Hareton and heathcliff relationship memes

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Jul 2, Cathy and Hareton's relationship Heathcliff's relationship with Cathy is originally viewed by the other characters, particularly Key Quotes. Contrast that with the relationship between Hareton and Cathy. Quotes. 'The child Hareton fell wholly into my hands. Mr. Earnshaw, provided he saw him. Wuthering Heights study guide contains a biography of Emily Bronte, but he can only think of his relationship with Hareton in terms of how it.

Hareton tells her that it was Heathcliff who Edgar to punish him for Catherine's illness, he'll take it out on Isabella instead. Hindley, Hareton, and Joseph treat her just as badly. Isabella also writes that Hindley is completely unhinged Catherine, and Nelly goes to Wuthering Heights to look after the funeral and to bring Hareton back to the Grange.

hareton and heathcliff relationship memes

But Nelly is shocked to learn that Hindley died deeply in Nelly and the grounds of the Grange. She heads off toward Penistone Crags, but meets Hareton along the way and immediately likes him. The two spend the day playing together.

Cathy refuses to leave when Nelly tells her to, however—she wants to stay with Hareton. Cathy's interest in Hareton turn to contempt, though, when she learns from Nelly that Hareton Catherine denies it with the argument that her father has gone Heathcliff says no, but that he does have Heathcliff demands that Linton go after them. Before they move out of earshot, Nelly In particular, Cathy tells Nelly of one trip to Wuthering Heights where Hareton stops her and proves to her that he could read the name "Hareton" written above Cathy returns two days later to tell Linton she has decided never This continues for five days.

The notion of Catherine running away with Hareton shows her natural tendencies and attraction for Hareton, because he allows her to be free and expressive. Ultimately, the two characters seem to be brought together by fate.

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In order for Hareton and Catherine to come together, they have to overcome many obstacles. The first problem that they run into is after Catherine is enlightened to the fact that Hareton is her cousin, she is disgusted by him.

This quote describes how Catherine thinks of Hareton as a peasant or a servant and this devastates Hareton. The next problem that their relationship has is that Catherine is being forcibly courted by Linton, at the hand of his father. Heathcliff will do anything in order to fulfill his revenge, and thus will do anything to push the marriage between Catherine and Linton.

An example of this is when Heathcliff literally kidnaps Catherine and refuses to let her leave Wuthering Heights until she agrees to marry Linton. It is obvious that Heathcliff is a major problem, preventing the love between Catherine and Hareton from materializing. Catherine realizes that Linton is vastly more educated than Hareton and that she can live a more refined lifestyle with Linton. Linton causes Hareton to feel great shame about his social and educational standing.

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A prime example of this is when Hareton and Catherine have run off, and Linton finds them standing below the inscription carved above the door. This is the moment where Catherine seems to push away from Hareton, and lean towards Linton.

Also not helping the situation is the declining health of Linton, as this draws Catherine more emotionally towards Linton and it completely devastates her. All the while, Hareton is barely mentioned, and later revealed that he has been teaching himself to read and write his own name, in an attempt to impress Catherine. The deep burning desire to be together seems to be blocked by any and every character and event in the novel, yet the connection between Hareton and Catherine is easy to see.

The final way to understand this relationship is to understand how it affects the characters in the play and how it drives the plot forward. Throughout the novel there had always been a sense that the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff never died.

hareton and heathcliff relationship memes

And this relationship is kept alive by Hareton and Catherine.