Greek gods and mortals relationship help

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greek gods and mortals relationship help

While both gods and humans have fairly similar personalities Greek gods have of their relationship−had Aphrodite not been so supportive and willing to assist. Basically, gods and mortals blame each other when things go wrong. Because the Greeks believe that the gods control all aspects of life, they. Get an answer for 'in Iliad, what is the relationship between gods and mortals?' and find homework help for other Literature questions at eNotes. Greek religion , as portrayed in the Homeric epics, is characterized as "anthropomorphic.

Like many of the gods, Zeus was pansexual, so he also turned into an eagle to abduct Ganymede, an attractive Trojan prince, to serve as Zeus's lover and cupbearer. Vengeance for Voyeurism Though the gods were free to abduct and seduce the humans of their choosing, they were less lenient when it came to human desire.

Relationships between Gods and Mortals in The Odyssey Essay

Actaeon was hunting with his 50 hounds when he found Artemis, goddess of the hunt, bathing in the forest. Transfixed, he stared, and the goddess noticed almost immediately. Furious at his impertinence, Artemis transformed Actaeon into a deer and took control of the minds of his dogs.

greek gods and mortals relationship help

On the goddess's orders, the dogs trapped and consumed their former owner. An Honor Interrupted Sexual voyeurism wasn't the only type of curiosity the gods frowned upon. When Demeter was mourning the kidnapping of her daughter Persephone, she lived for some time among the humans, disguising herself as an old woman.

greek gods and mortals relationship help

She cared for the son of King Keleos and Queen Metaneira, feeding the child ambrosia and breathing the breath of immortality on him. One night, Queen Metaneira found that Demeter had placed her son in a fire. Screaming, the queen ignited the fury of Demeter, who coldly explained that she was making the child immortal, but Metaneira had foolishly halted the process.

She prevents an attack by driving Ajax insane, making him believe that he kills the Greek commanders when he actually slaughters cows and sheep: Here we learn that Athena protected Odysseus by resorting to savage means; rather than rousing Odysseus or simply restraining the already crazy Ajax, she augments the madness of Ajax, causing him to butcher helpless livestock.

This action demonstrates her characterization as a less maternal figure than Aphrodite in Sappho.

Relationships between Gods and Mortals in The Odyssey Essay Example for Free

Similarly, Athena forces Odysseus to witness the madness of Ajax, sharply telling him to stay and watch: Furthermore she goes on to threaten him, stating that success is fleeting and can be taken away in a day Watching Ajax, evidently, is an exercise in learning humility, through both watching the effects of a lack of humility and threats on consequences of acting prideful. In short, Sophocles portrays Athena as a tough-love sort of parent, willing to take a harsh stance to prevent insolent behavior.

On the other hand, Sappho portrays gods as benevolent entities, willing to assist in anyway possible to ensure happiness. The first example of this occurs in the very first fragment, where Sappho begs Aphrodite to help her catch the attention of a potential romantic interest.

greek gods and mortals relationship help

Aphrodite comes to Sappho with a gentle disposition, smiling and ready to assist. Sappho also depicts this maternal nature in the second fragment, where Sappho calls Aphrodite to a paradisal place in order to celebrate a happy occasion. While in the first fragment Sappho calls upon Aphrodite to help her in a time of need, Sappho also includes Aphrodite in celebrations of happy events thereby demonstrating that their relationship is very close. The gods treat humans as children, with less wisdom and a need for education that they must fulfill.

greek gods and mortals relationship help

However, the respective representations differ when examining the actual relationship in context. Sophocles depicts Athena as a tough love sort of parent, willing to shock and threaten in order to help in the long run.

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