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Summary: Singles? Flirt up your Life is the simulation of the exciting relationship between Mike and Linda. The game shows them in their shared flat, which. It doesn't succeed at portraying or simulating an intimate relationship between two characters, which is what it genuinely seems to be trying to. Singles: Flirt Up Your Life is a personality simulation game that revolves around the development of a romantic relationship between two everyday characters.

Flirt Up Your Life. Like a used copy of Oui sent over to the States in exchange for a pistol, Singles: It uses a Sims-like approach, placing two people in an apartment and challenging the player with managing their lives. Though there are no explicit goals in the game, the idea is to get these two roommates romantically involved and watch them do it.

This game is so much like your real life it scares you. The game's challenge essentially boils down to this: If you and your roommate of the opposite sex were the only two people left on earth and only ever left the apartment to go to work, would you eventually have sex? In even the most desperate cases and keep in mind I know many of the personal habits of the IGN editorsI'm sure the answer is "yes. The career-minded manager guy might find himself paired with the cold-on-the-surface-boiling-on-the-inside lady scientist.

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Or the slick ladies-man might move in with the shy girl-next-door. Each pairing requires you to intuit the types of interactions that each would most enjoy.

Beyond that, the pairing of a messy and clean Single creates its own problems. There are two homosexual characters in the game, one of each sex, and these can be paired with the corresponding characters used in the straight game.

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Practically, there's no real change in terms of gameplay here. Even the sex seems to work the same. Unlike The Sims, you won't be able to make a character in Singles, so you'll have to settle with the ones that the game provides for you.

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There's a decent selection, from the sleek and sultry Natasha to the nerdish Bert. Each character has certain personality traits, and some will pair up better with others. However, part of the game's challenge will certainly be to try to make the seemingly incompatible pairs work. And while the game defaults to male-female pairs, you can attempt same-sex pairs, since there is a single lesbian character and a single gay male.

There are several different gameplay modes in the game, including an interactive tutorial, a story mode, and a free-loft mode that allows you to basically create and furnish a loft from scratch, much like you can design a house in The Sims. Like in The Sims, relationship-building is a long and involved process. Your singles won't just jump into bed with each other, so you'll have to constantly nurture their relationship and slowly build up to each physical milestone.

The couple will start off as friends, and you can alternate control of each single to get one to try to interact with the other. To progress, though, you have to make sure that each of your singles is happy. As in The Sims, you have to monitor hunger, comfort, happiness, and energy levels, to name but a few. If a single is hungry, it's time for him or her to eat. If a single is sad or lonely, then he or she needs to interact with another single.

Once these needs are sated, you have to then monitor each single's various relationship meters. Depending on how your singles interact, their meters may raise in the areas of romance, fun, or friendship to name but a few.

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To make out in bed, for example, you need to make sure that both singles' romance and sensuality meters are at a certain level. But beware, because there's also a trouble meter that measures discord among your singles. If a single is in a bad mood because he or she is tired or hungry--and if the roommate hasn't done his or her chores like take out the trash, for example --then there's a possibility that the perturbed single will snap and subsequently throw a tantrum.

If a single throws enough tantrums, then the game ends and you lose. To complicate things further, singles have full-time jobs that earn them money.

flirt up your life game

You can use money to buy food or presents, but, most importantly, you can buy better furnishings with it. Though you won't be able to design a house from scratch like you can in The Sims, you do have the ability to modify the design of your loft.

Singles comes with building and design tools very similar to those in The Sims, so you can extend walls, put in windows and doors, and apply a wide variety of wallpaper and floorings.

flirt up your life game