Hayate and nagi relationship quotes

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hayate and nagi relationship quotes

Valentine's Day Hayate-Hinagiku Relationship Revisited – The . Or, to quote Ayumu, “Just what kind of school life do they share to end. Read Hayate the Combat Butler (Nagi Sanzenin) from the story Anime Quotes by Unknown_MC (☆MC☆) with reads. nisekoi, akamegakill, love. Forgiving. relation betwen nagi and hayate "high top spoilers" only manga readers!!!!!!!!!! Post Reply. Permalink Reply Quote. Posted 9/19/09, edited 9/19/.

One day, he was accused of stealing his classmate's lunch money, feeling depressed, he ran away after learning that his father had stole the money. He tripped and fell down in The Royal Garden. After that, he met Athena Tennousubecame her butler, and fell in love with her. Athena is the cause for Hayate's superhuman strength, she used magic on him to release his body's full potential.

She is also the one who taught Hayate how to become a butler, teaching him how to do his chores properly.

hayate and nagi relationship quotes

She even taught Hayate to fight using swords. This will shortly prove useful as Hayate found the courage to protect Izumi from Lucky "the Sanzenin's previous dog".

However he had a fight with her resulting into their separation. The argument heated up since Hayate blindly believed that his parents would change for the better, but Athena knew it was impossible. Furthered by the fact that Hayate mentioned Athena having no family which caused her to lose control.

During this fight Hayate first witnessed her possession though he still did not fully realized it by then. All he saw at that time was King Midas's manifestation behind Athena. They had never met since then but he held at heart the things Athena had taught him. Beginning Ten years later, on Christmas Eve, Hayate's parents racked up a large gambling debt and sold their son to supposedly " A group of Good Men " for a sum of , yen. There he met Nagi and saves her from two guys who were trying to seduce her.

In reality, Hayate wanted to kidnap her for ransom but when he tried to tell Nagi his intentions, she mistook his words as a confession of love. She hired Hayate as her personal butler in place for her previous butlerwith a very generous debt repayment plan. Among his first challenges were gaining the acceptance of the head butler Klaus and Nagi's pet tiger Tama. Klaus was against hiring Hayate for his lack of credibility, and only accepted him temporarily after he beat Nursing Robot Eight.

Sakuya from the moment they met, wanted Hayate to be a comedian. Hayate had to put up with her numerous unconventional requests. Ayumu had a crush on Hayate for a long time, and when they were reunited she confessed her love. Hayate rejected her in a comical way, but Ayumu still ended up hurt. However she promised to persist on. This would lead to a rivalry between Ayumu and Nagi, and since then Ayumu has been very present in Hayate's life.

Having mistaken the old man for the gardener, he shows Hayate how great his insight is by leading him to a cliff to get a view of Nagi changing her clothes. After telling him about how his parents sold him to the Yakuza and how Nagi took on his debt, the old man cryptically tells Hayate that his life is worthless before revealing himself to be Mikado Sanzenin.

Afterwards, Mikado gives Hayate a mysterious pendant informing him that it will give his life some worth. Hayate then vows to Nagi that he'll protect her from anyone who'll make her cry. This was his first time to Hakuo Academyand here he met the Katsura sisters: Yukiji a teacherand Hinagiku the student council president. Hayate and Hinagiku would be involved in so many activities and adventures.

Even though Hinagiku's feelings for Hayate grew throughout the story, Hayate remains oblivious to her feelings. He befriended more people like IzumiMikiand Risa. The three would often play pranks on Hayate, get him involved in various troubling things just for fun. Hayate then had been very busy because of school, work, and Nagi's multiple random, outrageous demands. His life as a butler and student continued with many random events, like buying underwear for Aika ; dealing with Kotetsu's sexual advances; rescuing Nagi from a uncontrollable UFO; going on a fake date with Maria; helping Nagi in her part time job; spying on Saki's marriage meeting with Kaoru due to Wataru's request; and even getting cross-dressed by a curse.

Athena Tennousu

His daily life was very tiring, but also very filled with fun and relationships. With no other choice, Hayate attempts to fend off Nonohara's attacks until Koutarou makes a rude remark prompting Nonoharu to discipline his master.

Tiger's Den for Butlers This article is a stub. You can help Hayate Wiki by expanding it. Valentine's Day On February 14th, Hayate was called by Hinagiku to her room and asked him to met Ayumu, who's waiting beside the room. Hayate then proceed to the room to met Ayumu only to be given a choclate as a symbol of 'friendship' from Ayumu before she ran away from the room. Suddenly, Hinagiku ordered Hayate to chase her immediately and exchange the chocolate.

After chasing her all the way to the river under the railway bridge, Hayate suddenly embraced by Ayumu, which made him blush and speechless.

After that, Ayumu said to Hayate that 'she want him to know her feeling' and exchanged the chocolate she give to him earlier with heart-shaped chocolate, which left Hayate in a shock state for a while. Later that day, Hayate returned to the mansion and asked by Maria whether he receives any chocolate today, which Hayate nervously answered that he did received a chocolate from Ayumu. Confused by all of this, Hayate ask Maria to give him advice to deal with this kind of love problem, only to make her slightly annoyed by his word in the end.

When she used her alter ego Mask the Money, she wears a mask to cover her eyes and a short frilled skirt with long thigh high socks and a long sleeved blouse with a huge ribbon. During New Years, she wears a yukata with different designs on it. Nagi always wears shoes with heels just to look tall and doesn't want others to call her "short" or "small". Background and Personality Nagi is short-tempered, spoiled, anti-social or socially withdrawn, hates to lose and to admit her faults, has a considerably hard time confessing her true feelings towards Hayate but does confess in the last episode of season 3 or anything in the fact of the matter, she acts immature a large portion of the time but is ultimately a good, educated girl.

She is good at finance and likes to learn. Her mind is possessed with her own. She cares for her family and friends, but she doesn't want to show her concern directly.

She usually tends to show her concern with "formal words". She is a tomboy and tsundere hikkikomori princess. Since going outside is very dangerous because of her status, Nagi favors staying at home. Not liking company in general, she lives away from her grandfather in a "small" compared to the main Sanzenin estate mansion with minimal staff. Despite her Otaku NEET-like lifestyle, she is intelligent enough to skip 3 grades at school, which even turns out to be one of Tokyo's most prestigious academies.

She has an otaku-level hobby with manga, anime and video games, and draws her own manga which is called Millennium Legend: Her Otaku-level is high enough that she has submitted entries for multiple amateur manga competitions, though her entries never won. Her art is decent she started drawing almost from when she was a toddler but her sense of plot is incomprehensibly warped, not to mention her art style is odd at best.

Her genres clash and she draws a magical girl story in the style of a Shonen Manga, Magical Destroy read: Only her best friend, Isumiand a wanderer ghost, Linn Regiostarcan read and understand her manga. Because of her pampered existence, she lacks any worldly knowledge and is even incapable of looking after herself.

In an episode, with the absence of both Maria and Hayateshe was shown to be incapable of even making a cup of tea on her own, wrecking the mansion in the attempt. Nagi is mortally afraid of the dark due to an incident with Isumiso she shares her bed with Maria in the nights. She also doesn't like swimming. While Hayate always reminded her to go outside and gather experiences on the outside world, she always thought that that will be boring or she always lost and risk being kidnapped.

Which Maria always states to her that without Hayate she will always get lost or be in danger. Nagi likes to do what she likes to do, but mostly what she likes to do is not so good for her future.

She is so hard to control, that even Maria, who has lots of talents, can't control her. But Hayate, her average educated and insensitive butler, who saved her from the kidnappers and the mafia, is able to convince her to go to school, do exercise, have many friends, etc. He helps Nagi to be a better person. He saved both her life and her lifestyle. In short, Hayate is her savior.

hayate and nagi relationship quotes

Sakuya Aizawa is Nagi's cousin. Sakuya is a talkative, cheerful girl. Her first encounter with Nagi was on a party when Nagi was about years old. Sakuya saw Nagi was gloom, so she decided to talk to her. Isumi Saginomiya is Nagi's best friend. Probably she is her best friend. Isumi is a quiet girl, who easily gets embarrassed.

She met Nagi on party that held because Yukariko's health became better when Nagi was about years old. Nagi showed Sakuya her manga and got insulted by her. Nagi threw her manga to a trash bin. She cried and decided to stop drawing manga.

But Isumi picked it up, read it and was interested. She asked Nagi for the next chapter. Wataru is a blunt, responsible kid.

hayate and nagi relationship quotes

He owned a DVD rental in the middle of Tokyo. His first encounter with Nagi hasn't been explained. He had many fights and argumentations with Nagi. Story Beginning Nagi, as Mask the Money, saves Hayate by using money On Christmas Eve, Nagi runs into Hayate Ayasakia poor year-old boy who has just been given a huge debt by impossibly irresponsible parents and is on the run from the Yakuza In his desperation, Hayate tries to kidnap her for ransom and in the process declares that he "wants" her, which Nagi mistakes for a love confession.

One thing leads to another and Hayate ends up rescuing Nagi from some real kidnappers. She then returns the favor by paying off Hayate's debt to the Yakuza for him and has him become the very competent junior butler at the Sanzenin Mansion to pay off his debt. Hayate remains unaware that his mistress has a crush on him because of the unresolved misunderstanding.

Nagi gets very jealous when Hayate swoons over Maria her maid or when she catches him in other suspicious situations. Having Hayate as the New Butler Two days later, after being hired by Nagi, Klaus wanted to test Hayate's ability because Klaus wanted to hire a butler for Nagi, but Nagi had already hired someone else. She said her imagination about Hayate. She said Hayate had many kinds of transformations, which of course, Hayate denied. That made Nagi a bit disappointed. Klaus, Maria, and Nagi discussed about Hayate's test.

Hayate doubted if he can pass it because of the way they talked about the impossible test. But Nagi cheered him up. Hayate decided to live up to Nagi's expectations. Apparently, his test was to beat a robot-maid.

hayate and nagi relationship quotes

Nagi examined the robot-maid, and then gave bad comments about the robot-maid. The robot-maid became angry and punched Nagi, but Hayate saved her by carrying her on his arms and jumped backward. And then the duel began. Hayate versus The robot-maid. Hayate won by sacrificing his body. He lost his conciousness. Fortunately, he went back to normal the next day. After the test, the next day, Nagi was woken up by Hayate. Nagi blushed and scolded Hayate for being impolite by entering a girl's room when the girl is sleeping.

Nagi saw Tama, her cat-indentified tiger, was sleeping beside her.

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  • Nagi Sanzenin
  • Hayate Ayasaki

That answered Nagi's question about the warmness when she was sleeping. Hayate was surprised and told Nagi that Tama was tiger, not a cat. But Nagi didn't listen to him, saying that Hayate talked too much about Tama. Tama was annoyed and ran after Hayate. Nagi yelled Tama to stop. She told Tama if he wanted to play, then he should play outside. So Tama bit Hayate's clothes and carried him with him jumped to the window. Hayate smacked Tama down from the sky.

Klaus who appeared suddenly challenged Hayate; if Hayate can't beat Tama, then Hayate would be fired. Klaus still doubted Hayate's ability. That made Nagi irritated, so she approved. She becomes curious, asking Hayate about about his new master. Hayate talk about Nagi very passionately and gratefully, and Athena understood that Hayate has another precious someone in his heart.

Thus instead of asking him to stay at her side, she merely replied that she would not return to Japan and this is where they will part ways. In chapter depicts that Athena coerced Hayate to return to his lady, and do not want him to stay in Greece with her thinking its the best for him.

When she later confess that she loved him and departs, Hayate could not hold his feelings and confess that he loved her too and all this time wanted to apologize for all the horrible things he said. Athena stops when Hayate is in emotional turmoil.

She then turns and smiles and sooths Hayate, for she already forgiven him and she love his kindness, but telling him that crying for her ends here. In this chapter Hayate and Athena share a kiss, in the form when they first meet 10 years ago, metaphorically wrapping up all the feelings they have 10 years ago. In the end they go their separate ways. Athena found Nagi's hat and met Nagi at the same time In chapterAthena met Nagi, when Nagi was trying to get back her hat from a pelican.

Nagi & Hayate Can't take my eyes off you Lyrics

She handed Nagi her hat while thanking Nagi for taking care of Hayate although she did not specifically say Hayate. She then handed her an empty ring box the ring that was supposed to be in the box is the ring Hayate gave Athenasaying that "While she would return that implying Hayate this time, she might not do so next time", and then leaving. She meets up with Machina, who said that the burgers in Japan were better than Greece's.

Athena then decides to leave for Japan. It can be seen that the ring that Hayate gave Athena is on her ring finger, showing that she still has feelings for Hayate. Athena eventually returned to her mansion and was greeted by Aika who came to give her a King's Jewel.

However, it is revealed by Mikado that whoever uses the Power of Royalty once will be cursed if they ever touched one of the stones again, resulting in their body turning back to the time when they first used the power.

Before the curse could fully take effect, Athena gave the stone to Machina and ordered him to take the stone and go where no one could find him.

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Athena then succumbs to the curse and reverts to the age of when she first met Hayate. Returning to Japan with Aika, the two of them discussed with Mikado of Athena's current situation and try to find a way to return her to her former self. Violet Mansion Arc Chapter - In chaptershe reappears again in Hayate's dream asking him for the whereabouts of his brother Ikusa. Seeing that he didn't know Athena then tells him about the forbidden power that resides in the Royal Garden and how he must keep any knowledge of the garden a secret from anyone or it could bring unncecessary danger.

She then tells him that he must keep his composure and follow her lead when they meet again. The next day, Hayate finds a small girl who strongly resembles Athena who addresses Hinagiku and him as "Mama" and "Papa" respectively. In private Athena speaks to Aika about how Hinagiku's Shirosakura is the key to regaining her lost power, but are interrupted before they can continue the topic any further.

Aika then introduces Athena as "Alice", a princess who is training for 3 months.

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She suggests to Hayate that "Alice" would need a butler like him. Athena hands Hayate a ring the one he gave her 10 years ago then asks him to become her butler convincing him that she really is Athena. Due to Hinagiku possessing the Shirosakura After deciding to stay with him at Violet Mansion, Athena then asks Hinagiku to come along with them as for her training she needs the person whom she recognizes as her "Mama" to be with her.

Later Athena learns of Hinagiku's feelings for Hayate. She then decides to keep Hinagiku's feelings a secret only if she agreed to live with her at Violet Mansion. Thus she does not remember Hayate or any events. The only reason she arrived at the Violet Mansion was because Hayate was the one she trusted the most right before she lost her memories.

Currently she stays with Hinagiku in her room although her bed is inside a closet.