Haruhi and kyon relationship quizzes

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haruhi and kyon relationship quizzes

Find out which character in Haruhi Suzumiya you'd end up in a relationship with. "Sounds like something Haruhi's going to have to approve," Kyon said Haruhi's relationship with Kyon - which she had awkwardly evaded, not Haven't I called every single pop quiz this year, at least two days in advance?. Kyon criticized Haruhi's tea making skills, noting it was just hot water. Though Haruhi's personality may be described as overpowering, it's useful to say the least.

An alien, a girl from the future, and an ESPer boy all migrated toward Haruhi because, as Koizumi put it, that's what she wished for. Why have I been dragged feet-first into all this weird stuff, anyway? No special powers or anything here. I mean, who wrote this scenario?

  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 6

Was it you, Haruhi? It's not like it's my problem anyway. Why do I have to get all worked up about it? All of this is Haruhi's fault. Seriously, she's the one who should be worried about all this weirdness going on, not me. Nagato, Koizumi, Miss Asahina; from now on, they should just speak to her directly, and whatever happens after that, well, that's Haruhi's problem; I've got nothing to do with it.

Everyone else can go do whatever they want, as far as I'm concerned. Another visit to the library would The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya[ edit ] Kyon: On the day of the tournament, I was wondering if it was possible to make it rain.

You know, a big one that'd cancel the game with a rain delay. It is possible, but I would advise against it. Any alteration of the regional climate could possibly have devastating aftereffects on the ecosystem of the planet. And about when would these aftereffects happen? Several hundred to ten thousand years. Then I guess we'd better not try to do that, right? Remote Island Syndrome Part 1[ edit ] Episode Remote Island Syndrome Part 2[ edit ] Episode I can't take you seriously when you're dressed like that!

I'm sorry, Mikuru, but I'm being controlled by the alien right now. We're counting on you! The Earth is in your-- [breaks into uncontrollable and hysterical laughter] Mikuru: Live Alive[ edit ] Haruhi: Hey, Haruhi, don't you think it'd be better if you pulled your ships back a little bit? Your fleet shouldn't be so far in front of us.

What are you talking about?! I wanna shoot beams and missiles at the enemy too! Look, when you're playing shogi or chess, the king isn't the one who charges into enemy territory.

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Okay, Kyon, you guys take care of it. Go find the enemy leader and give him a good pummeling with your cannons! And make sure you win! I wonder if that makes me special or something. I'm sure Lacan's dying to have a word with me! I was just thinking about how awesome I am for being able to cope with this absurd situation.

And if you ask me, I think I'm due for a little praise. Well, would you like me to give you some words of praise, then? You praising me won't make me any happier. All it will do is make me think you've got something up your sleeve.

The enemy is shooting at us. Anyone accepting defeat will be punished by running ten laps around the school, naked! And you'll have to yell "Green Martians are chasing me!

I was a little worried there when they fired up the squadron mode, but we still have the advantage! We see them, but they can't see us!

Time to wrap this up. Wow, he's driving his fleet right into our sights. Like a mouse caught in a trap. Uh, am I supposed to shoot this thing? I don't get what just happened, but great job, guys! All ships, open fire! Go out there and burn the enemy leader with all the fires of hell! Someday in the Rain[ edit ] Nagato: A theory that is contradictory in itself cannot begin to explain contradictions inherent within it. If that was supposed to be an explanation, I didn't understand a word of it.

One day you will. I'll explain it the best I can. We're currently stuck in a time loop that seems to have no end to it. We're currently stuck in a time loop that seems to have no end The thing is, I haven't gotten any "classified information" for a week, so I started to think how weird that was. I was so surprised, I "classified information," I really did.

But it was "classified information" too. I guess that we did everything we set out to do this summer, so that's good enough. No, it's not, Haruhi. Not by a long shot, you're still not satisfied. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya[ edit ] Kyon: It was so cold. And I mean cold that if you took an ice pick and plunged it into the ground, you'd shatter the Earth into a million pieces. It was like Japan just decided to skip Fall this year.

Or, better yet, maybe the guy upstairs confused a prayer for more business with a spell to change the weather or something. It's like the seasons are out of whack or something. Oh great, now I'm worried about the environment. Yeah, well, I might be worried, but it's not like I'm gonna do anything about it. Of course I do. It's easy when the person in the seat behind me makes it her mission to keep track of such things.

She's the general manager of all the trouble I've gotten into since April. She's the root of all evil in the universe. The person behind every threat to my existence. Does anyone have plans next week for Christmas Eve? I'm pretty sure you've got nothing going on, right Kyon?

We all know you don't have much of a social life and I'm only asking because I didn't want you to feel like a loser. Well what if I did have something going on? Tell me what you're planning first. You're free, I knew it! I bet you got a date with a girlfriend, don't ya? To tell the truth, I was getting a little worried about how I was going to pass the time. You made yourself free on purpose. Well, now you don't have to worry about it! Besides, this'll be way better.

You've probably got plans, too! Like maybe someone asked you to watch that moment when rain turns to snow in the dead of night? Actually, I don't have anything planned next week.

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As usual, if there are any objections, you can file them after the event and I promise I'll take them into consideration! She did ask everyone if they had plans, though.

haruhi and kyon relationship quizzes

I guess she's making a little progress. What did you say before? I said I didn't underst-[Kyon interrupts] Kyon: She was the gonzo girl of east junior high. The two of us were in the same class in middle school. I didn't know you guys knew each other. Who are you calling an octopus? If i'm an octopus you're a dried up old squid!

Of course I know her.

haruhi and kyon relationship quizzes

Even after 50 years you don't forget someone like her. All the kids who went to east junior high know that crazy chick. Let me go man what the hell. Where the hell did Haruhi go. What are you doing out here? I was just about to ask you the same exact thing [Yuki struggles to look for an answer. That's not true, Nagato. You'd had enough of Haruhi's nonsense.

Getting dragged all over the place. You were tired of protecting me. And you were tired of whatever else you had to do. Stuff we didn't even know about. The fatigue from all those things just kept building up. A collection of error data will accumulate in my memory over time. The bugs will eventually become triggers and affect my behavior. Also, these circumstances are unavoidable.

haruhi and kyon relationship quizzes

Three years from now, on the morning of December 18, I will reconstruct the world. I cannot prevent it. Because I am currently unable to identify exactly what the error data is. I know what the trigger is that caused your abnormal shift in behavior. I know what the error data is that kept piling up inside you. The truth is, it's something completely cliche. Even though you're just a human interface, and you can't operate beyond the limits of your programming, this is something even you aren't immune to.

Sure, you don't understand, but I do. And I'm sure Haruhi does too. How to make a change without causing trouble? That thought kept her from speaking much, outside of small talk with Kyon, until after they'd reached her tiny apartment and he was seated at the kotatsu. While she cooked, he did his homework, giving her some time to consider the implications.

He looked up from his papers, gladly pushing them all away to make room for the dinner she'd prepared once it had finished. All she needed to do was add some ingredients to history from outside of the recipe How brilliant was he, to not have had proper training, and yet understand innately that there really was a loophole to allow a time traveler change history!?

The implications were staggering! This would change time travel as her people understood it! No wonder her superiors had said she was subject to his orders; if she hadn't given him the freedom to discover that for them Mikuru swallowed and shook her head, giving him her brightest smile. Are you oka- Woah! She didn't care that they were missing dinner; it would be there for them once she and Kyon stopped kissing, and she could always heat it up again if she had to.

Since the meeting had been arranged by her father, Tsuruya had asked Kyon and Koizumi to meet with her at the school entrance once club activities had let out. The entire day had been more fun than usual; Tsuruya couldn't get over the fact that Kyon could change his outfit at will. Not that he tended to. Luckily, Haruhi couldn't get over it either; they'd spent most of the meeting trying different anime character costumes on him. He'd accepted random costume changes without complaint, much to Kanae and Mikuru's barely concealed delight.

On the other hand, he was still dominating everyone at Scrabble by a ludicrous margin, finally drawing even Haruhi into a game. Kanae obligingly did her job as the referee, slowly reading out the English definitions for words she didn't know the meanings of. While it wasn't as one-sided as the previous matches, Kyon was still the clear winner. Haruhi seemed incredulous, and managed to narrow the gap, but still not beat Kyon, even when she finally insisted on a match between just the two of them.

When the time for the meeting came around, Haruhi had immediately swept Kanae into her arms and rounded on Yuki, insisting that she needed to study and giving Kyon a warning glare. The two boys rounded the shoe lockers, Koizumi looking more relaxed than usual, and Kyon as implacable as he almost always appeared. Tsuruya smiled and waved at both, before they stepped out of the vestibule and started walking towards the waiting limousine. She really didn't mind that the esper was going to be there, but she had to admit that she also really enjoyed stealing private moments where she could cuddle up to Kyon and maybe kiss Koizumi wasn't going to help that mood - though, to be honest, her father's presence was a bigger concern.

And that probably meant that she should really focus on the task at hand. Kasai, already standing outside the vehicle, inclined his head and opened a door. The three climbed into the back seat of the car together, Tsuruya sitting between Kyon and Koizumi. The bodyguard and driver closed the door and walked around the car, climbing into the front as the engine started up.

Opposite Tsuruya was her father, sitting facing her and Kyon, but brooding over what his assistant Aida was showing him on his almost eternally present PDA. Tsuruya glanced at Kyon, not really surprised at the way he glanced at the device, as though comparing it to his own, but smirked at him anyway. He caught her glance and looked the slightest bit guilty before shrugging.

The Meianchoiy of Haruhi Suzumiya Kissing scene eng dub

Next to Aida, sharing the long bench-like seat, was Mori dressed sharply in her usual business wear, though Tsuruya was glad to see that she too now sported the family pin. The vehicle smoothly pulled into motion and Tsuruya's father grunted, Aida stowing his PDA and bowing his head apologetically. Still in a distracted funk, the Tsuruya family patriarch pulled a cigar from within his coat, absently clipping one end before fumbling for his lighter. Even then, he was completely absorbed in his heating ritual, turning the tip of the cigar over above the flame until it heated evenly, concluding by taking a long draw.

It was only then that he seemed to realize he wasn't alone in the car. Tsuruya shoved down a tiny surge of worry; her father didn't usually get distracted like this unless something had gone very wrong. He thumbed a button from the cubby at his side, rolling the window nearest to him down a short distance and expelling a long plume of smoke towards it. Vents steered the vast majority of the smoke away, through the gap, and he settled his eyes on Kyon, nodding.

He gestured with the smoking brand towards the woman past Aida. Over the course of the last two days, we've tracked about a dozen of their known men moving into the city, and now we know why. Well, as we've heard from the Tamaru brothers, they unintentionally allowed one suspect to coerce a lead on the case involving Kyon's shooting. She produced a folded newspaper from a cubby at her side and unfolded it enough to reveal the headline.

And they're itchings for revenge against whoever they blames? Kyon leaned forward a short distance, frowning. I mean, with the Sumiyoshi-rengo and the Tsuruya-tachi? Her father seemed to take it in stride, just nodding in answer. Here, this is maybe in places like chess, and in other places more like poker - we can't see the other guy's hand, so we don't know what cards they bring, or what strategy they're pursuing.

If I were like Nagato I might be able to figure it out, but I'm not. Any move I made right now would be to play dumb; don't betray anything by acting rashly. Hell, right now, we don't even know who one of the players is. Koizumi's jokes aside, the board was a lot bigger than he could probably handle alone.

Luckily, it was a team game; she knew she wasn't ready to grasp a lot of the details of the current situation herself. But she could handle quite a bit. In fact, that had been her eventual responsibility.

While she was going to be the next family head, her father had good decades of life left, at least. She didn't intend to sit by idly and wait to inherit, and she could advise Kyon on how to handle the ninkyo dantai aspects in the meantime.

With luck, we could explains things peacefully. Tsuruya swallowed uncomfortably at that. Aida glanced at the man in mild surprise before shrugging, adding, "In terms of holdings, they lost a major smuggling operation - and nearly forty billion yen in seized vehicles, property, and contraband. The information got to the NPA in the nick of time for them to stage a last-moment raid.

Moreover, for the Sumiyoshi-rengo, an additional high-profile group was involved in this particular smuggling operation. Despite not having their customary time to train for the encounter, the SAT team - under NPA supervision - suffered no fatalities in the raid. I'm leery of sending a messenger over. Tsuruya's father raised his eyebrows, nodding before he took a long draw from his brand, expelling it slowly.

It's entirely possible at this point that he's not connected with the Sumiyoshi-rengo. So, as angry as the newcomers in town may be, it's possible it's not with us, as much as them. Either way, for the cost to pride, I wouldn't be surprised if we made more viable targets than the NPA, and they need a show of strength for morale. Tsuruya took a deep breath, shaking her head in admiration. Well, she wasn't going to be left behind, anyway.

If they needed more information, she wasn't about to neglect a source. And she was positive that with some help from Yuki, they could even do it safely. After meeting up with Miyoko for most of the walk home, Nonoko was delighted to see her brother waiting at the gates. You should carry it yourself. Somewhere that some unsuspecting mortals had managed to restrain a dark general, or just kept one who had decided to stop following their evil ways.

In any case, her brother would have to watch out. Somehow, you're starting to act so much like Haruhi did when I first met her, I'm confident you'll be invincible. She considered that; it was a good question. And, anyway, Shami is a boy cat! I don't want to have to fight you, too.

I'm not sure Imouto remembered to tell you that you were invited. I'm sure it will be fine with my parents - will Haru-nee and Mikuru-nee be there?

I have a feeling I'm going to end up taking everyone else to see it later, though. Tsuruya-kun said she would come by to pick us up after gathering Kanae-chan," he agreed. The other girl nodded excitedly, then waved goodbye and skipped away, humming. Their mother was inside in the kitchen, calling out a greeting after they announced themselves in practiced tandem.

Oh, guess what they announced at school today? In the hall, she skipped from one foot to the other excitedly, rifling through her bag before pulling out the permission slip she had been given earlier. She slid to a halt before she lost her balance, halfway down the hall. She belatedly realized that she was getting too excited Settling down, she held the paper out to her mother like an offering. Her magical-girl trip depended on this! How could she not remember how to pronounce where she was going?

She remembered the same thing being mentioned by the friendly, unfamiliar teacher that had joined the roster, sharing the opening minutes of class with her usual home-room teacher. I might not be back until late. Kyon had gotten to go on an amazing island adventure, after all, and she'd been left out, despite her best efforts. This was her chance to go somewhere remote and special, where she would have her once-in-a-life-time encounter that would give her the much-needed magical-girl powerup!

A pair of dress shoes dangled from his fingertips as he stepped around her, disrupting the quiet moment.

He shrugged sheepishly and went to the entryway, opening the door. Tsuruya stood outside in a formal kimono, waving one hand and grinning as cheerfully as ever. Her eyes drifted from Nonoko's mother to the small girl, and she blinked, her smile fading slightly. She launched herself at the taller girl, glomping onto her in a hug. Especially around your brother's fiancee! He also suggested she could meet interesting people at North High. Kyon considers staying in this "normal" world for good and joining the Literature Clubbut eventually decides that a world with the SOS Brigade is still more interesting and fun, no matter how annoying it is.

In Love at First SightKyon witnesses someone falling in love with Yuki, and remains jealous of him even after it is revealed that the person did not love her but actually became confused by seeing the Data Overmind.

Kyon thinks about his relationship with Yuki and partially admits that he has feelings for her. In The Melancholy of Mikuru Asahina Mikuru recruits Kyon to rescue a childbut cannot tell him her real reason for inviting him out due to her orders from the future.

Kyon prevented the boy from being run over by a truck, implied to have been driven by rival time travelers. The future version of Mikuru informs Kyon in The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya that Kyon will soon be forced to make a choice that determines the fate of the future.

You can help Haruhi Wiki by expanding it. Sasaki calls him, ending up in a tense meeting with her and her "associates" Kyouko Tachibana and Fujiwara who had previously tried to kidnap Mikuru and Kuyou Suou a representative for an organization which had previously attacked Yuki.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

His choice is presented to him at the meeting, in which he is told to decide whether to transplant Haruhi's powers into Sasaki, who is revealed to have similar powers to Haruhi, or to let Haruhi keep her powers and risk turning over the world. Kyon starts to show negative feelings towards the Data Overmind and its Humanoid Interfaces bar Yuki when it becomes clear that they will do nothing to help Yuki in her sickness while she tries to sort things out with the Sky Canopy Dominion.

In desperation, in The Surprise of Haruhi SuzumiyaKyon contacts Sasaki and her companions hoping they will have a solution. He has been told that he is the one who can move Haruhi's powers to Sasaki. Kyon believes Haruhi to be an annoying and reckless girl, although he believes she can be a kind, talented person if she learns to calm down and help others instead of demanding things.

Kyon kisses Haruhi to escape being trapped by Haruhi in closed space Unlike the other three Brigade members, Kyon sees Haruhi more like a human than a mysterious factor, and treats her like one, which leads to several risks of her destroying the world.

Despite this he firmly maintains that one of these days she would "have to learn her lesson" and frequently complains about needing to help control closed space which is why he must submit to Haruhi's demands. Kyon was the only person to address Haruhi by her first name without honorifics. Kyon wishes that Haruhi would return to a normal life, and as he says in " Charmed at First Sight LOVER ", he wishes she would get a boyfriend so that he would not have to go through so much work.

Even though, he seems to be unconditionally interested in Haruhi herself for her personality and not about her powers, it is not specifically mentioned. He even looked jealous when he found out that Haruhi in the movie is close to Koizumi and they are going to the same school and are classmates. He gets irritated thinking what if she had started a club like before and now with Kyon not in it and some other unknown members with it.

When he saw her coming out of the school he was overly excited and lost all of his composure which scared Haruhi. He did not reply to the fact that in the original world Haruhi was interested in Kyon even though he was nothing special or in fact he was just a human which was pointed out by Koizumi in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Koizumi even says that he loves Haruhi, even though Haruhi looks at Koizumi as only a mysterious transfer student and even says to Kyon that he is envious of the relation Kyon shares with Haruhi to which Kyon couldn't reply with anything. He choses to be with Haruhi at the end of the movie and help her till the end. Because of this, Kyon trusts her more than anyone else in the Brigade. Kyon takes pride in being able to detect Yuki's changes in mood and development in becoming more humanlike.

Seeing the human version of Yuki in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya leaves a strong effect on him where in fact it was so strong that he believes that Yuki actions to alter the world is because of 'love', and he tries to keep up with her emotional development.