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I feel like Joey's more level-headed, like although still loud and energetic, he's not as excitable as Shine. I did find his video on "satire" a bit presumptuous though haha like, boy, satire connotes quality of thought and humour and writing, I wouldn't actively label my work as that.

He's still fun none the less. I also feel his environment played a part in his laid-back-ness? Living anywhere in Aus seems less hectic and calmer than living in Tokyo, and I know the stereotype of Aussies is that they're all chill lol.

I find it sweet that Joey has an accent with speaking Japanese; reminds me of all the halfs who have an accent speaking in Chinese lol like me. That said I still find that whole waifu shit cringey and the only way it wouldn't seem cringey to me is if it's a done ironically and b with a lot of self-awareness as to how cringey it is.

That's just me though. Saying, how dare I try to get involved, or apparently attempt to steal his followers. And dropped it like a bomb, and dumped me. Blocked me from everything, and hasn't spoken to me since. Now, there is more. During that time, he was working with a particular Youtuber, [Name]. Now, a few months later, I get a message from [Name]. He was saying that he'd do things to kids, now I don't know what to say to him. I don't ask anything about, but I'm concerned since Shine is now trying to spread rumors about me "knife chasing" and [Name] decided to befriend him again after accusing him of being a pedophile.

Look at the full story above or see the pastebin here archive. Wendy[ edit ] Use scrollbar to see the full text I had first learned about Shine around December I was going through a lot at this time, and although I thought his videos were kind of cringy, I thought that his awkwardness was kind of endearing and I agreed with his opinions in certain videos.

Around March, I stopped watching his videos though since I lost interest and only occasionally watched his videos after that.

Einshine / ShinePhD

In May, I went to Japan for the first time and I was pretty depressed at the time. At the time, I had no friends due to a fight in my friend group and was basically alone.

I thought it was a bit strange, since at the time he was nearing a million subscribers, but I just went with it and gave him my LINE.

I told him I was single, and he responded that he was single too and seemed excited. He then asked if I wanted to hang out in a few days, and I said that I wanted to.

So, on June 27th, we went around Tokyo to the Pokemon Center and later went to see Deadpool at the movies.

To me, it was a really fun day and I thought things went really well, since he hugged me before he dropped me off at my hotel.

However, what happened next was very strange. Right after hanging out, I tried texting him a few times over the next week, but since he was pretty unresponsive, I gave up.

I went back to America at the beginning of July and texted him a few times that month, but again, his responses were usually very short. I ended up not really texting him at all for the month of August. When I got back to Japan though, I texted him again for the first time in a month and all of a sudden, he was super interested in me again.

He asked me a bunch of questions about myself and very quickly started to suggest hanging out. The first time we hung out, things went normally and Kat came. He showed me his new apartment, and we all just chilled there for a while while he told me about his life. He talked about a girl who he had dated before, who was a little younger than him. He made fun of the panic attack and talked about how she was crazy and when her mom came to get her and the hospital, her mom w as crazy too.

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This girl was Ashley The whole time, I thought it was very strange that that girl would have to go to the hospital after staying at his house, and thought it sounded like she had a UTI. He also claimed this story happened months ago and that she was 17 years old. This girl was Lindsay Although I was worried because he was talking about all of the girls he dated so badly, I tried to push it out of my mind and just went along with everything.

After this, Shine became more openly flirty with me, texting me kissy emojis and hearts and stuff.

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He also talked about how he cared about me and how he wanted to see me every day and possibly help with his Youtube channel. A few days later, Shine asked if I wanted to sleep over at his old house before he moved. When I went, he picked me up from the station with Kat and we walked back to his house.

She "pretty much failed" her last year of high school. Favorite part of living in Japan? Can't think of any negatives.

What do you do during your free time? Favorite fruit to eat? Or something tropical like pineapple? Can you marry Einshine? What made you start drawing? No joke, and hey whatdaya know it actually worked out. I don't usually drink because I don't like the taste of it.

What phone do you use? I have a some kind of brand that plays music and little apps. As far as calling and texting I can't do that. What countries have you been to?