Forrest and ginnys relationship quizzes

Which Wizard Was It? There's No Way You'll Ace This Harry Potter Quiz

forrest and ginnys relationship quizzes

In the end, one character went with Ron's younger sister, Ginny. eventually got a little scared by how clingy his girlfriend was and their relationship fizzled out. Who Was With Harry When He Saw Voldemort In The Forbidden Forest? .. There's No Way Anyone Can Ace This The Big Bang Theory Quiz!. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. While it may seem obvious now that Harry and Ginny would eventually get together, looking back it was a long and, sometimes, . QUIZ: Which 'Harry Potter' Couple Are You And Your Bae? of fan fiction is saturated with Harry and Ginny sonnets and Ron and Hermionie erotica. Well now some genius at Forbidden Forest Crafts has created a Harry Potter version of the.

Hermione Granger Mundungus Fletcher Fleur Delacour Even though he was a wizard, getting Harry out of his aunt and uncle's home and to Hogwarts was never an easy feat. Considering their extreme disapproval of magic, they didn't want him to go at all in the beginning!

After that, they had to deal with the Dursleys and with all kinds of magical danger. When the Death Eaters were ambushing them as they left one year, they had six people who disguised themselves as Harry to confuse the attack.

Who was NOT one of the people in disguise? Question 9 During which year can students begin going to Hogsmeade? But, there is one all-wizard village called Hogsmeade.

Students at Hogwarts who bring a signed permission slip to school one year can go to Hogsmeade to visit periodically. There, they can shop in stores like Honeydukes, explore with their friends, have a cup of tea in Madam Puddifoot's with their crush or significant other, or spend quality time with friends in Hog's Head.

During which year can students begin to travel to Hogsmeade? They started this organization in order to teach their fellow Hogwarts students proper Defense Against the Dark Arts skills since, well, we all know that they weren't going to be learning it at school.

Especially not with Dolores Umbridge as a professor since she refused to actually teach them anything. The club had a lot of members, but one of these students was not in it. Question 11 Who told the Sorting Hat which house they didn't want to be in? We don't think so. In the books and the movies, the Sorting Hat can tell your deepest, darkest secrets and your traits and puts you in the house that you're the best fit for.

But, one character did beg NOT to be put into a certain house and although the Sorting Hat thought that they would be a good fit for that house, it still listened. Question 12 Who called Hermione a Mudblood? The preferred term for this person is Muggle-Born, but if someone is mean enough to try to insult someone based on their family, they might use Mudblood.

Since Hermione's parents were both Muggles, someone who was trying to insult her decided to use this derogatory term against her in order to hurt her feelings.

Do you remember which of these characters did it? Draco Malfoy Luna Lovegood Neville Longbottom A Thestral is a breed of magical creature that looks like a skeletal horse with large wings that resemble those of a bat.

Due to the fact that they can only be seen by wizards or witches who have witnessed death at least once in their life, they have an unfair reputation for being dangerous or for being omens of bad luck and danger. Thestrals are used for transportation and seem to be highly loyal creatures that can discern friends from enemies. Which of the following characters is not able to see them?

Fleur Delacour Aurora Sinistra Hermione Granger When the Triwizard Tournament was held again for the first time in a long, long time, Hogwarts was also the host of the Yule Ball, a celebration that went along with the competition.

In preparation for the ball, students took dance lessons and got formal clothing to wear to the occasion. There was some panic among the students when it came to trying to find a date to take to the dance, but they ultimately did find dates.

Which of these girls was Ron Weasley's date? Question 15 What kind of pet did Harry bring to Hogwarts? A cat A mouse A pigeon Hogwarts students are permitted to bring a pet with them and the list of accepted pets seems to be pretty wide. In particular, the Elder Wand was heavily sought after, as it was said to make the wizard who wielded it totally unbeatable. It was once claimed by Dumbledore, but it passed through several allegiances after his death.

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But was Lord Voldemort ever its true master? Are we speaking the truth or a lie? They don't have an easy time of it, though, as she initially dates Cedric Diggory until his death. After which, she and Harry finally kiss, but she is then forced to tell Umbridge about Dumbledore's Army. Which kind of fizzles out the attraction for Harry.

But what else do we know about Cho? What Hogwarts house was she sorted into? Was it Ravenclaw as we are claiming? Pick the right answer. Wherever he goes, his loyal pet cat won't be far behind, helping watch out for any students who are stepping out of line. The cat's most notable moment in the films occurs in The Chamber of Secrets, when it is petrified after seeing the reflection of the Basilisk in some water on the floor.

But what is the name of Filch's cat. We say it's Mrs Morris. Is this is a fact or a fib? Question 24 True False Bellatrix has to be the most vicious of all Voldemort's followers so it was a satisfying moment when she met her end during the grand battle of Hogwarts that occurred in The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Similar to Voldemort himself, Helena Bonham Carter's character disintegrated when she died which isn't canon with the books, but whatever. But who was it who did the heroic deed of bumping the evil witch off? Was it Ginny Weasley? Question 25 True False Though he was raised in the muggle world, Harry is actually a "pureblood" wizard - the son of two magical people.

Hermione, however, is a muggle-born - or, as bigoted wizards would have it, "mudblood" - and the first witch in her family. We're claiming that they are dentists, but have we just made up this fact? What he ended up doing was asking the Patil twins - unfortunately, the quartet turned out to have a terrible time at the Ball as no one was with who they really wanted to be with. But which Patil twin did Harry take? As Lupin was a werewolf, the friends all trained themselves to become animagi in order to transform into animals too.

After they conquered this ability, they gave themselves nicknames based on their animal forms. Names like Prongs and Wormtail. They then used these names as a signature on their Marauder's Map. But was Lupin's nickname Padfoot, as we are claiming?

Or did he have a different nickname? Maggie Smith's Scottish professor can be uptight but she's a good teacher, memorably signing Harry up for the Quidditch team instead of punishing him when he was flying unsupervised.

Most famously, she is an animagi as she can transform into a cat though this is only shown in the first film.

forrest and ginnys relationship quizzes

But does this tie in to the subject that she teaches at Hogwarts? Does she actually teach Transfiguration like we say? As anyone who has been sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore will tell you, though, there is nothing shameful about being part of the badger brigade.

Many great witches and wizards hail from Hufflepuff. But is one of these Robert Pattinson's Cedric Diggory? He was the coolest kid at school until his untimely death at Voldemort's hands. Do you believe what we're telling you here or do you think we are lying?

However, it was sadly destroyed when it was caught in a storm during a Quidditch match.

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Luckily for Harry, though, Sirius Black was on hand to provide him with the best kind of broom there is - the Firebolt, which lasted Harry throughout the rest of his time at Hogwarts. But which movie did the broom first appear in? Was it The Prisoner of Azkaban or a later entry in the series? Obsessed with muggle culture, even though he hardly understood it, Mr Weasley was the head of the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts department at the Ministry of Magic.

He even tinkered with a muggle car to make it fly. But, here's our question, when did Arthur Weasley first appear in the franchise?

We put it to you that he was part of it from the very beginning.

Which Wizard Was It? Do You Know Which Hogwarts Student Did It?

As well as Harry beginning his romance with Ginny and Hermione's feelings for Ron coming to the fore, Ron began a relationship with this Gryffindor girl. Though he definitely enjoyed the kissing part, Ron eventually got a little scared by how clingy his girlfriend was and their relationship fizzled out.

But do you remember the name of Ron's first girlfriend? So you know it off by heart, huh? Well, it's time to prove it. When Harry first arrives at Hogwarts, he and his fellow first years are sorted into their houses by the talking Sorting Hat. But do you remember which of the students is the first called to don the Hat? For some reason, the process isn't done in alphabetical order, so don't try to be clever.

If you looked it in the eye, you were dead But this kid happened to see it through his camera, therefore it only left him petrified. Do you remember which of the students named below we're talking about here? In the original novel, a minor character called Marietta Edgecombe is the one who blabs to Professor Umbridge that Harry is leading a secret club for rebel kids looking to learn how to defend themselves. In the movie version of The Order of the Phoenix, though, it is a much more familiar character who spills the beans and gets the so-called Dumbledore's Army in trouble.

But who was it? When wading through the Forbidden Forest at night for detention which he got for, uh, going out at nightHarry and a fellow student stumble upon a creepy hooded figure drinking the blood of a dying unicorn.

We later find out this is Voldemort, with unicorn's blood the only thing that will keep him alive.

forrest and ginnys relationship quizzes

But who was the other cowardly kid with Harry in this scene who ran off screaming? Part Two, Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters attack Hogwarts in an attempt to defeat Harry before he can wipe out the horcruxes. The massive battle that ensues sadly features the death of a few beloved characters - including this popular member of the Weasley family. We'll give you a clue - it's one of Ron's brothers.

But which of the red-headed heroes was it? Pick the right answer out of the options found below. Fifty years ago, back when the Chamber of Secrets was first opened, Harry learns that someone he is familiar with as an adult was expelled from the school due to smuggling a dangerous creature into his dormitory - a creature that was thought to be the beast killing muggle-borns.

Who was this character whose education was cut short?

QUIZ: Which Harry Potter Defence Against The Dark Arts Teacher Are You?

Ron Weasley Cormac McLaggen Harry Potter The films don't go into as great detail as the books do in this area but, in his later years at Hogwarts, Harry graduates to the position of Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. In his sixth year, he sets about filling the team with new blood, including finding a new keeper. Do you remember who got the position of Keeper? This is because actor Jamie Waylett was fired from production due to his criminal record. But do you know his name? Someone close to each of the competitors was put to sleep and trapped within the Hogwarts lake, where they were guarded by vicious Grindylows sort of ugly merpeople.

The contestants had 1 hour to get their loved one out or they would fail. Harry, Viktor, Cedric and Fleur took part in the challenge - but who was Viktor, in particular, sent to fetch?

Which of these is the right answer? Unusually, the book is able to reply to his messages and Harry forms quite an attachment to Riddle - it's only later he finds out that the book contains a fragment of his nemesis Voldemort's soul. Before Harry got hold of it, the diary had possessed another student, using them to release the Basilisk and do his bidding. Who was this unfortunate victim? As per the rules, one student is chosen to participate from Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and Hogwarts itself.

However, due to a hex put on the titular goblet, Harry's name is also chosen, thereby forcing him to compete in the games as well as part of a convoluted scheme set up by Voldemort.