Ending a bad relationship and finding someone

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ending a bad relationship and finding someone

What's the best way to break up with someone? Relationships end for a lot of reasons. Maybe you're not happy with your partner, or maybe you just don't want to. If someone is bringing you down consistently, chances are that your One of my depression busters is to keep a record of things that make me feel bad. As I wrote in “10 Steps to End an Affair,” all relationships, even toxic ones, you were hoping to stuff with this relationship, it's time to find alternative. Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships that make us miserable more than that everything will work out in the end, and those who make you feel bad about a horrible person, that it's understandable to be attached to someone against.

And you believe that sacrifice is a good thing, a way to become a better person. But, these beliefs—in our opinion—are false. We believe that you can grow more and develop more spiritually when you are in a relaxed, healthy, vibrant partnership. Suffering is not the way to get there. Suffering only makes it harder to open your heart and reach your full potential as a person. People stay in a bad relationship because they are making resource trade offs.

He makes the money. She keeps the house and manages the calendar. Both parties have struck a spoken or unspoken deal and are using each other to fill a need.

ending a bad relationship and finding someone

Resource trade-offs are a means to an end, but that end usually does not involve intimacy or happiness. Interestingly, some people are so invested in the idea of trading resources that they do not believe any other kind of relationship is even possible. To resource traders, true love is a fantasy made up by Hollywood screenwriters.

Hollywood brainwashing causes some to stay in bad relationships. Speaking of Hollywood, many people are brainwashed by decades of storybook endings. In the classic Hollywood three-act film structure, everything comes together in the third act — after the hero and heroine have been through seemingly impossible struggles.

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And the fairy tale ends there, right on that ultra-happy note. So, the resource traders have a point. This kind of cultural brainwashing leaves you believing that, regardless of the fatal flaws, everything is supposed to magically work out in the end. You end up waiting decades for the happy ending that never comes.

Meanwhile, you are likely projecting to the world that your relationship is indeed wonderful. The truth becomes a source of shame. Ending the relationship feels like a massive defeat and an overwhelming embarrassment. The king of cling.

ending a bad relationship and finding someone

The most provocative reason why people stay in bad relationships may be self-sabotage. Self-sabotage occurs when you do the opposite of what makes you happy. Why would you ever do that? A fulfilled life with lots of joy is not your life. Happiness is for others, not you. This is the trap of self-sabotage. At least it is not foreign. You stay because you are most comfortable right where you are. Self-sabotage is a way of life for so many of us.

Four important principles about relationships that everyone should understand before making life-altering decisions: Staying in a bad relationship is one of the greatest sources of stress and depression. This fact is well researched. Ten-year study establishes link between bad relationships and depression. My guess is that those who feel like they are getting fixed are actually getting ripped off.

Instead, the ouch is bigger, the hole is wider, and they are feeling the way I do when I see a Tom Cruise movie: Many friendships, mother-daughter, boss-employee, and waiter-eater relationships qualify. If someone is bringing you down consistently, chances are that your relationship with him is toxic. Step out of denial. Be prepared to dry off as you step out of the river of Denial.

A few questions will get you there.

ending a bad relationship and finding someone

Ask yourself these, for starters: Do I feel energized or drained after I spent an hour with X? Do I feel sorry for X?

You Deplete Me: 10 Steps to End a Toxic Relationship

Do I go to X looking for a response that I never get? Am I giving way more to the relationship than X? Do I even like X? Go check out this questionnaire if you are still confused.

You Deplete Me: 10 Steps to End a Toxic Relationship

Keep a log of emotions. One of my depression busters is to keep a record of things that make me feel bad.

ending a bad relationship and finding someone

I am not a fast learner. School was hard for me. So I have to perform the same mistake, oh, about 35 times before my brain gets the message that perhaps I am doing something wrong. The journalist in me then takes the case and begins gathering the facts. So if, after 35 tries, I suspect that having coffee with X makes me feel worse, not better, I will log my feelings immediately following our meeting.

Or why would you stay in them?