Haley and dylan relationship

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haley and dylan relationship

Ever since catching up with Dylan again, kissing him, and then sleeping stuff Haley has received in the show's entire run, and while Dylan will of natural connection that also courses through Phil and Claire's relationship. Haley kissed Dylan during the season premiere after she confronted him for supposedly trying to manipulate her into rethinking her relationship. Dylan Marshall is Haley's on-and-off (currently on) boyfriend, currently a nursing seeing his own relationship with Claire in Haley and Dylan's relationship.

'Modern Family' Fans Angry at Possible Haley and Dylan Reconciliation

Contents [ show ] Personality Most of the family see Dylan as not very bright, and for this reason Claire in particular doesn't consider him good enough for her daughter Haley. Claire's attitude softens somewhat in Season 7when Haley starts dating him seriously again. However, she never fully accepts him as a good enough partner for Haley.

Dylan is always kind to everyone and throughout the show is never shown doing or saying anything malicious to anyone else. His intelligence, or lack thereof, gets him into awkward and weird situations more than once, but he is never cruel or mean on purpose. When to everyone's surprise Dylan makes an insightful speech that clears up a fight between Gloria and DeDe. This leads Claire and Phil to briefly reconsider their opinion of him, until he sings a song he wrote, " In the Moonlight Do Me ", with its awkwardly inappropriate chorus about wanting to have sex with Haley.

Claire never really changes her negative attitude towards Dylan, while Phil later becomes quite fond of him, perhaps seeing his own relationship with Claire in Haley and Dylan's relationship.

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Despite the song's vulgarity, most of the family members afterwards were seen singing the song. When Dylan and Haley got in a fight, he plays the song from his phone in front of her house in a reference to the film Say Anything, and she makes up with him. His band consists of 4 members including him, two other guitarists, and a drummer, all of which except for the drummer can be seen playing in the episode " Travels with Scout ".

CameronHaley's uncle, was a drummer in his band for one gig.

haley and dylan relationship

Later, he gets a job as a ranch hand, and he and Haley break up for a while. He doesn't know how he feels about the situation and he hangs up on her. Later, Haley decides to go find Dylan and clear things up with him so she can move on.

But when she arrives at his apartment, she tells him that the kiss was a mistake. He says he's not ready to move on from her and that he loves her, and will continue to make himself better until he deserves her. Later, she tells the camera that she is in love with two people.

haley and dylan relationship

Fans of the beloved comedy series, who had already expressed dissatisfaction on the couple coming back into the picture during the premiere and in the season 9 finale, took to Twitter to slam Haley and Dylan potentially finding their way back to each other. She later told Manny after he found the pictures of himself like this that the child in question was his "twin sister who died at the age of one.

When they get to the school to return the poncho and realize that Manny has a plan to play folk music to his classmates with his pan flute which was inside the ponchoGloria tells Jay to break the flute, saying in her interview that "the poncho by itself is fine.


The poncho, plus the flute, plus the stupid dance? My son will die a virgin. She is also very comfortable with death on one occasion killing and beheading a rat with a shovel right before she left for church and leaving the head "as a warning to the other rats"on account of a couple of her relatives being butchers.

She has a very high tolerance for spicy food, and has perhaps the strongest religious views of any member of the family.

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