Hiyori and shinji relationship tips

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hiyori and shinji relationship tips

Despite her small size, Hiyori is an aggressive and short-tempered girl with rather violent tendencies, her most common victim being Shinji Hirako, whom she. Bleach Anime. Bleach - Shinji Hirako x Hiyori Sarugaki - ShinYori .. Sarugaki Hiyori & Hirako Shinji I find their relationship hilarious. AkaTora Hageshīchi. Hiyori & Shinji #bleach Bleach Fanart, Bleach Anime, Bleach Characters, Anime. Visit .. The only kiss in Bleach. You will NOT find any scene when .. ask Aizen Bleach Anime Funny, Bleach Meme, Bleach Quotes, Bleach Manga, Aizen.

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The rest of him, however, had more adult intentions in mind, and since she was looking so cute and defenseless — like a fluffy, napping little kitty — he just wanted to get closer. Freeing the sheathed Sakanade from the sash around his waist with a single, graceful movement, he proceeded to lean his zanpakuto against the wall closest to the bed, right beside her Kubikiri Orochi, well within reaching distance.

Easing off his waraji and tabi, the Captain haori with the kanji 'Five' emblazoned boldly on its back was next to go, shrugged off in a near silent whisper of fabric and draped over the one and only armchair in the room. His heavy white robe and cravat followed after, and last were the black kosode and hakama. He shed each garment with the swift, methodical ease of frequent practice, until he was only wearing the thin white under robe of his Shinigami uniform.

Hiyori slept through it all, and she did not even stir when he slunk into her bed.

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It was only when he settled beside her and was snaking an arm around her middle to pull her close that she finally grew lucid enough to respond. Out of habit, he simply tilted his head to the side to let the small but incredibly powerful fist fly by harmlessly, and then continued to tug her flush against his chest.

She started to grow stiff with increasing hostility until he released his tightly controlled reiatsu, unceremoniously announcing his identity. She quickly wiggled around and wasted no time cuffing him hard across the head then.

Even her usually sharp, catlike ochre eyes were still hazy and possessed a drowsy quality, and a soft flush colored her face. His decades of experience handling this little hellcat told him that now was the best time to cuddle her close, when she was still only semi aware of her surroundings and her volatile mood was tempered by sleep. There was an art to holding Hiyori; she was like a scruffy little feral cat most of the time, always hissing and spitting, baring sharp claws and fangs, but if he timed his approach correctly, then even she would willingly settle down in his arms.

I haven't even settled with you for dumping that stupid task to seal the distortion between the Living World and Soul Society on us, and you think you can just crawl back here anytime you like, you asshole?!

I walked like a normal person, thank you very much," he corrected her levelly, though judging by her increasingly red features, she hardly appreciated his levity. He was tempted to tease her about her fascinating choice of attire as well, but decided to save it for later in the interest of preserving the peace for now. Besides, her furious squirming and other unhappy movements had managed to dislodge the large shirt somewhat from her shoulder, in the process baring a whole lot of smooth skin as well as the beginnings of her modest chest, and he was male enough to appreciate the ravishing sight that she currently presented, ferocious glower and all.

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She puffed out her cheeks stubbornly, still irritable, visibly reluctant to let up on him. Obviously, a distraction of some form was in order, and luckily enough, he knew just the thing. She did not resist when he pulled her close, and just watched him with warily curious eyes as he bared her neck and pressed his mouth to the warm skin there.

Then, he nipped her lightly and her body promptly betrayed her. Flustered, her hands slammed up to his chest to shove him away, but he refused to budge.

Shinji Hirako

For a deceptively tall, lanky man, he was very strong. Of course, she promptly tried to kick him between the legs next, but he had already anticipated her move and quickly had her pinned lightly against the bed, straddling her smaller form at the hips and holding her arms over her head with one large, long fingered hand.

No violence in bed. Bad girl," he told her with a teasing tsk. Her face reddened further, and she looked very much in danger of letting out a torrent of swear words anytime soon. It certainly hadn't been easy tricking it out of her — he had to defeat her in battle to get her to submit willingly to him — but he had managed it in the initial stages of their tentative relationship, and now, she could not go back on her word, much to her frustration.

Then, he lowered his golden head and bit down lightly on her bared shoulder next. She gasped, her stomach tightening at the exquisite sensation. Her eyes darkened when he brushed his mouth against her skin, his free hand lazily caressing her bare thigh at the same time. Her breathing quickened and her hands curled into fists by her sides.

He kissed her scapulae, then her clavicle, her neck; slow, open mouthed kisses with hints of tongue and teeth, and a shaky sigh escaped her. The earlier playful mood was dissipating fast; he was intent now, his half lidded, golden eyes sharpening with acute interest as he focused his attention on the small female sprawled under him.

He lifted his head slightly from the side of her neck and slowly, deliberately, nipped the edge of her jaw this time, fully aware of how sensitive she was to such ministrations, and she quickly snapped. One moment he was the aggressor, and the next, she had pulled free of his hold and he was shoved unceremoniously onto his back. She was on him in an instant, a fierce little growl thrumming at the back of her throat, straddling his lean, narrow hips and smashing her mouth against his.

Like everything else she did in life, she was aggressive in her passion, straightforward and completely unapologetic, and he knew exactly what to do to draw it right out of her. Her neck, shoulders and upper back were her erogenous zones; for a seemingly childlike body, her trigger often hit her so hard and fast that the first time he unknowingly unleashed her on himself, the experience that resulted right after nearly made his head spin from the sheer intensity of it.

His little brat was an animal in bed. But then again, so was he. He welcomed her raw, unfettered desire for him, encouraged it, inflamed it with his own, his spiritual pressure flaring with pleasure, cast out like a net and deliberately ensnaring hers tightly.

His long, narrow hands came up to frame her face, holding her in place so that he could ravage her mouth with hunger, but she bit him the moment he tried to take control and quickly pulled away instead. Licking the tiny drops of his blood from her reddened mouth, she leaned back and gave him a cocky little smirk. Shinji slowly ran his tongue across his lower lip where she had nicked him. The metallic tang of blood stirred his senses and aroused the wilder emotions in him.

He chuckled, his eyes glowing with the intensity of his growing lust. His cravat that had been abandoned on the side table was snatched up and, in less than a blink of an eye, she had his hands tightly bound to the bedposts over his head, much to his surprise. Sitting back on her heels to survey her handiwork, she seemed quite smugly pleased with what she saw. Now you're my prisoner. You do know that this is not gonna hinder me at all, right?

But ya shitty piece of neck cloth costs a fortune, right? If you force your way out; it'll tear. She had a point there. Her grin widened, and she licked her lips. His rangy, toned form was revealed to her hungry eyes, his body taut and warm under her hands, and he watched her face with smug masculine pride as desire flushed her cheeks and darkened her gaze. He caught her eye then, and gave her a cheeky smirk. Hiyori paused, looking slightly uncertain.

This seducing thing was not coming to her as easily as she thought it would. Kneeling between his legs, she reached for the hem of her garment and defiantly tugged it over her head in one swift maneuver, in the process, revealing that she had been wearing absolutely nothing at all under his old dress shirt.

It was not the first time he had seen her naked, but she had always had that undeniable effect on him, and having her so close and completely nude before him was already making his blood heat up in ways not even the most beautiful women in the world could. Her form was small and lithe, her legs slender and long for her height, her hips softly curved and shapely.

Contrary to popular belief, she actually possessed a delicate and feminine build under that shapeless, tomboyish tracksuit that she commonly favored. She was also not entirely flat like an airport runway like most had assumed; she had a tiny bosom, yes, but it was just perfect for her slight, fae-like build and more than enough to prove that she was a woman through and through.

Her waist was absolutely tiny and, as always, she looked like a little doll to him, so deceptively fragile but yet held enough strength in her to fight and ferociously defend those around her if need be. It never failed to astound him that there was such fierce pride and spirit encased in that small body of hers. You just sit there and watch.

hiyori and shinji relationship tips

She would give him one he wouldn't forget anytime soon. Hopefully, those magazines of Lisa's were correct and men actually liked to see what she was about to do. Hiyori took a deep, calming breath and emptied her mind of her frustrations, then closed her eyes and visualized her lover right in front of her, exactly as she would sometimes during those lonely nights where her body was aching for his attention and he wasn't around to satisfy her needs.

She was going to ignore him? How was that going to work, he wondered with curious amusement, and then his eyes widened with dawning realization when she slowly, tentatively, started to touch herself. The light bulb over his head abruptly blinked on with stark clarity. Suddenly, this wasn't all that funny anymore. She started out small at first, tilting her head slightly to the side and baring the slender column of her neck to his view, then unhurriedly caressing her throat and collarbone with tender fingers.

Her face was already starting to flush, her other hand playing teasingly with the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. The slender digits on her neck drifted downwards to her chest, her hand covering and lightly squeezing one small, perfectly formed breast before nimble fingers plucked and played with the rosy nipple, already beaded and tightly puckered from the cold air, sensitive beyond belief.

A small, shivery breath escaped her lips, a growing expression of pleasure seeping into her upturned face as she concentrated on the sensations wrought on her aroused body. Shinji was watching her intently now, no longer smiling, as she pleasured herself.

hiyori and shinji relationship tips

The fingers of her other hand were drawing little circles higher and higher up the flesh of her inner thigh, and he stared, dry mouthed, as she slowly parted her lean legs just a bit more to reveal the moist, dewy treasure sitting at the apex. She slowly, lazily, probed at the sleek flesh with her index finger, then parted herself and rubbed her thumb over the small little bud that sat high over her labia, now flushed and blood-filled with growing excitement and arousal.

A small grimace creased her forehead as she struggled to hold on to the fleeting sensations of pleasure, and then she let out a quiet moan when she finally slipped a finger into herself. Her hips twitched as she slowly moved the small digit in and out of her body, and propping her heels against the bed to stabilize herself, she spread her legs apart just a bit wider, then eased another finger into her tight channel, biting her lower lip to stifle the little pleasured mew that followed.

His ears caught the arousing sound as surely as if he was the one who had caused it. He was stiff with tension and arousal as he watched her continue to touch herself, a look of wondrous rapture covering her heated features, her eyes still squeezed tightly shut as she masturbated. He wondered what she was thinking at that moment, who she was seeing behind her eyelids, and suddenly, he was quite infuriated by his restraints.

Her eyes slowly opened, the rich ochre dazed and fogged up by alluring lust, and for a moment, he didn't think that she even registered his presence. You aren't begging yet. He froze in place, his attention completely fixed on what she was doing to herself, the blood rushing in his ears — the little sounds she was making — the scent and sight and smell of her making him almost dizzy with reciprocating desire for her.

The need to touch her himself was getting overwhelming, and all he could think of was to hell with it; if she wanted him to beg, then he would gladly worship her on his hands and knees.

Shinji did not even hesitate. There was an abrupt, distinct sound of tearing fabric, and then, before she could react, she was already caught and pulled under him. She squawked in surprise, her eyes widening in shock. He chose to ruin his cravat! He took the hand that she had been using to touch herself earlier and immediately engulfed her index and middle fingers in his hot mouth, his tongue lapping at the damp evidence of her arousal-coated digits and causing her breath to hitch.

He pulled her fingers out with a pop, now slick with his saliva, and then he gave her a narrow-eyed stare. Will you hurry up and fuck me now? I'm going to love you," he corrected her. He was surprisingly straight-laced when it came to such matters.

Her hands slipped down to his narrow waist to ease him out of his underwear, tugging the cloth loose and freeing him from the confines of the fundoshi. Much to her pleasure and excitement, he was already fully erect and turgid, though before she could touch him, he pulled her hands away. His mouth worked magic on hers, his thin lips slanting against her own again and again, igniting a fierce fire between the two lovers.

Hiyori Sarugaki

He was being very dominating and possessive, his pierced tongue sweeping into her mouth and claiming her with thorough, decisive heat and desire — it turned her on like nothing could. He was so much larger than her admittedly diminutive self, and when he held her down like that, she could sense nothing but him. He surrounded her wholly, and she felt like she was drowning in him. The complete loss of control in exchange for absolute pleasure was both terrifying and amazing at the same time, and even though it been almost two years since she had first jumped him and lost her virginity to him, she still felt that same wondrous thrill.

His big hand with those long, narrow fingers engulfed her chest then, the warm, callused palm brushing against her sensitive nipple, and she arched into his touch, a muffled sound of want reverberating from her throat.

He pulled his mouth away from hers and ducked down, his hot mouth covering her other rosy nipple, his wet tongue swirling against the hardened tip with hungry fervor, his lips wrapped around the tender flesh and suckling furiously, and she jerked under him. Her hands flew up to his hair, fingers tangling amongst the fine, golden strands so unlike her own thicker, unrulier hair, and holding on for dear life, the smaller blonde nearly jumped out of her skin when he spread her legs apart, cupped her with his hand, and then quickly pushed his middle finger right into her, so deeply that his knuckle rubbed against her slick entrance.

He curled the long digit that he had inside her, and Hiyori squeezed her eyes shut and nearly bit through her tongue to keep from yelling at the unexpected pleasure. He started to move his hand then, making sure to stroke her thoroughly from the inside, and she moaned helplessly. Lifting his head from her breast, the Shinigami watched his lover writhe under him, the look on her face stark with pleasure and lust, and had to check himself from the instinctive urge to react to her incredibly sexy expression, her feline ochre eyes severely dilated, her cheeks flushed, her lips red, her hair spread around her like a golden halo.

He was very aroused; she felt so slippery and warm and tight around his finger, and it had been so long since he last had her. Sliding another finger into her snug passage, he prepared her for his lovemaking, priming her small body for penetration — she was so delicate compared to himself, and a part of him was always mindful not to hurt her whenever they had sex.

She never seemed to care about that though, and, much to his chagrin, gave every indication that she liked it better when he was being rough with her. Hiyori felt like she was about to explode with pleasure very soon. He was teasing her badly — she was so close but he was intentionally withholding, touching her so slowly and deliberately that she was going to go mad from the tension. How dare he appear so calm when she was feeling so frantic and restless and going utterly mad with lust?!

He would probably pay later for teasing her, but she was extremely cute like this. I'm giving you something to think about the next time you decide to touch yourself. Mashiro chose this moment to awaken from her food-coma nap and rose from the tatami, hair messy, eyes squinted.

Lisa adjusted her glasses and closed her totally-not-a-porno novel with a crisp snap. Hah, Inconvenience was an understatement, sometimes Hiyori would take one look at that slouched-over beanpole and wish Squad Eleven would run rampant in the squad twelve barracks and flatten the place. This was too much. She was like a tiny little furnace in the middle of the bustling establishment, metaphorically burning a hole into her sakura-patterned zabuton with her tiny little rage.

Hirako Shinji sauntered into the bustling teashop and flopped into the seat next to Hiyori with a flourish of his Haori. Not wanting to deal with Shinji making fun of her for an entire lunchtime, Hiyori made to leave the buzzing establishment.

That just made her madder. All too aware of the onlookers staring in their general direction, and the searing heat of Shinji's calloused palm against her wrist, Hiyori's face burned. The urge to shunpo the hell outta here was growing, what with the appearance of this very old and perennial nuisance.

The possibility of the torrid conversation that Lisa and Mashiro continuing was not a pleasant one to Hiyori to boot. Hiyori looked at Mashiro's pouting form, morosely stabbing at the melting blocks of ice in her cup, and sighed. What a drama queen. Mashiro stole a glance at Hiyori in turn and fought back a wry smile. Hiyori was a massive softie after all, and Mashiro knew it.

Easy game easy life. But just because its been a while since we've had lunch together", Hiyori said defensively. Shinji quickly let go of her wrist at this point and Hiyori tucked her arm into the sleeve of her shihakushou, rubbing it with her other hand. Heard your squad was swamped with admin paperwork this week, so you're skiving again aren'tcha?

Hiyori stiffened, then elbowed him in the ribs, hard. Fuck my life, seethed Hiyori. The fidgeting pissed Hiyori off, and she flicked her own broken sticks at Shinji to get him to stop.

Shinji yelped as bits of bamboo hit him in the face. After thanking the waiter, Shinji decided he was a bit too hungry to put up with Hiyori attempting to impale him with the next utensil she got her little hands on.