Dr burke and yang relationship quizzes

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dr burke and yang relationship quizzes

As with some of the other relationship in this series, these people just . Elizabeth Fallon was the patient of Cristina Yang and Preston Burke. Shonda Rhimes Grey's Anatomy personality quiz on who your soulmate, . Prove it! grey's anatomy, meredith grey, Cristina yang, preston burke, season 13, . There is no denying that the relationship between Cristina Yang and Preston Burke was one of a kind. It was filled with love, sex, passion.

Rhimes described how Pompeo got through the challenge of sending Meredith in the afterlife: Exciting to watch her find her way back. She lost her optimism. She realizes now that life is difficult, but she still tries very hard to see the best in people. Cast member Eric Dane described the impact his first scene in the season had on him, stating that it was a spectacular entrance: So every time I put it together and let my hands go, it was almost like throwing caution to the wind.

Betsy Beers, however, noted that the most "powerful" scene in the season saw Cristina Yang and Preston Burke in the on-call room, talking about the future of their relationship: He's always driving something new, always trying something out", stated the series creator, regarding Dempsey's response to the storyline.

Rhimes also described the difficulty she faced in finding an appropriate love interest for the character of Alex Karev: She also deemed her character "frustrated and scared". As for the make up process, Reaser stated: It can be very disorienting. Executive producer Rob Corn stated that his plan for the original arc was about Jane Doe's inner life, struggling to get out of the situation she is trapped in.

He stated that the main characteristics they had been looking for in the actress for the part were strength and vulnerability. He also called Reaser's performance "heart-wrenching and wonderful".

dr burke and yang relationship quizzes

She also noted the undeniable connection between Izzie and Alex Karev, whose desire to do honorable things has been compared with his "cutting and sarcastic" personality. After Izzie's continuous efforts to change Alex during their relationship in the previous season, Beers announced the possibility of a relationship between the two of them.

She also contrasted the female leads on the show with women in film, explaining how the characters on television are shaped in unique ways.

The cast was reportedly unhappy about the decision, as all hoped the spin-off would have been given to them. Pompeo commented that she felt, as the star, she should have been consulted, [38] and Heigl, disclosed that she had hoped for a spin-off for Izzie. While in Los Angeles, she meets Bennett's colleagues at the Oceanside Wellness Center and even becomes the clinic's obstetrician-gynecologist for the day. Cristina throws a bowl of cereal in to Owen's face? True False Cristina always has the weirdest relationships with men.

Somehow she also ends up being romantically involved with men in high places This poor woman gets left at the alter, loses her fallopian tube, her new husband cheats on her, she gets the Harper Avery Award pulled out from underneath her - and she just keeps on going!

Yes, there may have been a slight mental breakdown after the plan crash, but for the most part she has things under control! Question 3 Finish the sentence: Izzie's first crush was George O'Malley Derek Shepherd Mark Sloan It is almost impossible to keep tabs on who dated who, why they broke up, whether or not they got married, and which one was unfaithful.

But a hard core fan will know definitely know all of the answers to these questions, and they could probably draw you a web showing all the make-ups and break-ups too! Best to re-watch everything if you can't remember, but you will need to take some notes!

Can you remember who Izzie's first crush was? Question 4 What color was their wedding post-it? Aqua Light green Blue When Derek and Meredith finally got married on a little post-it, in the locker room, we were more than thrilled.

It was the cutest little wedding we ever did see!


Kidding - a pretty dress and some flowers would have been nice! But this moment was unforgettable and the vows that were shared are suitable for any relationship, not just marriage. Do you remember what these vows were? Or can you at least remember what color that little piece of paper was?

Question 5 Did Izzie ever cheat on Alex? He cheated on her twice No, she didn't Yes, she did I can't remember Izzie and Alex fell in love and then they got married.


They actually kind of hi-jacked Derek and Meredith's wedding day. It was an amazing ceremony and they made such a gorgeous couple. Of course, some of us had our doubts that this was just a pity wedding for the lady who had cancer. As with some of the other relationship in this series, these people just can't seem to keep their hands to themselves, or their partners at least! Question 6 What was the name of Meredith's doll? Of course, not all dolls are the same and young Meredith received an extraordinary doll.

While other young girls had barbies that didn't have detachable anatomyMeredith had the unique doll shown in the picture. This doll had 24 detachable organs and even had some parts to demonstrate a pregnancy! Way cooler than your average plastic doll, that's for sure!

Even young Zola has a similar doll, but we can see that it's a newer version. Question 7 What was wrong with Meredith's first ever patient? She had cancer She had a tummy bug She had a brain aneurysm She broke her ankle Katy was Meredith's first ever patient.

She was air lifted to the hospital and she was having uncontrollable seizures. Initially Dr Burke was on the case and he referred to Katy as 'a fish on dry land'. Every test in the book was run on her, yet they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her - even the head of neurosurgery didn't know. All the new interns were called to help and eventually Cristina and Meredith correctly diagnosed Katy. Question 8 True of False: Meredith was known as the Slutty Mistress True False Meredith was just a girl in a bar, and Derek was just a guy in a bar.

How did he figure out what was wrong with her? He thanked her even though she hates him She was supposed to win the award He wouldn't have stayed a surgeon without her He called her to gloat Though he's no longer in the hospital at this point and the residents have moved on to being Attendings, Seattle Grace still keeps tabs on its old employees.

Cristina's friends try to shield her from the news, but she eventually finds out that Burke has won a Harper Avery Award. They're not surprised that she isn't happy for him, given what he did to her, but nobody is right about the real reason she's upset about it. Question 7 What does Burke's mother take from Cristina?

Her hair Her makeup Her eyebrows Both Burke and Cristina have overbearing mothers, which in a way makes sense since they're both so similarly focused. However, Cristina is barely able to handle her own mother and pretty much loses it when Burke's shows up to help her get ready for their wedding. Despite agreeing to get married even though she didn't really feel the need to, Burke's mother doesn't seem to think she's doing enough for him. Whether it's for spite or not, Burke's mother takes something vital from Cristina on her wedding day.

Question 8 True or False: Burke cheats on Cristina with Meredith True False It's rare to find someone who just clicks with you.

dr burke and yang relationship quizzes

Someone who gets you like no one else. These girls may even be separated at birth.

dr burke and yang relationship quizzes

They have so much in common it's uncanny. They both love surgery, handsome men and tequila! Both of them come from unhappy childhood's but are fantastic woman. They have what it takes, to be the best and always come out on top. And if they are having a rough time, it's nothing a little dancing and tequila cant solve! So, does Burke see the similarity too? Question 9 Who goes with Cristina to Zurich? Shane Ross Owen Hunt Preston Burke After many years of working in Seattle, Cristina spreads her wings and steps in to unfamiliar territory when she travels overseas.

She also takes a young intern with her. She also happens to be having an intimate relationship with this intern While she is there she experiences viewing a patient's heart in a 3D hologram. Some of the newest and most amazing technology is shown to her. Burke's hospital really is on the forefront of technology when it comes to medicine!

Question 10 Who does Preston coach in the elevator? George Alex While the original interns still are interns they end up having to treat one of Seattle's finest from a GSW, or 'gun shot wound'. The boys share a heated moment under the intense pressure of being stuck in an elevator with dyeing patient. They manage to get the doors slightly open and one of them freezes. Burke doesn't miss a beat though and continues coaching them, eventually saving the officer's life.

dr burke and yang relationship quizzes

But who is he coaching down in that elevator? Question 11 Finish this sentence: If you want to appease me Compliment my hair Let's dance it out Compliment my brain There is one other thing Grey's Anatomy is absolutely famous for.

That's the amazing and witty comments made in every show. Always something original and unexpected. Yang is famous for remarks like, 'Nobody cares', or ' I'm laughing, just not externally'. I real favourite and inspiring moment was when she told Meredith this, "Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need.

He's very dreamy, but he is not the sun. What a revelation to all woman out there! Question 12 Who ends up moving in with Cristina and Burke? George Izzie Danny The other interns sure do have their share of problems and somehow, at first, they all find their way into Meredith's house. When a specific relationship goes awry though, one of them finally has to move out. It's a sticky situation because while Burke is a magnanimous host who feels starved for friendship, Cristina loves her personal space and feels like she's drowning in company.

Still, she is kind if you dig deep enough and lets her buddy crash for awhile. Question 13 Who called and interupted Burke and Yang's dance session?

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Cristina's landlord Cristina's mother Cristina's lover Meredith decided that there was no such thing as a grown up. This is evident in the episode in season two where Cristina and Burke end up dancing together, although Yang is the only one who can hear the music. They have a massive laugh together before the cell phone rings. Burke takes a call on Yang's cell phone. Do you know who called?

dr burke and yang relationship quizzes

After the call she explains that she gave up her apartment and they stop arguing about it. Question 14 True or False: She says to him that she is in it for the long hall. And she tells Preston that he 'wins'. Cristina explains to Preston that it is a beautiful ring.

She also tells him that she doesn't do rings, and that she is a surgeon. She places the ring on the table.