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There are many instances where Drona has shown favouritism, to Arjuna or Ashwathama. It becomes clear that Drona likes Arjuna more when. To Dronacharya, an ideal student would have had to be a person that possessed the right temperament. To him, an ideal warrior had to be a person that not only. Teacher and pupil relationship exist in different forms, such as mentor This example isbjust opposite of Drona and Arjuna, here the teacher.

Sitemap The Bird's Eye Hello and welcome! Our trials on the battlefield were some of the most memorable and incredible experiences of my life. But Arjuna was always a cut above the rest. He performed feats with a bow and arrow that I have trouble believing to this day, despite having seen them with my own eyes! When did Arjuna come to get such skill? Even as a young boy, his gift made him stand out from his peers. One bright, sunny morning, a large group of young boys gathered by the woodland with their bows and arrows.

But these were not just ordinary boys. These were the five Pandavas and hundred Kauravas! The five Pandava brothers and hundred Kaurava brothers were cousins, and a fierce rivalry between them began when they were only children. These young princes would eventually grow into men of incredible power.

The five Pandavas were even sons of gods! On this day Drona, their mentor and military expert, organized a competition to test their concentration. Drona is impressed with Abhimanyu and praises him endlessly, earning the ire of Duryodhana. With his army facing decimation, and spurred on by Duryodhana's criticisms, Drona asked the Kaurava maharathis to simultaneously attack Abhimanyu, to strike down his horses and his charioteer and to disable his chariot from different angles.

Left without support, Abhimanyu began fighting from the ground.

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Exhausted after his long, prodigious feats, Abhimanyu was eventually killed. After that, several who fought against Abhimanyu were criticized for their murder, such as BhurishravaDrona or Karna.

Fourteenth Day[ edit ] The devious murder of his son enraged Arjuna, who swore to kill Jayadratha the next day or immolate himself. Drona constructed 3 combined vyuhas to protect Jayadratha, first was the Shakata vyuha then was Padma Vyuha and last was the Srigantaka vyuh and at its rear was Jayadratha and stood at the head of the box formation or shakata vyuh In the early part of the day, Arjuna and he duel, and Arjuna is unable to bypass his preceptor.

With Krishna's prodding, Arjuna circumvents Drona.

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When Duryodhana rages at Drona, Drona replies and that he intends to capture Yudhishthira while Arjuna is away and would only hasten their victory. Drona severely wounds his friend's son, disarming him and forcing him to retreat. When he attempts to chase after Dhristadyumna, he is checked by Satyakiwho insults his teacher's teacher and issues a challenge. Their combat is described as fierce and despite being able to hold off Drona for several hours, Satyaki eventually tires and has to be rescued by the Upapandavas.

When Satyaki comes upon Drona, he circumvents him, saying he must follow in his teacher's footsteps. When Yudhishthira later sends BhimaDrona recounts what happened with Arjuna and Satyaki, and hence makes sure he doesn't allow Bhima also to circumvent him. Angrily rebuking him, Bhima shatters Drona's chariot with his mace.

Drona takes up another chariot, only for Bhima to smash that one as well.

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In total, Bhima smashes eight of Drona's chariots and is able to bypass his guru. Dronacharya's death[ edit ] Death of Dronacharya On the 15th day of the Mahabharata war, Drona is instigated by Duryodhana's remarks of being a traitor. Sensing his end is near, he used the Brahmastra against the common Pandava soldiers. Dronacharya obeyed, retracting the weapon. The rishis continue and berate Drona for violating the rules of war, criticizing him for using divine weapons so indiscriminately.

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Drona reiterates that he is sworn to do all his can to protect Hastinapurand that, moreover, he wants to do so for all that Dhritarashtra has given him. Lamenting the deterioration of their friendship, Drona pays his respect to Drupada's corpse. Bhima kill elephant named asvatthama, By Artist Sadiq from Razmnama Knowing it would be impossible to defeat an armed Drona, Krishna suggested the Pandavas a plan to disarm their teacher. His idea was that Bhima first kill an elephant named Ashwatthama, and then claim to Dronacharya that he has killed Dronacharya's son with the same name.

After killing the elephant, Bhima loudly proclaimed that he had killed "Ashwatthama". Disbelieving him, Drona approached Yudhishthira, knowing of Yudhishthira's firm adherence to Dharma and honesty.

When Dronacharya asked for the truth, Yudhishthira responded with the cryptic 'Ashwatthama is dead. But the elephant and not your son'. Krishna also knew that it would be impossible for Yudhishthira to lie outright. Under his instructions, the other warriors blew trumpets and conchs, raising a tumultuous noise in such a way that Dronacharya only heard that "Ashwatthama was dead", and could not hear the latter part of Yudhishthira's reply.

In other versions of the story, it is told that: Drona, in grief, simply doesn't process the final part of Yudhishthira's statement, or Yudhishthira was simply not loud enough in purpose when he spoke the latter part of his words. Then Drona descended from his chariot, laid down his arms and sat in meditation.

Pandavas wanted to use this opportunity to arrest him, but enraged by the death of his father and several Panchala warriors, Dhrishtadyumna took this opportunity and beheaded the Drona's corpse, in a gross violation of the rules of war. Analysis and Modern Assessment[ edit ] Drona is a figure for analysis in many academic texts. Nowadays,the students are most likely to threaten teachers. Today,teachers think teaching is just monotonous and not their duty.

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They have to hear rude remarks. You might like Mumbai fire doused The teacher and the student have to trust and understand each other for a cordial relationship.

Trust is the most important tool for any relationship. Adding to this,respect is also needed. As we can clap only with both hands,and not with one hand; similarly,a remarkable relationship can be worked out only by mutual understanding,but,in this case,by putting more responsibility on the students.

Having established a positive relationship with the students will encourage students to seek education and be enthusiastic towards learning.