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For DmC: Devil May Cry on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message that Dante had feelings for her but to me it seemed that Kat liked Vergil. DmC: Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergil. —Kat to Dante in the final mission, DmC: Devil May Cry. Kat is an important member of the Order in DmC: Devil May Cry, and serves as Dante's guide for much of the game. DmC was a reboot, a 'bro' take on the half-demon Dante, re-imagining Kat, the player's helper and a psychic, can appear as a ghostly figure.

In the game, it's clear Vergil does care for Kat but he chooses to be more rational than Dante. He knew it would be almost impossible to rescue her, and he refused to trade his brother for her, something that's actually very human the irony.

Just think about it: Your girlfriend or your brother? Who would you choose? That's especially important because girlfriends and boyfriend do turn out to be part or our entire family, but due to Vergil erasing the deep feelings he had for her, he considered Dante closer and chose him instead of trying to save them both.

Dante, on the other hand, found his humanity through Kat and Vergil.

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He fell for the girl, obviously, but it was in such an innocent way that it healed them both and corrupted Vergil. By befriending Kat, Dante was able to heal himself and save her while Kat was able to prove her worth as a human and fight for her freedom which was only a disguise for Vergil's, of course.

When Vergil says, 'Stay out of this', I took it that it implied he still cared for her but his brother was his problem, not hers. In the end it doesn't matter for he made it clear he thought humans were frail and inferior. When Kat begged Dante not to kill Vergil, it was sweet, but it was also the time I saw the change.

It is not as if Dante hasn't been sexualized before now, of course.

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There is a tremendously outrageous sequence from Devil May Cry 4 in which Dante appears with a rose clenched between his teeth, his pelvis thrust out in a flamenco dancer's pose to the sound of castanets, of course before launching into a smoothly delivered speech about penetrating a monster with his sword. However, what is interesting about the reboot is how it isn't just mannerisms and the performance of male potency that mark Dante as some kind of Platonic form of masculine virility.

The youthful Dante, much like Bayonetta, represents his sexuality in performance, but also in the flesh — and an awful lot of it. That being said, the manner in which the game presents Dante's body as the camera lingers over it does tend to suggest a different sense of what makes a man's body sexually attractive as opposed to a female body.

Both of these games introduce their main characters through a lingering voyeurism, allowing the player to get an extended opportunity to consider their bodies. However, in the case, of Bayonetta, this laying bare of the essential sexual self is one in which she needs to be stripped down.

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Dante, on the other hand, needs to be dressed up. Bayonetta's opening cut scene introduces us to the character in disguise.

  • Laying Bare the Protagonist: The Hypersexualization of Bayonetta and Dante

She is in a graveyard dressed as a nun apparently praying over the graves of some recently deceased souls. When a group of angels emerge from the heavens and attack this seeming image of purity, Bayonetta leaps into action for a time in the guise of the nun. Of course, all of this spectacle you may want to begin at the 6: The rebooted Devil May Cry almost seems to play this sequence in reverse.

As Dante is awakened after a night of orgiastic revelry with two strippers dressed as angels, he answers the door fully nude. The sequence that follows features the hunter demon's attack, and Dante, still fully nude diving backwards through his trailer which is now careening through the air due to that attack.

In a long and lingering sequence, somewhat akin to a gag of the Austin Powers variety, Dante flies backwards with nearly every inch of his skin on display, barring, of course, his penis, which is conveniently obscured by a similarly airborne baseball bat and then by a slice of pizza before he manages to dress himself midair in leather pants and a tanktop. That sequence starts around the 6: It's kind of amazing and well worth seeing I think for its sheer audacity.

Unlike the Austin Powers gag, though, Dante's exposure is not merely played for laughs.