texts and all sorts of theories on human communication. I studied everything from pop-psychology to deep, extremely academic texts, papers and studies.

What I was really searching for was a key to love, attraction and what makes human relationships work. At the heart of it, I wanted to figure out what it was that made one relationship work and another relationship not work.

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And to be more specific and honest, I wanted to know why girls chose other guys and not me. The fact that I had been a die-hard computer fanatic from when I was a kid gave me a unique perspective on how I looked at psychology, love and communication. I looked at human psychology as a sort of super-complex computer program that I was testing, analyzing and debugging. I was constantly analyzing my observations and seeing what variables were present in an interaction and what ultimately ended up happening in a given interaction.

Basically, I was a huge psychology nerd… and I have no shame in saying that. Even to this day, I continue to be fascinated by human psychology.

At the age of 18, I left for college in Boston, MA, where I continued to be fascinated by psychology. The truth is, I still lacked any confidence in my ability to attract women at that point in my life and I was terrified to even try talking to any woman I was attracted to.

I had built the issue up into such a complex in my mind that the thought of being rejected seemed devastating to me, so instead of actually trying to talk to women, I went deeper into studying psychology.

This went on through age 20, at which point I would make a chance connection that would alter the course of the rest of my life. I received a message from a guy who was in his early 40s, more than double my age.

Eric Charles – Relationship Advice Writer, Ask a Guy and Outstanding Lover

I was a little nervous and skeptical to meet up with a group of random guys, but I figured there was no harm in meeting up in a public place and seeing what I could learn. When I showed up, I met the man who invited me who happened to run these meetings and sat at the table with everyone, listening to all of the questions the men would ask as well as the collective solutions the men would offer to one another.

The men who attended these meetings were in their late 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s. These men all lived around Boston, a notoriously highly-educated area, and came from a variety of backgrounds.

Some of them were incredibly intelligent, well-spoken and educated with highly influential careers. Everyone brought something different to the table.

This was and these men were from a different era than the young men of today — talking about their problems, especially relationship problems, was not something typical of men from generation. I think the pre-dominantly high level of education allowed them to more easily bust out of their conventional roles, but even still, it was very clear how deeply these men were in pain and how much they felt that there was no safe place to discuss their thoughts, feelings and fears outside of this group.

I would say this is really where the seeds for my professional career were planted. Not only did it show me that I was not alone in my thoughts, feelings and struggles with women and relationships, but it exposed me to what men who were more than double my age experienced in their love life.

At that point, my only problem was getting over my crippling lack of confidence, feelings of inadequacy and confusion about women really wanted. These men were all in relationships, but they were facing difficult struggles. Some of the men felt their relationship was falling apart with the woman they loved. Some of them felt their marriage was on a crash-course toward divorce and they were desperate to fix the problem.

I would quietly listen to the questions and answers, silently taking notes.

Eric Charles

Eventually, the circle would come around to me and the leader of the meeting would ask what I was wondering about that week. I would excitedly rattle off my question in hopes that I would finally receive the pain relief I had been seeking for the past six years. The men would answer, I would hungrily scribble down notes on everything they recommended and then I would try out their suggestions in the real world.

After a few weeks, my love life was starting to change for the better. I was talking to women and they were enjoying our conversations. I was starting to go on dates.

hyesung and eric relationship tips

The future was beginning to look bright. As the months went on, I became more successful in my dating life. I wanted to explore and figure out what I really wanted and liked in a relationship. All the meanwhile, I kept attending these meetings and sharing my experiences. Lee, the leader of the meeting, told me that he was really glad to have me at the meetings. I was the youngest man there by far, but I was able to communicate my thoughts clearly and he appreciated my ability to spot patterns in human interaction and suggest how to improve the situation.

Gradually, I began proposing solutions to the men about how they could improve their relationships. Granted, I would only speak about the areas and dynamics that I had a firsthand experience of, but as my experience, knowledge and exposure increased, so did my ability to help guide the men who had burning questions… even men who had been married for 20 years… even men who were more than double my age.

I continued to attend these meetings, I continued to ravenously study psychology and I continued to do my best to help any guy that was dealing with a tough relationship problem. In my personal life, I had all sorts of experiences with a variety of women.