Don draper and joan holloway relationship

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don draper and joan holloway relationship

Don Draper tried everything on “Mad Men” Sunday night to land Joan. He didn't get her. Maybe he didn't even want her. Maybe he just wanted. Every Woman Don Draper's Hooked Up With on 'Mad Men' . While Don's previous relationships were with a collection of interesting, Once Allison huffs away, Don quietly informs Joan that he would not welcome her back. We can always tell when Don Draper is unmoored because his meticulously Brylcreemed hair Joan and Peggy have a curious relationship.

This prompts Joan to make a call to no other than Roger Sterling. During a flirtatiously laced call she asks him to help her find an office job. In spite Joan helping Greg prep for his interview for the psychiatry, he fails yet again. During a heated argument between Greg and Joan he accuses her of not knowing what it feels like to want something your whole life and not get it, to which she retaliates by smashing a vase on his head.

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Without informing Joan on his decision, Greg then reveals he has enlisted in the Army to become an Army Surgeon, and that she wont ever have to return to work again. We see Joan resuming in her Office Manager post. Season Four It is revealed that Joan and Greg are trying for a baby although their relationship is strained due to Greg going away for basic training.

Mad Men Season 5, Episode 11: The Jaguar Pitch

Trying to get sometime off straight after the New Year, to spend with her husband; Lane denies her request calling himself the "incorruptible exception" since in his words that men are "dizzy and powerless" to resist her.

Upon telling Greg knowing his schedule isn't flexible the pair get into a huff over the fact their future as a couple is unknown due to their uncertainty as to whether Greg will get called up to Vietnam, after basic training.

The next day Joan receives flowers, initially thinking they are from Greg - the card reads; "Darling, I've been an ass. When making him orange juice, she slices her finger very badly on a knife. Asking Greg to take her to the hospital, he impresses her by stitching up her finger himself.

After calming her down, Joan bursts into tears after the emotional roller-coaster she has been on the past few days. To which Joan independently advises him to bite the bullet because it still gives them a chance to improve and expand their business.

don draper and joan holloway relationship

In the same episode Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is nominated for a Clio Award during the announcements of the nominees Joan and Roger hold hands under the table. The last straw is drawn when Joey posts a picture of Joan giving Lane oral sex on her window, to which she retaliates by saying she hopes America does go to war with Vietnam because when he gets called up, don't spare a thought for her because she never liked him.

Although when Peggy Olson uses her power as copywriter to fire him, this just agitates Joan because it humiliates her further by making her look powerless to the staff. Ida Blankenship suddenly dies at her desk in the same episode prompting Pete and Joan to hide the body before the coroners arrive at the office, a distraught Roger asks Joan to accompany him for dinner, to which Joan agrees and they meet in the office lobby.

While at dinner they sit and talk about their spouses, and later while walking through a rough New York area the two are mugged at gunpoint, where Roger springs to action handing over all their belongings including Joan's wedding ring. As the mugger flees the scene Roger takes Joan into an alleyway to calm down and in the heat of the moment two rekindle and have sex. Back at the office when Roger confronts Joan to apologize and it was in the 'heat of the moment' she simply replies, "I'm not sorry but, I'm married and so are you".

Together they ultimately decide that they are going to have it "taken care of". However while at the abortion clinic Joan witnesses a mother in hysteria about her 17 year old daughter getting an abortion, it is then ambiguous as to whether Joan really went through with the procedure.

Roger however reveals to Joan by phone call that it has been over for weeks and there wasn't anything that could've been done to help the situation. Roger then shows up at Joan's apartment starting to kiss her, claiming that he "feels like shit and shes cares about him" to she replies, "I'm not a solution to your problems, I'm another problem".

She has given birth to a healthy baby boy named Kevin Harris and also in Greg's absence we are introduced to Joan's mother Gail Holloway.

Gail and Joan's views on motherhood and being a wife differentiate. Gail cannot see why Joan has to go back to the office when she stay at home and allow Greg to bring home the income, to a point where Gail makes Joan feel insecure about being away - letting her think that SCDP are to replace her.

This prompts Joan stop at SCDP before pretending to go to the Copacabanahere everyone is happy to see Joan and Kevin are doing well, including Roger who meets his son for the first time. Here Joan talks to Lane Pryce in confidence eventually breaking down, explaining how much she misses being there and even though she has Kevin, she feels alone, Lane assures her that the office misses her and awaits for her return.

Upon his arrival he meets his new son, and asks Gail to go out to get more film for the camera with Kevin so he and Joan can spend all afternoon in bed. After allowing Joan to sleep through the afternoon, Greg excuses Gail and Kevin again so he can sit Joan down and reveal that he has to go back for another year, leaving them only ten days together. Joan then spills into devastation calling the government "a bunch of liars". Later that evening during dinner with Greg's folks, Greg's mother in fact reveals that Greg wasn't forced back but rather he enlisted.

Upon coming home Joan bursts into rage, furious that Greg would pick duty in the Army over his duty as a father. Greg eventually storms out, to have a drink with the boys. The next morning Joan sits Greg down to tell him to "go and never come back" to which he replies that the Army needs him and "makes him feel like a good man" to which she replies "shes sick of making him feel like a man" and that he "is not a good man, he never was" alluding to the time he raped her before they were married.

He then tells her "once he walks out the door, that's it" to which she replies, "that's it". During this episode, after Lane gets into a literal fight with Pete, Joan goes to aid Lane he mistakes her generosity and concern for affection, he then without warning kisses her, caught off guard she gets up, but does not leave, to which he apologizes to her, in return she then tells him he has nothing to apologize for and that at some point, everyone has wanted to hit Pete Campbell.

Late that day Joan is served with divorce papers from Greg, which she bursts into anger eventually taking out on the receptionist by throwing a model of a Mohawk Airlines plane at her.

Don then takes her to a Jaguar car dealership where they pose as husband and wife to test-drive an XK-E alone. Don then takes her to a bar, where they flirtatiously talk about starting over and flatter each other.

Joan reminisces about the days where suitors would send her flowers at the office, Don admits upon seeing this he thought she was dating Aly Khan. When Joan asks why Don never sent her flower he admitted it was because he was afraid of her. Don spots a man for Joan, where Joan figures he probably has a wife, on that cue Don slips her some 'mad money' in case it doesn't work out. The next day at the office Joan receives flowers from "Ali Khan".

Asking Joan how she would feel about that, she asked Pete how Trudy Vogel would feel if she got asked the same question, ignoring her he asks again to which she replies, "you couldn't afford it". Telling the fellow partners that he had made the proposal to Joan the partners, after initial shock and outrage, agree on giving Joan a 50, dollar cash lump sum if she were to go through with the proposal, with the exception of Don agreeing with the plan and with Roger refusing to pay anything towards the sum of money.

Therefore Joan proposes a counter offer which includes instead of a sum money, she renegotiates that she be made a non-silent Junior Partner, per Lane suggestion. With a 5 percent stake in SCDP's business it would be enough to sustain a single mother and son for a life time. It is unknown to Joan at the time, but while Lane claims he's got her best interest at heart, as opposed to looking out for the companies interest; in reality its common knowledge amongst the viewers that Lane simply doesn't have the money to pay off Joan.

The night before the creative team make the pitch to Jaguar Don drops by to tell Joan that its not worth giving up her dignity to do business with people like that. She replies that he is a good man and wishes him good luck. While Don is making the pitch to Jaguar, the scene cuts back and forth to Joan and Herb spending the night together simultaneously, revealing that Don was too late to talk Joan out of sleeping with Herb. The next day all the partners are called in for a meeting to reveal landing the Jaguar account, upon seeing Joan at the meeting Don looks devastated whereas Joan gives Don a reassuring look that she is ok.

To which Lane replies, "I suppose you'd rather I imagine you, bouncing in the sand in an obscene bikini. After failing to get into his office she consults Pete, Harry and Ken, soon after Burt tells everyone to go home. Joan is there when the Roger finds Lane's resignation letter, as Don looks on guilty.

Joan is one of the partners staring outside the new second floor of SCDP.

Joan Holloway

The fact that she has been with multiple men and holds her head high makes her a relatively modern character because of the period of which the show is set. Roger Sterling For more information see the page - Joan and Roger.

One of her most prominent relationships is with Roger Sterling. They were involved in an extra-martial affair since the mid's. Roger appears to be one of the only men shes been romantically involved with who knows everything there is to know about her and yet, still loves her. Kate expresses her admiration for Joan, believing that Joan's partnership has more power than it actually has. This causes Joan to realize that she must stop acting like a secretary.

She transfers many of her office manager duties to Dawn in order to concentrate on her new role. She publicly lambasts Don for negating the sacrifice she made to ensure the account and their personal relationship permanently suffers. CGC's secretaries express irritation at being placed under Joan's command, but she brushes them off to warmly welcome Peggy back.

Bob Benson, an eager new hire in accounts, walks in on Joan, who is in extreme pain. He discreetly escorts her to the hospital and is also able to expedite her care. Joan is suspicious of Bob's motives for helping her, but her mother advises her that not every good deed is a front. In return, Joan quietly steps in to save Bob's job when he is about to be laid off.

Roger appears unannounced and is suspicious of Bob's presence.

don draper and joan holloway relationship

Roger attempts to be a part of Joan and Kevin's lives, but she tells him that she intends to let Kevin grow up thinking that Greg is his father. However, it turns out to be a business meeting, as Avon is looking for a new direction. Joan is eager to expand her role in the firm and recruits Peggy to assist her in securing the account. However, she nearly blows it by excluding Pete from the proceedings and coming on aggressively at the meeting.

Peggy is able to narrowly salvage the situation and the two women again reach an understanding. Later on, Joan easily sees the attraction between Peggy and Ted Chaough, but doesn't mention it to Don until they go over budget for a commercial. Joan is shocked when Don smooths the client's feathers by saying the expensive idea was that of the deceased Gleason.

This averts the client's anger but embarrasses Ted and takes credit away from Peggy in the process. When Thanksgiving of approaches, Joan agrees with Cooper, Sterling and Cutler that Don should be placed on leave, as she is concerned with Don's erratic behavior and its overall effect on the firm. Joan reveals that she has made arrangements for Creative to continue functioning, with Ted Chaough overseeing Peggy long-distance. Joan invites Roger to spend Thanksgiving with her.

When Roger responds negatively to the presence of Bob, whom Joan had also invited, she warns him that she is allowing him into Kevin's life, but not hers. In Season 7, Joan completely cedes her office-manager role to Dawn Chambers and takes a more active role as junior partner and account executive - handling Avon and Butler Footwear. She proves to be capable, as well as a quick study. Her personality has hardened considerably, and she seems more money-conscious, which is likely motivated by her status as single mother.

Initially, she bears a clear animus towards Don for having fired Jaguar, as it cost her a substantial amount of money when the public offering fell through. Joan also rejects a marriage proposal from Bob Benson, on the grounds that both of them deserve real love and not an "arrangement" that is meant only to cope with Joan's financial difficulties and Bob's need to hide his sexual orientation. During the second half of Season 7, Joan has gained confidence in her new position.

During a business trip to SCDP's West Coast office, she meets Richard, a wealthy and very charming real estate developer whom she begins dating though he initially expresses regret over the fact that Joan has a small child. However, as her personal life begins to come together for the first time since her divorce from Greg, she suffers professionally when SCDP is absorbed into McCann. She takes issue with the lewd and sexist treatment that she receives from her male colleagues at the new agency and complains to Jim Hobart, the Director at McCann.

Hobart responds first with condescension and then with contempt. When Joan threatens to take legal action and to reveal McCann's misogynistic culture to the New York Times, Hobart offers to buy Joan's remaining contract out for half of what it's worth. Joan vows to stay at McCann and fight, but Roger convinces her that it would be more pragmatic to take the money and walk away.

In the series finale, "Person to Person", Joan starts her own film production company. She attempts to recruit Peggy as a partner, but Peggy chooses to stay at McCann. Joan and Richard continue dating and become somewhat serious about one another, but he is opposed to her re-entering the business world. When Joan announces she is starting her own company, he ends their relationship.

She is last seen watching her mother and Kevin go off to the park and then resuming her work at the new venture, which is operating out of her apartment under the name Holloway and Harris. Personality[ edit ] Embodying the role of femme fatale[1] Holloway is a bold and sassy character. She believes discretion is the most important quality in a secretary and will never hesitate to remind other secretaries to safeguard their bosses' private affairs at all times.

As shown in the third season finale, her role at Sterling Cooper and later Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is made clear. The office is essentially unable to operate without her, as no one else knows how the office is organized. Joan was born on February 24, She is a green-eyed redhead, stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, and her New York State drivers license as of Season 2 indicates she weighs pounds. She lives at 42 West 12th Street, apartment 4C. In an interview with USA TodayChristina Hendricks explained that people think her character is "hot" because "She's got fire to her.

And men love her because she's in touch with her sexuality and femininity. The men in the office can play with her a little bit. They can tease her, and she's not going to be in the bathroom crying later.

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