Effy and cook relationship questions

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effy and cook relationship questions

Frequently Asked Questions Effy's Appearance · How does she do her makeup? This is bizarre to me, as Effy Stonem strikes me as the last person who would wear . I think her relationship with Anthea gets better, as Anthea is the one who . The Cook-Effy Relationship refers to the romantic pairing between James Cook problems once and for all, forcing both boys to admit that they each love Effy. The Freddie-Effy Relationship refers to the romantic pairing between Freddie problems once and for all, forcing both boys to admit that they each love Effy and .

A Peek At Pandora click to play it. Thomas knew Pandora slept with Cook Thomas, although being forced to leave for the Congo, quickly returned, much to Pandora's delight. However, during his short absence, and even after he returned, Pandora had slept with Cook. This was revealed to Thomas by Cook in episode 7. Still, Thomas did not initially tell Pandora he knew. Which girl did Cook sleep with, first on the morning after Pandora's party and again in episode 7 in his student room? Uncovering Cook click to play it.

Pandora At her party, Pandora was upset that her boyfriend, Thomas, had left the country. She had told Cook that her friends were supposed to show her how to have sex, but didn't, so Cook offered. Pandora was also spotted coming out of Cook's room by JJ, who later denied seeing anything when questioned by Cook.

What does Katie tell Effy the party in the woods is supposed to be about after Effy brings some mushrooms into the camp?

Drinking and sausages Whilst Katie was looking for a quiet group night to exercise her new dominant role in the group, Effy wanted to escape reality for a short period of time.

This was due to her grief over her parent's separation, as well as the new relationship between Freddie and Katie.

effy and cook relationship questions

Katie aside from JJ was the only member of the group who refused to take the mushrooms, and is rather annoyed at those who did, including her sister, Emily, and boyfriend, Freddie. What was the name of the place where they were going? Following Freddie click to play it. Gobblers End The idea was thought up by Freddie and new girlfriend, Katie. They invited a rather unenthusiastic Effy on account of her being able to drive.

Due to the dislike of Cook mainly from Katieit was agreed that he should not be invited. Lost, the group were forced to ask for directions at a petrol station.

However, the men who provided the directions turned out to be poachers and they followed the group to their destination in order to scare them.

effy and cook relationship questions

The Second Generation click to play it. Question by author truelys. Question by author emmyangel Emily Emily agrees to have sex with JJ just as friends so that he can lose his virginity. Question by author toxcity Angie makes a surprise return, tempting Chris to stray. How does Jal come to the conclusion that Chris has cheated?

Chris's shirt is inside out when he leaves the bathroom Chris and Angie get together in a bathroom at Chris's party. Chris stops the proceedings before things get too far, but puts his shirt on inside out. Jal then notices him leaving the bathroom and notices his shirt.

She puts two and two together and leaves. What's Sketch's real name? Lucy Sketch's real name is 'Lucy', her mother calls her by her real name throughout episode two series two. All about Cassie click to play it. A monkey In this particular scene Chris has a haemorrhage and dies, which results in Cassie packing her bags and running away. Mervin Everything seems to be going well for Chris. Her first stop is to visit Freddie.

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She tells him that she loves him, but Effy is still not ready to be in a relationship. Effy heads to Roundview with Panda and the gang receives their A-levels. Blood wants to keep the college rankings up. This understandably rubs Effy the wrong way and a subsequent scene we see how she handles it. This scene is my favorite and probably the best of the episode.

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If only it had ended here, Effy breaks up with Freddie again and then runs into Cook. The love triangle continues. Cook tells her that he loves her and Effy, still angry from her speech to the gang, tells him to piss off. Effy returns to John Foster and we are beginning to learn that this psychiatrist is not all together. He treats her with hypnotism so that she can forget Freddie. It does the trick.

effy and cook relationship questions

Cook tries to intervene and meets Elizabeth. James and Elizabeth go to a party and it seems that they are starting fresh. But things suddenly take a turn for the worse. They are walking down the street where Tony was struck by the bus.