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glee quinn and beth relationship

Quinn Fabray is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. Quinn gives birth to a baby girl, Beth, whom she gives up for adoption. . Puck and Quinn talk about Finn and their relationship, and she realizes that she. For Beth Family, It's a funny thing. Quinn knocked gently on the . "I want us to raise Beth together, like live together and shit," he said. Rated: Fiction K - English - Family/Romance - Quinn F., Puck "Hey it's me Shelby giving me Beth back I wanted to know if you wanted to raise.

Quinn also changes her mind about Finn and Rachel's marriage and supports it. Quinn's car accident has left her in a wheelchair, suffering from a severely compressed spine.

She tells him that with all they went through, they are bonded for life, and she kisses him. Emboldened, Puck passes his test. Later, Quinn returns her cheerleading uniform to Sue, and the two have a tearful farewell. Season 4[ edit ] Quinn returns to Lima for Thanksgiving in the eighth episode of the seasonand helps to mentor the new members of New Directions as they prepare for Sectionals competition.

Kitty convinces Quinn, whom she idolizes, that Jake Puckerman Jacob ArtistPuck's half brother, is pressuring Marley into having sex with him. Quinn becomes hostile towards Jake, Santana confronts Quinn about having discovered that Kitty has given Marley laxatives in order to further Marley's bulimia.

Quinn, who is dating one of her teachers at Yale, accuses Santana of being jealous of her and projecting her hostility in their surrogates, leading to a fight before Quinn storms out of the choir room. She and Santana get drunk at the wedding reception and sleep together, which they agree was a fun one-time, and then two time, experimentation for Quinn. Puck is jealous of their relationship, because he still loves her. Quinn is lying to him because she does not want him to know about her past yet.

Puck convinces her to tell Biff the truth, which she does. Biff reacts wrongly and insults her, which causes a fight between Puck and Biff.

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Puck and Quinn talk about Finn and their relationship, and she realizes that she still loves him. They later start a relationship again, which is later confirmed in the next episode. Quinn, Santana, and Brittany attempt to recruit new members by performing in Cheerios Alumni outfits, but only recruit twins Mason and Madison when former Glee new member, Kitty, who was the only member not to be transferred as Sue saw her as a star player, announced she wouldn't return because of the way Artie treated her and everyone else when he left.

Puck is still her boyfriend. She appears in " Jagged Little Tapestry " along with Tina to help Becky convince her new boyfriend that she is in every club of the school. They all get a big lesson when they confront him and realize that a person with Down syndrome should be treated like everyone else. Despite being Santana and Brittany's best friend, she is notably absent during their wedding in " A Wedding ".

She is mentioned several times during the Pilot's parallel episode " ", as Finn's cheerleader girlfriend. She returns in the last minutes of the series finale " Dreams Come True " performing backing vocals for I Lived with the rest of the Glee Cast for the re-dedication of the Auditorium.

Casting and creation[ edit ] Dianna Agron pictured plays Quinn. Quinn is portrayed by actress Dianna Agron. Later in the episode, before performing their duet of I've Had The Time of My LifeQuinn remarks the last time she was in the green room, she went into labor and said she was having post dramatic stress.

Sam comforts her and persuades her that their performance will go well. Before they are about to go on, behind the curtain, Sam tells Quinn she looks beautiful. They sing their duet and seem happy when they get through to regionals. Special Education Sam and Quinn interacted with each other mainly during the episode. They wrapped presents together, decorated side by side and stood next to each other both times when they were decorating the tree.

It is shown that Quinn still wears her promise ring given by Sam. Quinn and Sam are later seen kissing by the lockers under the mistletoe Sam is holding. A Very Glee Christmas Quinn gets in a fight with Finn as he is mad that she chose the cheerios and he calls her weak. Sam is quick to defend Quinn as he begins to yell at Finn, which Quinn says she thinks is hot. However, Finn and Quinn share a look during the big football game after Finn makes a speech to Quinn, Santana, and Brittany of why they should be in glee club and quit the Cheerios.

Quinn cheats on Sam by kissing Finn in the hallway after the big game saying his speech reminded her why she loved him. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle They are mostly seen together during this episode as the main plot is about their relationship. They are seen talking to each other while Finn is thinking about Quinn.

Quinn later is talking to Finn at his kissing booth and they look close, but they don't know that Sam is watching from afar. Sam says to Quinn when he is explaining that he thinks something is going down between her and Finn, "Everyone thinks I'm dumb.

Sam watches as they kiss, but he doesn't see that both Quinn and Finn see fireworks. Quinn tells Finn to meet her in the auditorium after this kiss. When she meets with Finn in the auditorium, as she is still unsure of whom to choose and she is wearing her ring that Sam gave her.

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She admits that she "thinks" she loves Sam and asks Finn, if you can love two people at once to which Finn responds, "Not completely. Quinn and Finn both come down with mono because of Santana's meddling and Sam is left to wonder why Quinn and Finn are the only people who had come down with the disease.

Santana remarks that what really helps to spread it is "a bit of tongue," but Sam is confused as when he had watched Quinn and Finn kiss at the booth and it was only a peck. At Breadstix, Santana waves at Sam as he smiles in return, foreshadowing their relationship, and it is possible he believed Santana when she hinted that Quinn was cheating on him. Silly Love Songs Sam has a voice over at the start of the episode and he states that ever since Quinn got mono she has been acting strange.

Sam feels that Quinn is "pulling away" and tries to win her back by starting The Justin Bieber Experience. Quinn tells Sam she saved Finn from choking on a gumball to explain coming down with mono.

She tells Finn that Sam is an artist and it really turns her on. Santana offers to be Sam's "mistress" saying that he is only believing Quinn because he wants to.

glee quinn and beth relationship

Quinn later comes up to Sam's locker and asks Sam about their date, Sam finally admits to himself that Quinn really did kiss Finn and he confirms this to himself as he says, "You can't look me in the eye, and tell me you didn't make out with Finn" to her.

She says she wants to be with him. As he breaks up with Quinn he mutters "Oel ngati kameie" "I love you" in Na'vi. Sam also tells Quinn that he has started dating Santana. Quinn has tears in her eyes and in the background the last couple of words from Baby play slowly. In glee club Sam and Santana are sitting together and Quinn stares sadly.

Comeback Quinn is seen at Rachel's party watching enviously as Sam and Santana make out. She shows a similar expression when Sam kisses Brittany during spin the bottle. While drunk, Santana yells at Sam that she knows he likes Quinn more than her. And while Finn and Rachel are having a stakeout Quinn gets out of a motel then Sam gets out then they hug making Finn think she's cheating on him with Sam.

They also spend more time together due to Quinn babysitting for Sam's little brother and sister. It is later revealed that Quinn was helping to baby sit for Sam's younger siblings, as he now lives in a motel with his family, as his parents are out looking for jobs all day. Rumours Quinn and Sam are seen sitting next to each other during Jean's funeral.

After talking to Kurt and Blaine in The Lima Bean, Sam and Mercedes are confirmed to be dating, although the relationship is still a secret. New York When Sam returns, Quinn is one of the first to get up and give him a friendly hug and she happily sings along to his performance of Red Solo Cup. Quinn propositions Sam about raising Beth with her, trying to convince him by saying she has a model's body.

He simply tells her it's their senior year and she should enjoy it, and "hold onto sixteen. When Rachel helps clean the slushie off of Puck's face in the bathroom, she makes a comment about Quinn's hair making slushies worse for her than for him. Later in the episode, as Rachel and Puck are sitting on the bleachers outside, about to break-up from their short-lived romance, Rachel notices him watching the cheerleaders, and asks if the reason Puck joined Glee Club was because of Quinn.

Puck doesn't deny it. Rachel mentions how she notices Puck frequently is staring at Quinn when she's staring at Finn. He then says it doesn't matter, because Quinn will never leave Finn. He is clearly upset by this. At the end of the episode, Quinn is kicked off of the Cheerios and is seen depressed and in normal clothes. She bitterly reflects on how she's going have to start every day with a slushie facial.

Puck and the rest of the glee club support her, however, and agree when Will says that there are 11 friends who will all be willing to help clean her off. Wheels Puck pays attention in the Glee classroom when Quinn is discussing with Finn how desperately she needs money to pay for her doctor bills. She asks him to stop. She tells him she will go to her grave swearing the baby is Finn's, even if it comes out with a Mohawk.

Puck thinks it would be pretty cool if it came out with a Mohawk. Quinn, amused, starts a food fight with him. They throw cake ingredients at each other, flirting and laughing. Just as they are about to kiss, they are interrupted by Finn. Puck and Finn, in wheelchairs in this episode as an exercise to see what Artie has to go through, get into a fistfight over Quinn and the baby.

Puck doesn't think Finn's doing enough, and comments on how Finn is always being selfish and should rather think about how hard it is on Quinn. He accuses Finn of not deserving her, revealing his jealousy. Seeing that his pool cleaning business isn't enough, he decides to secretly put marijuana in cupcakes in order to get them to sell more successfully at the bake sale, the whole time planning to steal some of the money from the fundraiser and give it to Quinn.

We see Quinn and Puck smile at each other and share a look as his cupcakes sell well. When he presents her with the money, claiming it's from his piggy bank. Quinn reveals the baby is a girl, but soon realizes he stole the money from the cupcake fund. He denies it, but Quinn knows better, and he eventually admits it.

She chastises him for taking money from "a friend in a wheelchair", and he promises to return it. She apologizes for calling him a Lima Loser in Preggers and says he's not - he's "special and romantic".

glee quinn and beth relationship

Finn interrupts them, and Puck surreptitiously hides the cash in his pants. Puck is visibly upset when Quinn leaves on Finn's lap Finn still in his wheelchair. Quinn looks back at him, apologetically. In the auditorium, Puck gives the bake sale money to Mr. Quinn is clearly proud of him, and the two share a smile. Ballad Puck becomes frustrated with Quinn and Finn's relationship and admits to Mercedes that he is the father of Quinn's baby.

Mercedes tells him to lay off, because Quinn chose Finn to be the father, and he hurt Quinn enough. Quinn gets kicked out of her home by her parents in this episode. When the glee members are singing Lean on Metowards the end, Puck sings the lyrics "call me" and gives her a smirk.

Quinn, looking tempted, bites her lips, nods her head, and looks away with a smile while blushing. Quinn singing Papa Don't Preach while Puck is playing guitar Puck steals a book called How to Raise a Baby on Five Dollars a Day from a bookstore to give to Quinn, in case she changes the mind about giving the baby up for adoption.

This is the first scene where Puck seems to be aware of Quinn's intention to not keep the child. She tells him the act of theft "is so sweet", seeming genuinely appreciative, and admits that she doesn't know what she's going to do about it anymore. Puck tells her there is no pressure, whatever she decides. Quinn questions whether or not she was being unfair to him, and maybe she should have given him a chance - he is the real dad of the baby, after all. She worries that Finn would freak if she started spending time with Puck, though, so she devises a plan to have Rachel be a distraction for Finn, and meanwhile take Puck for a test drive.

Quinn, before even spending any time with Puck for this test run, comes to the decision to keep her baby, and informs Terri. However, Terri's sister, Kendra Giardidecides to show Quinn the horrors of motherhood by having her babysit her triplet sons. Quinn decides to use this as an opportunity to test out Puck as a potential father.

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When Quinn asks Puck to babysit with her, they both smile a lot at each other in the school hallway. Puck seems thrilled to have the opportunity. While Quinn and Puck are babysitting the children, they get tied up with jump rope. Puck keeps using his cell phone to text someone while Quinn tries to untie themselves, and when she complains and Puck starts to assist with the untying, their hands touch for a few meaningful seconds before they let go and find the rope untied.

Quinn-Sue Relationship

The children they are babysitting are only quieted when Puck and Quinn perform an acoustic version of Papa Don't Preachthe chorus of the song sending the message that Puck now knows too that Quinn wants to keep her baby. They smile at each other a lot throughout the song and at the beginning even touch. This is the only number in the entire series that is performed by Puck and Quinn alone, with Puck on guitar and Quinn singing solo.

All other musical numbers they participate in together are group numbers.