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Girl with a Pearl Earring is a historical novel written by Tracy Chevalier. Set in 17th Griet and Vermeer are therefore reluctant to fulfil this request and eventually Vermeer comes up with a compromise. Rather than writing a story of Vermeer having an illicit relationship with the household maid, Chevalier builds. Jan 15, Tracy Chevalier's fictitious novel about Vermeer and his maid, Griet, has The difference in the two actors' relationship before and after those. But the trouble with their relationship runs deeper than just religion. Reviews: 5 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 1 - Published: Sep 29, - Griet, Vermeer - Complete.

He stood there, gazing at the empty spot where the woman had been. Eventually he gained control of his own limbs again, and set off at a fast pace towards home. Flinging open the door, he hurried into his room, shouting a rushed greeting to his mother as he flew past.


Once there, he pulled out his chalkboard from underneath his pillow, sat down on the floor, and began to draw. He worked quickly, his strokes flying over the board, the white chalk dust falling onto the floorboards.

He wished silently to himself that he had more colours to work with, and more surface on which to draw. In the summer months, some of the local children would catch him in the street and beg him to draw colourful chalk murals on the pavement. Jeremias would be happy to oblige, and draw for them churches and rivers, trees and valleys.

However, as soon as Jeremias saw the chalk and the board, he knew there would be no way to do her angelic features justice.

A week went by, and although Jeremias went to work, and filled his day with routine activities, he never left that dream-like state. His mother asked if he was ill, it was just like her to worry thought Jeremias, but she had nothing to worry about; he was incredibly happy, however not contented. He wanted to see her again.

In the end, his second encounter with her took place at the least expected time, in the most unlikely of places. One afternoon, Jeremias was working steadily, writing the labels, removing the old ones, and replacing them.

He secretly liked the dark of the storage cupboard; he was free from the watchful eye of his master and could see the happenings in the shop through a small hole in the wall. The gap was tiny, but when he fixed his eye upon it, he found he could survey almost the entire room. Her voice was smooth as silk, feminine and delicate. Jeremias moved his eye as close as he could to the hole, focusing on the two figures.

She was here, she had come, and not only by chance, but looking for him. At that moment, he remembered to breathe, and took a sharp intake of air through gritted teeth. Jeremias released his breath and gazed through the hole in the wall. What met his eyes was even better than in his thoughts, in his dreams. The girls face was luminous, looking over her left shoulder, light shining onto the left side of her face and neck. Her eyes were wide, sparkling, full of hope and expectation.

The pearl earring shone from its rightful place, complimenting her features. At the same time, I also felt she knew Vermeer well, as her gaze is very direct and knowing. So I thought, Who else would be close to him but not related? And I thought of a servant. How much of the story is true? Did Griet really exist? Griet did not exist. So I made up that she was his servant. But I tried to stay true to the facts that we do know about his life.

Vermeer did grow up in Delft and lived there all his life. He was Protestant but married a Catholic woman, Catharina Bolnes, and probably converted. They had 11 children, and another 4 who died in infancy.

They lived with his mother-in-law Maria Thins in the Catholic quarter of town. They had a servant called Tanneke. Vermeer was an art dealer and there were paintings all over the walls. He was in debt quite a lot. It is likely that he painted very slowly.

There are no letters to or from him, and few references to him in writings of the time. That is what I had to create: Was he quiet or a talker?

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Did he prefer to be around men or women? Van Ruijven will be painted with members of his own family and Vermeer will paint a portrait of Griet by herself which is to be sold to van Ruijven. For the painting, he forces her to pierce her ears and wear his wife's pearl earrings without her permission. Cornelia seizes the chance to let Catharina discover this and in the resulting scandal Vermeer remains silent and Griet is forced to leave.

Ten years later, long after Griet has married Pieter and settled into life as a mother and butcher's wife, she is called back to the house following Vermeer's death. There Griet learns that Vermeer had asked for her painting to be hung in the room as he was dying.

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In addition, though the family is now poorer, Vermeer's will has included a request that Griet receive the pearl earrings that she wore when he painted her, which Van Leeuwenhoek forces Catharina to hand over. Griet realizes, however, that she could no more wear them as a butcher's wife than she could have as a maid.

She therefore decides to pawn the earrings and pay the fifteen guilders owed to her husband from the price. In Plume released the U.

'We didn't want the "Griet discovers her sexuality in front of the mirror" scene'

Griet's ability to suggest to Vermeer how to improve a painting demands one stretch of the reader's imagination. As Time magazine notes, Chevalier presents "an exquisitely controlled exercise that illustrates how temptation is restrained for the sake of art". It concentrates particularly on visual detail, both in the appearance of characters and of domestic surroundings, and their spatial placing in relation to each other.