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glee rachel and brody first meet quotes

The remainder of the first season aired for nine consecutive weeks starting on April 13, Brody: It's just because you're becoming a different person. I'm head Cheerio, vice-Rachel of the Glee club and now, I'm planning a Middle East style Ryder: [to Marley] I don't want to kiss a girl who's got puke on her breath. Rachel and Brody meet for the first time when Brody leaves the shower completely nude while Rachel is in the bathroom at the same time. They have a chat and. Rachel's first love Glee Rachel And Finn, Finn Glee, Lea And Cory, Glee. Glee Rachel And . Glee- Finchel, Brochel, Finn, Brody, and Rachel. I hate Brody. Smb.

Rachel chooses to leave McKinley, but not before being confronted by Finn who assumes she was crying over Brody. Glease Rachel is in her dance class when Brody walks in taking Cassandra's place. Rachel then starts packing her stuff and tries to leave. When Brody confronts her, he sense the anger she's having.

Rachel tells him that she is angry with the hook-up he had with Cassandra, but he defends himself saying he came onto her and that it was her who walked away from their plans for another guy. He then grabs her for foxtrot partners. During the dance, Brody gives Rachel a reality check.

He tells her that they are now adults and that involves making adult choices, and that he made herself unavailable and that people can't be mind readers.

She fires back telling him that you don't need to be a mind reader to now that they are mortal enemies. However, Brody doesn't want to risk the friendship the two have developed and tells her that it won't happen again, which Rachel accepts. He then changes topics entirely, asking if she is going back to Ohio for Thanksgiving. Rachel tells him about her plans with Kurt, and he finds that slightly depressing knowing her cooking.

He tells her that he can't afford to go home, and invites himself over, but also offering to cook for them. Rachel appears caught off-guard for a second, but then agrees to his request with a warm smile.

He then makes a joke about inviting Cassandra, and Rachel laughs at it, implying that all is forgiven. At Rachel and Kurt's apartment, Rachel is smiling over the witty conversation that Brody and Kurt are having.

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She then speaks up saying that this is great, and Brody agrees, but adds that there is no singing. Immediately Kurt looks to him in shock, and Rachel with humorous anger.

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Brody then gets Rachel to help butter the turkey. When she help, Brody insists that she's doing it wrong and holds her hands showing her the correct motion. When dinner is served, Brody and Rachel sit beside each other.

Brody then tells Kurt that he can start carving the turkey, but says that he's not going to eat after watching the two of them rub the turkey. Brody is caught by surprise seeing everyone burst into song and choreography. Later on, Brody joins in on the fun and follows Rachel's lead in the dance. Afterwards, he holds her hand and tells her that she will be great.

He then steps up the stairs past Rachel to leave, but she stops him and kisses him. He then asks her what the kiss was for and she explains that she is just going to do things like she's never going to get another chance again. Kurt then interrupts them and tells Rachel that she is up next. When Rachel performs Being Good Isn't Good EnoughBrody is seen smiling at her and gives a standing ovation at the end of the song along with the rest of the crowd. Later on in the episode, Kurt is asked to perform in the Showcase.

Swan Song In the beginning of the episode, Rachel reveals to Kurt that Brody spent the night because it was a long commute from his apartment to hers. Throughout the episode, Rachel has become too busy to hang out with Kurt due to investing all of her time with Brody.

Kurt explains that she runs off to help Brody with something that will no doubt have Brody shirtless. Later on, Rachel cooks a turkey burger for Brody, but he arrives forty-five minutes late which angers Rachel. Brody apologizes for missing the dinner and tells her that she is priceless and he would go to the end of the world for her.

The two later dance with each other during a montage scene to Ryder's I Only Have Eyes for You and Brody tells her that he will try to find a place closer to Rachel, to which Rachel asks him to move in with her. Sadie Hawkins In this episode, Brody comes out and sits in front of Kurt, completely nude, Rachel gives him a quick kiss.

glee rachel and brody first meet quotes

When Rachel talks about her topless scene in a student film, Brody supports her, but Kurt does not. Rachel says she'll do the scene regardless of whether Kurt wants to support her or not. Naked Because of Rachel's insufferable attitude since the Winter Showcase, Kurt has decided to knock Rachel down a peg by challenging her to a diva off at an event titled 'Midnight Madness'.

When they later perform Bring Him HomeBrody is seen smiling at both of their performances, not showing any biased favor towards his girlfriend. Even when Kurt is voted the winner, he remains impartial.

Diva Brody does not come to Lima for Will's wedding, however, he is mentioned by Rachel several times during her meeting with Finn. She mentions that Brody felt weird about going to a stranger's wedding. Once Rachel comes home, Brody has decorated the entire house for Valentine's Day.

They share a few kisses and Brody notices that she is kissing differently and asks if Rachel has seen Finn. Rachel denies anything has happened between the two. When Rachel asks if Brody has done anything interesting, he denies it and says he's been at home watching work-out videos, but a cutaway scene shows Brody leaving a hotel with money, obviously implying he has been prostituting himself. At the end of the episode during Anything Could HappenBrody and Rachel are seen sleeping in the same bed.

Rachel gets up to go to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. I Do After constantly rifling through her roommates' possessions, Santana finds a pager and a wad of cash in Brody's things and comes to the conclusion that Brody is a drug dealer. Rachel dismisses this and doesn't believe that Brody would do something like that.

When Santana questions Brody's whereabouts during the snowstorm, Rachel tells her that he is probably stranded somewhere and calls him to prove that Santana is wrong. Brody tells her that he is stuck at his friend Leo's house, but a disbelieving Santana thinks otherwise. Brody tells her that he has to go and Rachel doesn't question anything after that.

He tells Rachel about this and Rachel wants Santana to make a choice. She must either leave him alone or leave the apartment, she chooses to leave. The next day, Brody goes to a motel room thinking it is just a regular customer when he realizes that it is Santana waiting for him in the room. It wasn't until you did a Rich Little impression and then told me it was a Rich Little impression and then explained who Rich Little was that I knew you were special.

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And I can't tell you how excited I am to become your Mayan star-wife. Jones said the new end of world date is September 27, Brittany: That gives us like two whole years of giving love and brutal honesty to everyone we know.

I was willing to make an exception because of your biceps, but I'm gonna have to end this little experiment in religious tolerance if you don't stop dancing like an idiot. It's all about the cliques. The stage combat majors are the jocks. The classical acting majors are the preps.

glee rachel and brody first meet quotes

The ballerinas are the mean girls. And if they're at the top of the social pyramid, then once again, I'm at the bottom. Do you have any lip balm I can use? Conspiracy theories make my lips get all chapped. Come on, dude, it's not weird. Rachel is a serious actress, Brody. She doesn't do nudity. As performers, that's a question that we're all gonna have to face. If you want to win an Oscar, you have to show your boobs. I seem to recall a rumor about a certain cheerleading coach at this school who once took horse estrogen and posed for Penthouse back in the day.

So maybe I can just track that down and make a few copies and sell those to raise money for Regionals. That's nothing but a rumor. But if that rumor were true, my Penthouse centerfold so groundbreaking that it completely redefined the term 'hirsute,' and gave birth unto these United States a pose so limber, they named it the Regal American Not-So-Bald Spread Eagle, I promise you, my friend, you would never find it.

And you have been a nightmare. But you're not a diva because you're a nightmare. You're a diva because you're talented, and ambitious, and because no one else in the world can do what you, Rachel Berry, can do. That's what being a diva's all about. One of a kind. So hold the nightmare, but bring the diva. In honor of Diva week, let's just cut the crap and keep it real.

Tina Cohen-Chang deserves better. I got upstaged yet again by Santana and she doesn't even go to school here. Blaine, I'm falling in love with you. And I realize that this could be a tragic, one-way thing. But even if we end up having just a sexless relationship, which many Asian girls and gay men do, it'd be worth it. So, do you believe all that stuff you tell yourself about, you know, labels, and mature conversations, Sex and the City, really?

You think I'm lying to you? I think you're lying to yourself. And I think that the reason you can't really commit to Brody is because you're still in love with someone else. Today is the day we honor St. Valentine, a man publicly beheaded for defying his government by exchanging candies and chocolates to nonsensically render the objects of our affection more fat and less attractive. Um, Sue, I feel really scared. I feel really overwhelmed. I feel like I can't think straight. I'm just really, really worried that this isn't going to work.

Well, of course it isn't going to work. You're a weird bird lady with a hollow pelvis and OCD. And Will Schuester is a weepy man-child whose greatest joy in life is singing with children. And his best friend? Girls and Boys on Film [4. Boy mopes around and sits on his ass until his best man helps save the day.

glee rachel and brody first meet quotes

If you were to write yourself a pamphlet, what would it be called? My first real week in New York and I'm snowbound in Bushwick with a bunch of musical theater queens.

glee rachel and brody first meet quotes

It's like Eli Roth decided to make a gay horror movie and this is the scene right before we all eat each other. You're a natural leader, Finn. You don't need Mr. Shue's approval to be that. Yeah, but I do need a little thing called a teaching degree.

So, go get one. Rachel, you can't just blow past this like nothing ever happened. This is a wake-up call. This is an opportunity for you to take a hard look at the choices that you're making, where your life is heading. My most guilty pleasure of late: I ordered it one night while on Ambien. My art teacher thinks I'm some kind of genius like the ugly guy in "Shine" except with macaroni.

I don't even think you need all of these beauty products, Rachel because they're not really having the desired effect unless your goal is to look like a reject from the "Shahs of Sunset.

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I'm really surprised that Jesus Christ Superstar has chosen to end the world this way instead of the way he killed off the dinosaurs which was a global yeast infection. At the risk of stepping out of character, I brought donuts to calm everyone's frayed nerves. You always shine your brightest when you do something personal, something intimately important that defines you. Just do something that takes you back to the roots of your passion. I've got the rest of my life to be a grown-up and for now, it's okay to be young.

Like George JeffersonI'm movin' on up! We're so focused on being plugged in to the Twitterverse and the blogosphere that we don't appreciate what's actually right in front of us and I think that that's just sad and lame. The last thing I want to do is pay 30 grand a year to get a degree for doing something that I'm already freaking Wonder Woman at. Someway, somehow, the kids are still shaken up. No one feels safe. Set the record straight.

We need you, Coach Sue. I like to switch it up, be unpredictable. Sometimes I'm sweet, sometimes I'm sour. Are you gonna argue with our Lord and Saviour Jesus? I mean, I'm Jewish. I wanted to formally ask for your permission to ask Kurt to marry me. You kidding, or you nuts? All or Nothing [4. There comes a moment in every performer's life that defines him or her, sometimes for the rest of their career.