France and nigeria trade relationship

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france and nigeria trade relationship

Since independence, with Jaja Wachuku as the first Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commons, In pursuing the goal of regional economic cooperation and development, Nigeria helped create ECOWAS, which seeks to harmonise trade and investment .. France has an embassy in Abuja and a consulate-general in Lagos. Nigeria, France to deepen relationship to deepen the buoyant diplomatic, economic and military relationships between. A new impetus to Franco-Nigerian economic relationship. Paris. Nicole Bricq, French Minister of Foreign Trade meets the Nigerian Minister of Industry, Trade.

Algeria has an embassy in Abuja.

France-Nigeria Trade Relation Reached N750bn in Q1, Says French Ambassador

Nigeria has an embassy in Algiers. See Angola—Nigeria relations Angolan-Nigerian relations are primarily based on their roles as oil exporting nations. Both are members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countriesthe African Union and other multilateral organizations. Angola has an embassy in Abuja. Nigeria has an embassy in Luanda.

Nigeria-France trade hit N bn in Q1’17 - Vanguard News Nigeria

Benin has an embassy in Abuja and a consulate-general in Lagos. Nigeria has an embassy in Cotonou. Burkina Faso has an embassy in Abuja. Nigeria has an embassy in Ouagadougou.

Macron’s Visit Has Changed Nigeria-France Relations, Says Envoy

See Cameroon-Nigeria relations A long-standing border dispute with Cameroon over the potentially oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula was resolved by a decision by the International Court of Justice which granted Cameroon ownership of the region and the signing of the Greentree Agreement which led to the withdrawal of Nigerian troops from Bakassi in and complete administrative control being taken over by Cameroon in August Cameroon has a high commission in Abuja and a consulate-general in Calabar.

See Chad—Nigeria relations Nigeria's economic austerity campaign produced strains with neighbouring states, including Chad. Nigeria expelled several hundred thousand foreign workers, mostly from its oil industry, which faced drastic cuts as a result of declining world oil prices.

At least 30, of those expelled were Chadians. Despite these strains, however, Nigerians had assisted in the halting process of achieving stability in Chad, and both nations reaffirmed their intention to maintain close ties.

Chad has an embassy in Abuja and a consulate in Maiduguri. Nigeria has an embassy in N'Djamena. Central African Republic has an embassy in Abuja. Nigeria has an embassy in Bangui. Nigeria has an embassy in Abidjan. DR Congo has an embassy in Abuja. Nigeria has an embassy in Kinshasa. We are strongly engaged in the common fight against terrorism. We helped Mali when terrorists were on the verge of taking control over that country.

We then extended our efforts to the whole Sahelian countries, which is built on the same model as the Multilateral Joint Taskforce to combat Boko Haram. Our soldiers were overwhelmed, our neighbours were not cooperating, and the Western nations did not intervene.

That was when France rose to the occasion.


Then President Francois Hollande hosted the regional summit on security in Paris inwhich brought together then President Goodluck Jonathan, and his counterparts from Benin, Cameroon, Niger and Chad. They pledged to share intelligence and co-ordinate action against the terror sect, which defined the later successes gained by the Nigerian Army over the insurgents.

france and nigeria trade relationship

Back to the Lagos BRT. The mega city and former Nigerian capital territory is estimated to have close to a 22 million inhabitants.

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It is the most densely populated city in sub-Saharan Africa; and therefore had set out to reduce congestion in the city, which affects both the quality of life of its residents and the economy, by launching a BRT system — a first operational example of an integrated and coherent approach to improving public transport in sub-Saharan Africa. The infrastructure deficit is made manifest in the fact that Lagos, with an annual growth rate of six per cent has an infrastructure network and transport services sized for a city of about six million inhabitants that is, its population in the s.

france and nigeria trade relationship

Diversify the economy and improve competitiveness; and Promote sustainable cities. Yet, that is not what I think is at the core of the French legacy for Nigeria. To me what we can take from them are beyond funds and technology. It is courage and vision — a determination to be a regional fulcrum of strength, against all odds.

France does not have the kind of financial backup that would easily enable it transit to a cleaner energy in the stipulated time. And, as of today, it is not clear how the country will enforce the no-fuel-by transition. But what is clear is that the country has enough ambition, and grit, to weather any stormy change. It is now a given that the French people are determined to go green, and lead others to a cleaner future. This spirit, Nigeria can adopt.

We face an ugly future; when either of two things will happen. Our crude oil reserves will go dry.