Dumbledore and grindelwald relationship with god

dumbledore and grindelwald relationship with god

Dumbledore's relationship with Grindelwald is a major factor in Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald. A new trailer and info from the cast. Why does everyone think the Grindelwald/Dumbledore relationship was . as Dumbledore was by him, because he would see in Dumbledore, 'My God, I never . Fantastic Beasts 2 cast explanation: Dumbledore plays a crucial role in guide to Dumbledore and Grindelwald's relationship in Fantastic Beasts 2 in the wizarding world before Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle came to power.

Grindelwald then cast the Cruciatus Curse on Aberforth and the three wizards began a fight that ended in tragedy. The three wizards were involved in a massive battle after Grindelwald cast the Cruciatus Curse at Alberforth.

However, the battle ended tragically when Ariana fell, losing her life to a curse by one of the three wizards. None of the men knew who cast the spell that caused Ariana to lose her life, but it caused a chain reaction. Grindelwald immediately fled, leaving the country to avoid capture and the two brothers lived with regret for their part in the battle. Dumbledore then went on to refocus his attention on helping students and training young wizards rather than trying to take over the world.

After Grindelwald fled the country, he ended up seeking out Mykew Gregorovitch and taking the Elder Wand from him. The Crimes of Grindelwald showed, many Aurors in the Ministry of Magic already believed that Dumbledore was the only wizard powerful enough to battle Grindelwald. It wasn't until Grindelwald had become too dark to ever turn back that Dumbledore finally faced him and defeated the Dark Wizard to earn the allegiance of the Elder Wand.

When Dumbledore refused to go after Grindelwald, there were many reasons for the decision, but part of it was that he had still felt something from their earlier relationship. He also knew that Grindelwald was powerful and that he was the only man who could eventually defeat him. Later in their lives, Grindelwald actually refused to help Voldemort, possibly showing that he had learned his lesson or that he still owed Dumbledore the respect that Voldemort never cared to offer.


When it comes to Dumbledore and Grindelwald, both men were extremely charismatic. Grindelwald proved how charismatic he was when he charmed Dumbledore into almost following through with their plan to overthrow the Wizarding World and how he charmed many other wizards into joining his cause.

Meanwhile, Dumbledore was equally charming, so much so that Dumbledore's Army rose up with students pledging their allegiance to him over the actual Ministry of Magic. Gellert Grindelwald was considered the most powerful Dark Wizard in history, that is, until Voldemort showed up and became more powerful than Grindelwald had ever dreamed of being.

The two even met in the original Harry Potter series when Voldemort wanted to know where the Elder Wand was and then took the life of Grindelwald when he refused to tell him. Everyone knows that the end of Dumbledore came at his own behest, but it was also in a diabolical plan set up by Lord Voldemort. And he keeps a distance between himself and others through humour, a certain detachment and a frivolity of manner. But he's also isolated by his brain. He's isolated by the fact he knows so much, guesses so much, guesses correctly.

He has to play his cards close to his chest because he doesn't want Voldemort to know what he suspects. Terrible to be Dumbledore, really, by the end he must have thought it would be quite nice to check out and just hope that everything works out well.

Because he's set up this massive chess game - JKR: Mm, this massive chess game.

dumbledore and grindelwald relationship with god

But I said to Arthur, my American editor - we had an interesting conversation during the editing of seven - the moment when Harry takes Draco's wand, Arthur said, God, that's the moment when the ownership of the Elder wand is actually transferred? And I said, that's right.

He said, shouldn't that be a bit more dramatic?

20 Weird Revelations About Dumbledore And Grindelwald's Relationship

And I said, no, not at all, the reverse. I said to Arthur, I think it really puts the elaborate, grandiose plans of Dumbledore and Voldemort in their place. That actually the history of the wizarding world hinged on two teenage boys wrestling with each other.

dumbledore and grindelwald relationship with god

They weren't even using magic.