Gabbi garcia and ruru madrid relationship test

Gabbi Garcia gets rushed to the hospital due to a severe kidney infection ▷

It s over for Gabbi Garcia, Ruru Madrid love team. Dismantling the oil industry: Rough North Sea waters test new ideas. - Channel News Asia. Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid do revelations about each other and treat the PEPtalk team to @GMA News - 'Unang Hirit' tests GabRu's closeness in a one- on-one na Buhay: Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid reveal their relationship status. Gabru (Gabbi Garcia & Ruru Madrid). CLOSER.. Gabru (Gabbi Garcia & Ruru Madrid). CLOSER.. Gabru (Gabbi Garcia & Ruru Madrid). CLOSER.. Gabru ( Gabbi.

From what Showbuzz learned, there are plans for her to be paired with another leading man. She was last linked to Benjamin Alves but that was ages ago. Ben is now open about his feelings for girlfriend Julie Ann San Jose while Glaiza remains certified single. Unlike other women her age who are already committed to their partners, Glaiza says she is still in search for the right man. She swears she is not seeing anyone and not bothered that no one is pursuing her at the moment.

A lot of guys pursued her and there were those whom she really liked, going out on dates with them. She had relationship with some albeit cautiously because she would not go deeper into intimacy—not because she plays prude but it is just simply against her belief of remaining pure until she is married. Instead of sulking over the fact that no one is courting her, Glaiza is channeling her effort and energy into her singing career. She performed to a full-packed venue like the first time she performed there.

Members of the audience came from as far as Bicol. There were also fans from the United Kingdom who timed their Philippine vacation on the date of her concert. As expected, Glaiza gave a very impressive performance from the opening number where she accompanied herself with a guitar, to her number with guests Gloc 9 and Pinoy rock icon Mike Hanopol.

Like a seasoned performer, Glaiza once again displayed her musical talent. The audience was particularly thrilled when the Kapuso performer went down and gave them the chance to have selfies with her while singing.

Her only complaint was she was so hungry. While eating, she could not help but express her happiness over the success of the concert, so inspired that she was already conceptualizing her next gig.

Beginning first quarter ofthe pretty actress-singer will start taping for a new teleserye.

What's the one thing Gabbi Garcia hates about Ruru Madrid?

She has done some look test with her prospective leading men. Showbuzz already knows who has been chosen but the only clue we can give right now is that he is a goodlooking hunk and has not worked with her on a series yet.

gabbi garcia and ruru madrid relationship test

Her first stop will be Boracay. She will plan her next local trip from there. Obviously he's got one of the nicest faces in GMA's stable, but not the type that you'll feel ugly when you are beside him. He's very accommodating and fun to talk to, he never hesitates to joke around though, more so if you have Gabbi around. They started teasing each other as soon as they got seated.

Though you can see mutual attraction, I wonder how their love triangle would work out in this case when Ashley Ortega also has a lot of following.

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They laughed about it when Ruru said that's how long his hair is. Ruru is really funny, his personality was much like his character in the Seasons of Love flick they were doing.

His charm comes naturally and Director Gina Alajar knew he was portraying it correctly because he was acting like a girl and not a gay guy. The small nuances he had to learn was seen in My Soulmate, My Soulhate and you'll love the things he do to distinctly tell if he's Rusty or if he's doing Gracia. They'll also learn each others story and that's how they will learn to love more.

CLOSER.. Gabru (Gabbi Garcia & Ruru Madrid)

I won't have to spoil the plot, but you'll love the reason why they will break up on the show. It'll surely melt your heart, you'll be a fan of Ruru and Gabbi if you're not one yet.

gabbi garcia and ruru madrid relationship test

Gabbi Garcia as Rusty, effective! Gabbie tried to learn about this first by watching "Freaky Friday" which was by Lindsay Lohan. She says "This isn't an easy role but we're happy that we're being accepted really good even on Twitter. Sometimes, it's even funny that I catch Ruru still do the girl role. They couldn't believe that they have been trusted and blessed with the role and they were both shocked about how the public accepted the love team and the romance they exude especially while they did the "Paborito" segment in Sunday All Stars.

We watched the whole show that evening in advanced and felt it was a little short, obviously we wanted more. Ruru also kept cracking us up because he got that playful character going. He said Gabbi got his number first and she said he followed her on Instagram, then she said Ruru did the visit to tents, then Ruru went back at her like he has evidences and screenshots about the sweet things she said to him, that cracked us up bigtime!